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 Posted by on January 12, 2011

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2008-01-02 00:00:00Cold and a bit misty on site today. 37 bird species seen around midday from the Wildlife Centre (WC) and close by. OF NOTE: Canada Geese (~500) and Barnacle Geese (~50)- sheltering from the wind in Shiningford Creek. Gadwall (~6), Goldeneye (1 female), Common Buzzard (1) - just off site, Kestrel (1 female), PEREGRINE (1) - hunting in front of WC; great views. Lapwing (over 200 on grassy area of dam wall, Redshank (1), Song Thrush (1), Bullfinch (1 female)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-01-03 00:00:00Great Northern Diver still present at dusk near Stones Island. Adult Yellow-legged Gull in roost..Roger Carrington
2008-01-04 00:00:001230 - 1330 5 male bullfinch between P Stanley Hide and Lane End feeding station. 1400 60+ siskin Shiningford Creek..John Payne
2008-01-05 00:00:00Possible 2 Bewick's Swans from Wildlife Centre - 10.20am - lifted, then circled and then flew to centre of reservoir, then drifted towards dam - not seen after that.This was put out by someone on Birdguides. I have some average images and will try and confirm that the birds were Bewick's and not Whooper.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-01-07 00:00:001 adult Great Northern Diver near Stones Island. 8 Goosanders [3 drakes] at Millfields. Also confirming that there were 2 Bewick Swans on Saturday Morning..Roger Carrington
2008-01-09 00:00:003 male Gooseanders adjacent to small island near Millfields. 2 female goldeneye in bay near holiday cottages.Bob and Gill Smith
2008-01-11 00:00:00Five Pink-footed Geese flew in a SW direction, high over Tail Bay at 11:00 a.m..Paul Bennett
2008-01-12 00:00:0048 Species seen today those of note, for me anyway, are A young female kestrel some meadow pipits a red shank and a couple of greylag geese at millfields in the morning. Two common snipe were well hidden on millfields island. The usual willow tits, a great spotted woodpecker, jackdaws, bullfinch and pheasants could be seen from or near the Paul Stanley hide. With the help of Roger Carrington I can also report there were black headed gulls, common gulls, lesser black backed gulls and herring gulls. Thanks Roger.Caroline and Julian Walters
2008-01-13 00:00:00Great Northern Diver near Stones Island. Adult Mediterranean Gull in roost from Lane End..Roger Carrington
2008-01-13 00:00:00WeBS count for January :Great Northern Diver 1, Little Grebe 44, Great Crested Grebe 18,Cormorant 34, Grey Heron 2, Mute Swan 14, Canada Goose 33, Wigeon 229,Gadwall 70, Teal 162, Mallard 237, Pochard 113, Tufted Duck 495, Goldeneye 13, Moorhen 30, Coot 1880, Lapwing 275,Redshank 2..Peter Gibbon and John Bradley
2008-01-13 00:00:00Wildlife Centre highlights: 2 Snipe, c40 Barnacle Geese, 30 Lapwing From the Lane End feeder: 4 Bullfinch, 1 Reed Bunting, 1 Willow Tit. From Shiningford: 1 Little Owl, 1 Redshank.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-01-16 00:00:00Very quiet on site today. Weather mild for the time of year. No rain and quite bright light. 36 bird species seen around midday. OF NOTE; 16 Barnacle Geese, a pair of Gadwall, 50+ Pochard in Shiningford Creek, a female Goldeneye - seen from the wildlife centre, a single Kestrel, well over 300 Lapwings and two Song Thrushes. The most interesting and charming encounter today was with many, many Robins singing heartily AND very, very visible.In a sense access to birds was a bit limited at the visitor centre end of the site. Stones Island was off limits due to tree felling/coppicing and the lower viewing area in the wildlife centre was out of bounds to visitors due wetness caused by recent flooding of the floor.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-01-17 00:00:00Approx 80 Redwing in copse behind Holiday Cottages. Sparrowhawk at end of Fishtail Creek..Bob and Gill Smith
2008-01-17 00:00:001 male and 1 female Goldeneye in bay near Holiday Cottages..Bob and Gill Smith
2008-01-17 00:00:00Mistle Thrush on telephone line near Holiday Cottages.Bob and Gill Smith
2008-01-19 00:00:00From the Wildlife Centre: Lapwing, Redwing, Tufted Duck, Redshank, Wren, Canada Geese, Tree Sparrow, chaffinch, Blue tit, Great tit, Pochard, Wigeon, Grt Crested Grebe, Coot. From Millfields: 30 Goosander.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-01-21 00:00:00Coot,Moorhen,Wigeon,Wren,Tufted duck,Chaffinch,Greenfinch,Blue tit,Great tit,Collared dove, Mute swan,Lapwing,Little grebe,Pochard, Carrion crow,Grey heron,Magpie,Gadwall,Canada goose,Black headed gull,Pied wagtail,Teal,Tree sparrow,Great tit,Cormorant,Dunnock,Jay,Blackbird,Reed bunting,Great northern diver,Buzzard,Kestrel,Robin,Peregrin,Lesser black back gull,Goldeneye, Redshank, Barnacle goose, Jackdaw,Starling,Common gull,Fieldfare,All species seen by R.S.P.b.from Wildlife Center,3 Redshank,4Buzzard a pair of Reed bunting at feeder, Peregrin seen twice once on pylon and later flew in front and over center,female Goldeneye in front of cenrterPete Furniss R.S.P.B.
