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Sep 282020
Dear fellow CBC member – the ‘rule of six’ restriction has unfortunately put paid to our plans for group events for the time being.  However, we can all still enjoy wildlife talks and fantastic photos courtesy of Zoom meetings.
Our joint meeting with DOS was planned to welcome Brian Shaw to Carsington, but Brian would prefer to postpone and deliver his talk face-to-face.  DOS has, however, managed to obtain another excellent speaker – Tony Davison (who we know well from previous talks) – to tell us about his experiences earlier this year on a trip to Mongolia.
Tony’s obsession with Snow Leopards had led to two trips to this remote corner of the world; the first failed to result in a sighting, and the second was timed for March 2020 – the date when Covid-19 first raised its head on a global scale – and his mission this time proved to be more adventurous than he anticipated on a number of levels.
If you want to find out how it all turned out for him, join us on your computer, laptop or tablet for Tony’s presentation on Zoom at 7.30 on 20th October.  To do so, please visit the DOS website, click on the “information” tab, then “meetings and trips” (https://www.derbyshireos.org.uk/meetingsandtrips.php) and scroll down to the Tony Davison meeting.  There you can buy a FREE ticket from Eventbrite, an online booking facilitator that makes the whole process easier for us.  Tickets are ‘on sale’ from 1st October.
The booking process is described in detail on this page of the DOS site, along with Zoom protocols for such online meetings.  If this all sounds complicated, don’t worry, it isn’t.  Have computer (or tablet), will travel – even to Mongolia.  Hope you can join us, virtually, on the 20th.
Back to our overall programme of events, even if we continue to be unable to meet in the coming months, we hope to be able to stage a few more Zoom presentations during our ‘indoor’ season – depending on which of our planned speakers are ‘Zoom-able’ and assuming we’re able to accommodate Zoom technology under our own steam.  Watch this space!
We also hope to be able to stage REAL trips to good birding locations, because we are able to spread our presence in a large outdoor space much more easily than indoors and we tend not to move around as one single group (we often don’t get more than half-a-dozen people attending trips, anyway).  Again, watch this space.
Hope you can make it.
Gary Atkins

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