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Jun 072014

CBC Indoor Meetings for 2014

All CBC meetings are held in the ‘Henmore Room’ in Carsington Water’s main centre and they start at 19.30h. Entrance fee is £2.00 to members and £2.50 to guests - Parking is free

      September 16th ‘Svalbard – Land of the Polar Bear’ by Carol Taylor
                Carol is a local photographer who visited Svalbard and took beautiful pictures
                of the wildlife there. Her photos can be seen on cards that can be purchased in
                local shops.
     October 21st – Our Joint Meeting with Derbyshire Ornithological Society is about the birds of ‘Trinidad  and Tobago’ by Ian Newton.
                Ian is new to us and has perfected the art of taking pictures of hummingbirds in
                all their glory and there is no better place than these two islands and especially
                the world famous Asa Wright experience.
    November 18th  ‘The Gambia’  by Chris Ward
                A quick return to us by Chris who spoke to us last year about his travels in Morocco.
                If there is one place that birders sometimes choose as their first tropical experience
                it is Gambia with its huge variety of birds in such a compact country. If you have been
                there come and refresh your memories or if you are thinking of going come and get a
    December 16th  ‘Eastern Europe – Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania’  by Richard Pittam
                Richard’s wonderful photography will show us the delights that await anybody visiting
                these countries from behind what was once the forbidden side of the ‘iron curtain’.

Please contact Peter Gibbon at peter.gibbon@w3z.co.uk with any queries or for further information.