2008-01-21 00:00:00Of note today were: An Oystercatcher at Millfields, A female Pintail, still associating with Mallards at Paul Stanley hide, 14+ Goldeneye, 2 Shelduck flew in at 15:00 hr and landed towards Stones Island, 50+ Redwing in the trees around Sheepwash hide. .Clive Ashton
2008-01-23 00:00:00Great Northern Diver from Stones Island. 28 Goosander, including 8 Drakes, on Millfields Island. 1 Oystercatcher on Millfields Is. 37 Siskin in Millfields Car Park..Roger Carrington
2008-01-23 00:00:00Very quiet on site today. Few visitors and relatively few birds compared to other visits. Weather quite mild but dull. Just 30 species of bird noted around midday. The best find was the Great Norhern Diver seen approaching the island closest to the water sports centre. About 200 Lapwings were seen wheeling over and around the sailing club. There were apparantly NO birds on Horseshoe Island!Another good find was a Field Vole seen near the water's edge not far from the wildlife centre. Catkins and Pussy Willow were noted so spring cannot be far away! In fact it isn't. As far as the Met Office is concerned spring starts on March 1st, just over 5 weeks away.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-01-26 00:00:00Peregrine flew low over road towards Middleton Top this morning @ 8.30am, heading towards peak. Also male sparrowhawk over road 1/2 mile further south..Mark Smiles
2008-01-27 00:00:00Blackbird 7 Collared dove 6 Great tit 4 Blue tit 2 Robin 2 Woodpigeon 5 Chaffinch 2 Squirrel 1 Magpie 3 Starlings 7 Sparrows 5What a wonderful hour i have just spent my daughter got me into looking at the birds after i lost my Husband and i must say i get a lot of pleasure from itWynne Lovegrove
2008-01-29 00:00:00Bit of a cold one today! I had a great day despite the cold and rain later in the afternoon. I saw some Oystercatcher, Lapwing, Goldeneye, Great Northern Diver at Sheepwash hide about 3ish. Bullfinch, some fantastic sightings of about 10 Long tailed Tits..Daryn Godfrey
2008-01-30 00:00:00Sunny but cold on site today. Of the 34 species seen in the early afternoon the following are worth a mention: Mute Swan (7: 2 adults & 5 well developed cygnets), Greylag Goose (1), Barnacle Goose (41), Goldeneye (1 female), Oystercatcher (2), Lapwing (over 200), Snipe (1), Redshank (3) and Song Thrush (1).A Tittesworth Water Snippet: Fairly static on site at the moment. However, up to 18 Goosanders can be encountered and 7 Goldeneyes are regularly seen. Snipe are seen most days, numbers varying from a handful to well over 90. As usual winter thrushes are on site in good numbers. The latest Tittesworth Bird News newsletter is now available from reception at 20p a copy. The most interesting sightings for the last quarter of 2007 are included.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-02-01 00:00:00Thursday 31st January 3.45pm Peregrine mantling either a moorhen or coot on wateredge below shinigford field All other birds sitting watching from water!.David Bennett (Carsington VR)
2008-02-05 00:00:00Approx 20 Goosanders, 1 Oystercatcher and a Sparrowhawk on or around Millfields Island.Bob and Gill Smith
2008-02-06 00:00:002 shelduck at sheepwash.tom wareham
2008-02-06 00:00:003 Oystercatchers around Stones Island/Wildlife Centre. 3 Redshank together on Stones Island, 1 at Sheepwash. 21 Meadow Pipits from the path below the dam. 1 Skylark flew over the dam wall, calling as it went North. Pair Raven displaying. Pair Common Buzzard displaying. Did not see GNDiver, but not really looking for it, it was reported on pager yesterday.Lovely sunny, cold but relatively calm day. Hence some displaying.Roger Carrington
2008-02-06 00:00:00A very sunny day brought the birders and general visitors out in good numbers. 32 species of bird found by us at around midday. OF NOTE: Barnacle Goose (~40), Common Pochard (2), Goldeneye (one female), Kestrel (1), Little Owl (1), Oystercatcher (4) - Horseshoe Island, Lapwing (~300) and Redshank (1). Please note that a group of visiting birders observed the Great Northern Diver close to the dam wall.Hazel Catkins and Pussy Willow are in abundance. Much Gorse is now in flower.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-02-09 00:00:0036 Species seen today. All the usual species including 2 red shank, 1 little owl and 2 gadwall from the wildlife centre.very calm day, full sun, cold frosty start but warm in the afternoonFrank,Caroline and Julian Wallters
2008-02-10 00:00:001 Pink-Footed Goose-Wildlife Centre 1 Female Goldeneye-Wildlife Centre 3 Oystercatcher-Horseshoe Island.Sam Pedley
