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May 052016

Dear Fellow Bird-Lover.

As you know, Cyprus is a key stopping-off point for many bird species using this major migration route across the Mediterranean, as they travel between breeding grounds in Europe/Asia and wintering areas in Africa/Middle East.  Yet many individuals are denied the opportunity to continue their journeys,
being cruelly trapped and killed illegally, along with resident species, on an industrial scale.

BirdLife International estimates that 196 birds are killed per 100 people per year in Cyprus. No doubt you are well aware of the fact that, sadly, the Cyprus government appears to lack the will to adequately enforce the law.

We are determined to bring HUGE global awareness and outcry to this issue. Now is the perfect time, as the eyes of Europe focus on Cyprus as it prepares to host the Capital of Culture 2017. They will not want tourism to be adversely affected by negative perceptions! Right now we need to demonstrate to Avaaz that the petition we have begun has the potential to generate a high volume of support. If we can do this, they may offer their members worldwide the chance to add their names.

What a MASSIVE impact that could have!


Please would you read the petition and consider adding your name?

I would be grateful if you would also share the link with members of your Group, plus far and wide to friends/family/contacts – giving them a chance to do the same, should they so wish.

Together we can make this campaign big enough to really make a difference.

Thank you for your time.

Ruth Perry [email me]

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