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Oct 212020
This amazing presentation was given to a joint ‘Zoom’ audience of DOS and CBC members by Tony Davison, whose self-admitted obsession with finding and photographing the Snow Leopard (aka ‘Ghost Cat’) saw him visit Mongolia twice in the last 12 months. 
There were plenty of birds and mammals to enjoy on both trips, and, as ever, Tony’s photographs of each are stunning … but what set this presentation apart was the tense back-story of Tony’s increasingly dramatic and emotional search for the Snow Leopard – finally achieved – and his brush with Covid-19 as the global pandemic was just beginning to take a grip.  

Daurian Partridge, an Asian species of steppe and grassland habitats


Lammergeier – adult male


Snow Leopard

This is one of the very best talks I’ve enjoyed – even under the less-than-perfect conditions of a Zoom link.

Gary Atkins

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