2008-02-12 00:00:00Great Northern Diver 1, Little Grebe 59, Great Crested Grebe 36,Cormorant 24, Grey Heron 2, Mute Swan 12, Whooper Swan 10 (flying over), Canada Goose 91, Barnacle Goose 42 (seen on Monday 11th), Wigeon 77, Gadwall 3, Teal 42, Mallard 99, Pochard 3, Tufted 284, Goosander 1, Golden Eye 17, Moorhen 39, Coot 470, Oystercatcher 3, Lapwing 154, Snipe 1 and Redshank 4.WeBS count for February shows a big drop in number for all species and almost disappearance for some like Pochard. But when compared with last year's Feb count, which was one week later, there is hardly any difference. Most of these birds were seen in the southern half of the reservoir. A beautiful 'Spring' day !Peter Gibbon and John Bradley
2008-02-12 00:00:00Sunny and warm today on site after a frosty start. Very busy on site, probably because of half term. The wildlife centre was crowded due to an Aren't Birds Brilliant session run by RSPB volunteers. Some of the birds encountered at the wildlife centre and Stones Island: Barnacle Goose (~20) - this species is now beginning to pair up for breeding. Gadwall (4), Pochard (2 males), Little Owl (1), Redshank (1). Both Alder and Hazel catkins can now be found in abundance. Please note that Amanda Lynnes of the RSPB and Carsington's Aren't Birds Brilliant events organiser, is running a beginner's birdwatching morning at Tittesworth Water, near Leek, on Sunday the 24th February from 10am to about 12 noon. Meet Amanda at the Tittesworth visitor centre. Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-02-13 00:00:001 Great Northern Diver distant near Fishtail Creek at 4pm. 1 Peregrine, 2 Buzzard and 2 Raven from Paul Stanley Hide. Male + Female Pintail between Sheepwash and Lane End. Gull roost from Lane End, 2000 Black-headed Gulls, 130 Common Gulls and 300 Lesser Black-backed Gulls..Roger Carrington
2008-02-14 00:00:00A beautiful warm day we enjoyed watching the birds feed at the table by Sheepwash car park. Reed bunting, tree sparrow, chaffinch, robin, bullfinch, great tit, blue tit, blackbird and a pipit (probably meadow but not sure). On the water around the visitors centre we saw widgeon, cormorant, heron, pied wagtail, little grebe, tufted duck, pochard, canada geese, oyster catcher, coot, moorhen and in the bushes a long tailed tit.Leaving the Sheepwash car park we passed a field where a fairly big bird of prey came down onto a mole hill wings almost looking as if it was covering a kill, although I don't think it was, being mobbed by rooks. It had a striped brown/yellow tail and a general brown body. It then just flew off. Any ideas as to its identity?Pat & Bryan
2008-02-18 00:00:00Great Northern Diver in flight at the Sheepwash carpark end of Carsington reservoirwhat a fabulous sight!!No name given
2008-02-18 00:00:00Sunny day. Blue sky. No clouds. No wind. Many visitors in and around the visitor centre. Few birders in the wildlife centre. 32 species seen around midday. Worth a mention: Barnacle Goose (9), Oystercatcher (2), Song Thrush (1). From the logbook for yesterday, the 17th - Great Northern Diver (1), Yellow-legged Gull (1)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-02-20 00:00:00Siskin 30+ NuthatchSiskin Warrington Knob 9-30 Nuthatch Penn Carr 12-40dave w
2008-02-25 00:00:008 Hawfinch church Cromford.No name given
2008-02-26 00:00:00Great Northern Diver distant from Millfields, 14 Goldeneye including 12 females, at least 6 Oystercatcher, 2 Snipe, 2 Redshank and 1 Curlew, 2 Buzzard, Reed Bunting in song by the Wildlife Centre, 1 Pink Footed Goose with the Canada Geese.Dave Newcombe
2008-02-27 00:00:00Great northern diver x 1 Oystercatcher x 2 Redshank x 2 Goldeneye x13 3M 10F.Zachary Harkin
2008-02-28 00:00:00Great Northern Diver near Fishtail creek, 17 Curlew around Sheepwash area, 15+ Goldeneye, 4 Oystercatcher 2 Redshank and 2 Buzzard..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-02-28 00:00:0048 species in 3.5 hour walk around the water early PM. Of possible interest: 21 long-tailed tit (3 parties of 5 or 6 + singles /pairs), 70+ redwing in large trees behind holiday cottages Oldfield Lane (there were 20+ starlings in the same group), goldcrest Fishtail Creek, 12 carrion crow, 42 barnacle geese. .John Payne
2008-03-02 00:00:002 Oyster catchers Dam wall 40+ Lapwing in field between dam wall road and observation pillar 80+ tufted duck Millfields 1 buzzard Stone shelter/Hay's Lane.dave w
2008-03-02 00:00:00100+ lapwings in field between dam road and observtion pillar.No name given
2008-03-02 00:00:00tawny owlHeard only, very close. Wooded area East of Millfields Spit. Day of exremely high winds.dave w
