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 Posted by on June 10, 2011

Thinking of joining Carsington Bird Club?

Membership Fees / Payment Options

Single Member : £7.50  p.a.   Family / Joint Member : £10.00  p.a.   Junior (under 16) : £1.00 p.a.

Membership fees are renewable on 1st January each year.

New members joining after 1st September will be given membership up to the end of the following year.

 Payment methods available :

Cheque payable to – Carsington Bird Club  (preferred method for New Members )

Cash (do not send cash through the post ! )

Bank Transfer  (the club’s Bank details are provided on request to the Treasurer)

Please Click Here to Download and Print the Membership Form

Membership includes :

Regular Newsletter to keep you up-to-date with events

Annual Report

Winter Indoor Meetings with guest speakers

Outdoor meetings in summer with walks around the reservoir

Opportunities to join other Members on trips to bird reserves

To help with the recording of bird sightings

If you don’t know a lot about birds, there is always an experienced birdwatcher to give a helping hand

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