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Jan 062016

Some members may already be subscribers to British Birds magazine or may have taken up one of several trial offers available recently. Whether you subscribe or not, however, you may like to join the list of those who receive a free e-newsletter every month. This offers a nice flavour of what has been published recently and what is in the pipeline in areas such as book of the month, news and comment, the rarities section and further special offers.

This is a new initiative from what we believe to be Britain’s’ leading birding publication. It covers the UK and Western Palaearctic and has been the birdwatchers’ journal of record since 1907. It is read and recommended by many well known amateur and professional ornithologists, writers and photographers with Simon King stating that “British Birds is the gold standard of ornithological literature in the UK”.

To receive the newsletters, you merely have to log on to www.britishbirds.co.uk and complete the sign up form at the bottom of the page.

Go on, give it a try!

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