2008-03-02 00:00:00Great Northern Diver 7 x Goosander (3 m, 4 f) Flock of Redwing Pair of Bullfinch plus 19 other speciesSightings between 17.00 - 18.00 from Hays Lane - Oldfield LaneNeil Venables
2008-03-05 00:00:00Grt. Northern Diver, Tawny Owl, Redwing, Bullfinch, Curlew, Snipe, Redshank, Oystercatcher, Lapwing, Willow Tit, Goldeneye, Buzzard & Kestrel among many others..John & Fay
2008-03-05 00:00:00Adult med gull in full breeding plumage in the roost from at least 3.15p.m. Drake shoveler in front of sheepwash and g n diver still present by dam wall.Doug Allen
2008-03-05 00:00:00Taken from the wildlife centre logbook for the 4th. Great Northern Diver (1), Pochard (1), Oystercatcher (8), Snipe (1), Redshank (4), Buzzard (2), Kestrel (1), Redwing (1) and Reed Bunting (2)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-03-05 00:00:00Quiet on site today. Fairly bright but cold. 34 species of bird seen around midday in wildlife centre/Stones Island area. OF NOTE: Pink-footed Goose (1) - with Canada Geese in Shiningford Creek. Barnacle Goose (11), Wigeon (22), Oystercatcher (4), Lapwing (~30), Redshank (3) and Long-tailed Tit (2).On the way to the site a Barn Owl was seen at about 11am flying across a field close to Ashbourne! Quite a pleasant and unexpected suprise. Birdwatching is so unpredictable!Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-03-06 00:00:00Starlings are displaying nicely at the Longcliffe crossroads (above Brassington) at dusk. Perhaps up to 1000 individuals..Amanda Lynnes
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2008-03-06 00:00:00Adult med gull from Sheepwash this afternoon. A different bird from last night with an incomplete hood..Doug Allen
2008-03-08 00:00:00Viewed from the Paul Stanley Hide all the usual suspects plus a pair of Oystercatchers, 2 Redshank, Little Grebe. Birding was not good here when I visited as people were surveying the spit. Whilst walking from here to the visitor centre I counted 6 pairs of Oystercatchers I thought some of them may have been duplicated so on the walk back I re-checked and 5 pairs were where they were originally with one pair missing, so all I can assume is that there are at least 6 pairs on site. 30 Barnacle Geese counted. 3 Curlew in a field near the overhead pylons .Les Fisher
2008-03-10 00:00:00Mute Swan 11, Greylag Goose 2, Canada Goose 85, barnacle Goose 11, Wigeon 15, Gadwall 2, Teal 6, Mallard 89, Shoveler 1, Pochard 1, Tufted Duck 308, Goldeneye 8, Goosander 1, Great Northern Diver 1, Little Grebe 54, Great Crested Grebe 17, Cormorant 20, Grey Heron 4, Moorhen 32, Coot 284, Oystercatcher 11, Ringed Plover 1, Lapwing 82, Snipe 1, Curlew 5, Redshank 7, Black-headed Gull 45, Common Gull 6, Lesser Black-backed Gull 30, Buzzard 4, Kestrel 1, Peregrine 2. Also Willow Tit and Greater Spotted Woodpecker on table at back of Paul Stanley Hide.WeBS count for March. Beautiful sunny and fairly calm morning. 07.15 to 10.10..Peter Gibbon & John Bradley
2008-03-10 00:00:00male sparrowhawk in my garden sat on pergola overlooking wildlife pond for about 10 minutes.k
2008-03-10 00:00:00Mixed weather day - nice morning, average weather pm. 49 species seen/heard. Black-heaeded gull, Blue Tit, Barnacle Geese, Blackbird, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Cormorant, Common Gull, Carrion Crow, Canada Goose, Coot, Cackling Goose, Dunnock, Collared Dove, Greenfinch, Goldeneye (2m + 2f), Great-crested Grebe, Great Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker(f), House Sparrow, Jackdaw, Jay(Millfields), Lapwing, Little Grebe, Long-tailed Tit, Lesser Black backed Gull, Magpie, Mallard, Moorhen, Mute Swan, Raven (2 over Carsington Pasture), Oystercatcher, Pied Wagtail, Robin, Redshank, Pheasant, Reed Bunting, Redwing, Song Thrush, Snipe, Tufted duck, Tree Sparrow, Teal, Starling, Willow tit, Wood Pigeon, Wren, Wigeon.Good day, despite an apalling weather forecast.Ken, Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-03-11 00:00:00Of note from WLC: Great Northern Diver, 14 Curlew (one mobile flock), 4+ Oystercatcher, 4 Redshank, 1 Pochard, 4 Teal, 1 Little Owl, 1 Raven (distant over Shinningford Farm). Also from Paul Stanley Hide, 1 Chiffchaff (out left window), 2 Buzzard, 3 Goldeneye, 1 Tawny Owl.The Great Crested Grebes showed superbly throughout the day in front of the WLC, several complete courtship displays, thrilling visitors during today's ABB(!) event, until the pair were usurped from their willow by one very mean and aggressive lone GCG!James Owen (ABB!)
2008-03-12 00:00:00Highlight of the day was an adult Kittiwake at Sheepwash hide from 15.15 onwards, other sightings include Great Northern Diver, 23 Curlew, 19 Goldeneye, 4 Oystercatcher, 2 Raven, 3 Reed Buntings, 25 Redwings, 5 Goldcrests, male Sparrowhawk, Grey Wagtail..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-03-12 00:00:0010 oyster catchers E of Millfields Spit 80+ tufted duck Millfields 1 Great crested grebe Dam 4 oyster catchers N WLC 1 jay S side Brownale Bay Long tailed tits,blue tits, great tits, wrens and robinsMorning of very high winds with rain squallsdave williams
2008-03-12 00:00:00Extremely windy at around midday. 33 species seen from the wildlife centre. Of note: Barnacle Goose (21), Wigeon (32), Oystercatcher (2), Curlew (3), Redshank (4), Herring Gull (1) and Song Thrush (1)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-03-14 00:00:00Great Northern Diver near Stones Island. 1 Chiffchaff on Stones Island, not singing nor calling, presume it is a wintering bird. 5 Skylarks flew over Wildlife Centre. 2 Stock Doves in Tail Bay. Oystercatcher, Redshank and Curlew seen from most hides..Roger Carrington
2008-03-14 00:00:003 grey heron, one with twig in beak displaying..John Payne
2008-03-15 00:00:002 Avocets around Sheepwash/P.stanley area, quite mobile but still present at 16.30hrs on Sheepwash spit, also Great Northern Diver, 3 Shelduck, 3 drake Shoveler..Dave Newcombe
2008-03-15 00:00:00On a slightly misty morning at exactly 11 - 13 am I sighted two Aovocets from the Paul Stanley hide to the right of the island halfway between the shore and the island. I observed them for 30 mins waiting for someone to enter the hide to confirm them but as is the norm no one came, so I went to the Sheepwash hide and asked Dave Topliff to please come and confirm them which he duly did and I thank him for that. I continued to observe them until about 1400 they were switching between the two hides and both showed really well. Sheilduck, Shovelers little grebes, goldeneye's where also present as was a Green Woodpecker on the path down to the Paul Stanley hide A Buzzard gave a good show form the Sheepwash hide 2 redshanks, 2 Oystercatchers, 1 Curlew and a Snipe were sighted from the Visitor centre, but the Avocets made my day today, over the moon!.Leslie Fisher
2008-03-16 00:00:00Great Northern Diver from Sheepwash Hide. No sign of the 2 Avocets, but 2 were reported this morning at Sandbach Flashes in Chesire. 7 Shovelers mobile around Stones Island and Wildlife Centre. 1 Peregrine. Oystercatchers, Redshank and Curlew. 1 Dunlin flew to Sheepwash Spit. 1 Chiffchaff calling/feeding in sheltered bushes in Tail Bay.Very windy this morning, probably too windy for early sand martins and chiffchaff to show.Roger Carrington
2008-03-17 00:00:002 Whooper Swans early in the day and then by flat island at c16.00hrs, Great Northern Diver, 10 Buzzard, Peregrine over West, at least 4 Redshank, 14 Goldeneye, Chiff Chaff singing by Millfields and two more on Stones Island and Sailing club (RC), 4 Grey Herons, Raven, 6 Redwings, 20+ Barnacle Geese, Cackling Goose, Pink Footed Goose and 3 Greylag Geese over and 1 Snipe at Sheepwash..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-03-19 00:00:0032 species of bird seen around midday. Of Note: Barnacle Goose (36), Wigeon (6), Oystercatcher (2), Redshank (1), Little Owl (1) and Reed Bunting (1 male).Taken from the logbook for the 18th March: Pink-footed Goose (1), Common Buzzard (6), Little Owl (1), Kingfisher (1), Bullfinch (2), Chiffchaff (1) and Raven (1).Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-03-19 00:00:00In addition to usual species - Raven, 2 Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Female Blackcap, Kingfisher, Redshank (5), Oystercatcher (c10), Curlew (4), bullfinch (m&f) and large party of long-tailed tits. All seen from or in the vicinity of the Wildlife Centre between 15.30 - 17.15hrs..Neil Hallam
2008-03-20 00:00:00From Paul Stanley hide between 9.30 and 11.15. 3 Buzzard over Hall Wood. Kestrel as well. Also 5 Dunlin flew down the reservoir going north after circling once over Flat Island.4 Teal, 6 Goldeneye and 8 Oystercatcher also..Peter Gibbon
2008-03-20 00:00:00Great Northern Diver near Stones Island. 4 singing Chiffchaff, Stones + Millfield. Redwing singing on Stones Island. 7 Meadow Pipits on dam wall. 1 Shelduck on Flat Island..Roger Carrington
2008-03-21 00:00:00Wheatear on Stones Island this morning, adult Kittiwake from Sheepwash hide and Great Northern Diver still present..Clive Ashton
2008-03-23 00:00:00Great Northern Diver near Stones Island this morning. Male Wheatear on paving between Millfields and dam wall. Male Wheatear and a Skylark on spit from Sheepwash Hide..Roger Carrington
2008-03-24 00:00:00Just a quick early visit before the B.Hol crowds. Highlights: Millfields - 3 Goldeneye (1m, 2f), Tufted Duck (55), Great Crested Grebe (8), Long-tailed Tit (8), Carrion Crow (4), Dunnock (7), Shelduck (2). Paul Stanley - Curlew (2), Little Grebe (5), Reed Bunting (2), Wrens singing and calling (4), Oystercatcher (2), Gr Spotted Woodpecker (1f), Redshank (1), Willow tit (1), robin (2)..Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-03-24 00:00:00Long-eared Owl on Stones IslandGreat Northern Diver near Dam2 Little OwlLapwing, Oystercatcher, Redshank, Pied Wagtail, Chiffchaff, Robin, Blackbird, Magpie, Jackdaw, C. Crow, B Tit, G Tit, L.T.Tit, Willow Tit, Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Moorhen, Coot, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Common Gull, L.B.B.Gull, B.H.Gull, H.Gull, W.Pigeon,C.Dove, Tree Sparrow, House Sparrow, Starling, Curlew, Goldeneye, Cormorant, G.C.Grebe, L.Grebe, M.Swan, Barnacle Goose, Canada Goose.John
2008-03-25 00:00:00canada goose long tailed tit robin black headed gull mallard tufted duck blackbird barnacle goose coot moorhen pied wagtail chaffinch starling little grebe redshank carrion crow redwing long eared owl chiffchaff tree sparrow blue tit great tit dunnock meadow pipit great northern diver cormorant wren great crested grebe grey wagtail oystercatcher sparrowhawk kesterl common gull buzzard pheasant lesser black backed gull.abb tom wareham
2008-03-25 00:00:00From Sheepwash an adult med gull in the roost from 16.30 and an adult kittiwake from 17.40 hours.Doug Allen
2008-03-25 00:00:00Long Eared Owl showing well on Stones Island, Great Northern Diver, 4 Sand Martins, 11 Curlew, several Chiff Chaffs on Stones Island including one in song, 2 Raven, 3 Buzzard, 7 Redwings, 15 Goldeneye, Meadow Pipit..Dave Newcombe
2008-03-26 00:00:00Beautiful showing of long eared owl on Stones Island, on and off all day. Possibility that the owl has been roosting there for some time..Amanda Lynnes
2008-03-26 00:00:00Long-eared Owl on stones Island, Grt N. Diver, 30+ Meadow Pipit, Bullfinch, Williow Tit..John & Fay Follett
2008-03-26 00:00:00Osprey through past Sheepwash hide pursued by Ostercatchers at about 13:30hr. 12 Common Scoter 8m 4f last seen at 17:15 from Lane End towards Fishtail Creek. 1 Sand Martin 1 Adult summer plumage Mediterranean Gull at Lane End L.E.O. Stones Island 3 singing Chiffchaff,Stones Island,Sheepwash and Lane End 8+ Meadow Pipits on Stones Island Hopefully the Scoters will remain until at least tomorrow as they seemed well settled when I left.Clive Ashton
2008-03-27 00:00:001 G N Diver from Stones Island. 1 White Wagtail on causeway to Stones Island. 1 L E Owl roosting on Stones Island. 2 Sand Martin around Sailing Club. 1 Egyptian Goose on Horseshoe Island. No sign of Common Scoters.All between 0730-0930hrs.Roger Carrington
2008-03-27 00:00:00From Stones Island early evening: 4 Curlew, 4 Oystercatcher, 2 Redshank, 2 Wren, 19 Pied Wagtails, 1 Bullfinch(m), 2 Redwing, 2 Great Crested Grebe.LEO had been disturbed from its roost again.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-03-28 00:00:00Osprey reported again at 09:00 and also seen by a birder over Sheepwash carpark at 12:40, Swallow also reported.L.E.Owl can anything be done to stop people getting too close to this bird? Several reports yesterday of visitors taking photos from a few feet away.We all want to see the bird but it is probably not a good idea to set up your scope when there are lots of people about, thus attracting interest from non birders some of whom may not act in the best interests of the bird.Clive Ashton
2008-03-28 00:00:00swallow over heanor.tom wareham
2008-03-28 00:00:00Great Northern Diver, AD Kittiwake, 2 Sand Martins, 3 Chiff Chaffs, 4 Curlew, 2 Raven, 3 Buzzard, 36 Wigeon, Treecreeper, report of Wheatear by Shiningford creek..Dave Newcombe
2008-03-29 00:00:00Red Kite at Wyver lane today flying South at 13.00hrs, also had 6 Sand Martins and a Chiff Chaff..Dave Newcombe
2008-03-30 00:00:00Starlings at Longcliffe crossroads (up the hill from Brassington) are amazing! Thousands of birds at approx 1730 (1830 BST)..Amanda Lynnes
2008-04-01 00:00:00Sparrow Hawk with freshly killed Rook. Hedge bottom along Fish Tail Creek..Bob and Gill Smith
2008-04-01 00:00:009 Sand Martins around Stones Island. Redwing singing on Stones Island. 1 Willow Warbler singing, 0930hrs, Millfields/start of dam wall. 1 male Blackcap, Millfields. 1 Great Northern Diver..Roger Carrington
2008-04-01 00:00:00Great Northern Diver, 6 Swallows, c20 Sand Martins, 3 Curlew, 8 Goldeneye, 35 Redwings, 2 Buzzard, 2 Raven, Sparrowhawk, Grey Wagtail..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-04-03 00:00:00Weather: Dull but no wind. 36 species of bird found at around midday. OF NOTE: Barnacle Goose (7 pairs), Sparrowhawk (female), Oystercatcher (3), Redshank (2), Sand Martin (~20), Swallow (1), Song Thrush (1), Chiffchaff (7) and Reed Bunting (pair).Spring is here (Vernal or spring equinox was on the 20th March). No leaves on the deciduous trees yet but a few plants are flowering including Lesser Celandine, Coltsfoot, Gorse, Dandelion, Daisy and Groundsel.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-04-05 00:00:00Common Sandpiper on Horseshoe Island this morning..Clive Ashton
2008-04-05 00:00:00100+ swallows seen feeding low on the water from sheepwash car park. Willow Warbler singing near the brick tower and another at Hall Wood. Buzzard being mobbed by Redshank over Hopton Arm. Blackcap seen feeding near Millfields. Chiffchaff singing throughout.Weather changeable - from horizontal sleet and hail to blue skies and warm sunshineDavid Naylor
2008-04-05 00:00:00Millfields:2 Chiffchaff, 1 Willow Warbler, 1 nuthatch Wildlife Centre:5 Oystercatcher, 3 Redshank, 1 Little Owl Stones Island:4 Chiffchaff, 2 Willow Warbler, 8 Pied wagtail, 4 Swallows, 12 Sand Martin, 2 Meadow? Pipits.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-04-06 00:00:00magpie tufted duck coot moorhen jackdaw blackbird little grebe pied wagtail chaffinch meadow pipit canada goose redshank sand martin oystercatcher chiffchaff starling song thrush robin wren swallow mallard carrion crow lapwing long tailed tit great northern diver cormorant gadwall barnacle goose buzzard wigeon dunnock mute swan little owl reed bunting lesser black backed gull kestrel snipe common gull black headed gull common scoter collared dove goldfinch.abb tom wareham
2008-04-06 00:00:002 drake Common Scoters off Lane End. Great Nothern Diver Off Stones Island. 1 Common Sandpiper on Watersports Island. 15 Meadow Pipit on dam rip-rap early am, some later on Stones Is. Male Brambling Stones Island 0800hrs. Female Wheatear on Stones Island 1030hrs. Blackcap singing at Millfields. 3 Willow Warbler singing on Stones Is, 2 at Millfields. All between 0730-1200hrs in cold but beautiful sunshine.Roger Carrington
2008-04-07 00:00:0020+ swallows over bay at north end of dam wallFall of snow had covered surrounding countryside.D.A.williams
2008-04-07 00:00:00Great Northern Diver gave great views just to the right of Sheepwash hide, adult Kittiwake, 50+ Sand Martins, 15+ Swallows, 9 Chiff Chaffs, 2 Willow Warblers, 2 Drake Common Scoter, 100+ Winter Thrushes flying North consisting mostly Redwings if not all, 6 Buzzards, 2 Raven, 2 Kestrel, 7 Snipe, 6 Redshanks, 1 Curlew, Pink Footed Goose, 5 Goldeneye, 3 Reed Buntings, 2 Meadow Pipits, 1 single female Wigeon, 27 Barnacle Geese..Dave Newcombe
2008-04-07 00:00:00Sunny spells but rather cold today. 38 species seen around midday. OF NOTE: Great Northern Diver (1) - off Stones Island. Great Crested Grebe - a pair performing the head shaking ritual and seen from the Wildlife Centre. Oystercatcher (1), Curlew (1), Redshank (2), Little Owl (1), Swallow (1), Song Thrush (2), Chiffchaff (3) and Willow Warbler (1). More plants in flower: Cowslip on Stones Island. Common Mouse-ear Chickweed - near the Wildlife Centre.A Tittesworth Snippet: There has been a similar influx of summer migrants into Tittesworth, e.g, Sand Martins, Swallows, Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers. In addition the following migrant visitors have been noted in the last few days: Osprey, Little Ringed Plover and White Wagtail. Some winter visitors are still present notably Goosander, Goldeneye, Fieldfare and Redwing.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-04-08 00:00:001 Greenshank near Sailing Club, then lost in early morning mist. 3 Wheatears and 1 White Wagtail on dam wall. 2 Common Sandpipers on dam wall. 2 drake Common Scoters distant from Sheepash. 58 immature Great Black-backed Gulls on Flat Island. 1 singing Blackcap at Sheepwash car park entrance. 1 Great Northern Diver, pair of Shoveler, Sand Martins, Swallows, Redshanks, Oystercatchers, Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs..Roger Carrington
2008-04-08 00:00:00WeBS count for April.Apart from the Great Northern Diver, 2 Scoters and 1 Common Sandpiper mentioned by others there were the following numbers counted :23 Little Grebe, 28 Great Crested Grebe,9 Cormorant,3 Mute Swan,88 Canada Goose,22 Barnacle Goose. 1Pink-foot, 40 Mallard, 1 Gadwall, 298 Tufted Duck, 8 Goldeneye, 16 Moorhen, 163 Coot, 6 Oystercatcher, 7 lapwing, 3 Redshank, 5 Blackheaded Gull and 4 Common Gull. Also male Wheatear and White Wagtail 07.15 to 10.15.Also a sleeping fox on the west bank of Green Pond..Peter Gibbon
2008-04-08 00:00:00From WLC: 1 Greenshank mid-afternoon on Horseshoe Island, 1 Common Sandpiper, 2 Common Scoter very distant, 1 Little Ringed Plover, 1 Great Northern Diver, 1 Wigeon, also 2 Little Owl, 1 Raven, 1 Buzzard, several Redshank and Oystercatcher, Reed Bunting. Stones Island: 1 White Wagtail, 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Redwing after 6pm Dam Wall: 3 Wheatear, 8 Meadow Pipit, c.60 Sand Martin.James Owen (ABB)
2008-04-09 00:00:00Great Northern Diver gave better views than Monday being only 20+ metres in front of Sheepwash hide, 2 drake Common Scoter still present, dam wall produced 2 Wheatear, 100+ Hirundines consisting of 60+ Sand Martins, 40+ Swallows and 2 House Martins, 11 Meadow Pipits and a Linnet, 2 White Wagtails on Stones Island, Warblers between Millfields and Sheepwash include 20 Chiff Chaffs, 10 Willow Warblers and 2 singing Blackcaps, 6 Buzzards, male Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, 2 Raven, 9 Goldeneye, c6 Redshank, Common Sandpiper.Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-04-09 00:00:00At 17:45 an Osprey flew in front of the wildlife centre, it moved high over Shiningford Island, where it hovered over the water on occassions,before being mobbed by corvids and an Oystercatcher. It was last seen at about 17:55 moving N.E. Later on Stones Island 50+ Pied Wagtail,2 White Wagtails, 4 Reed Buntings and 50+ hirundines including several House Martins.As Dave Newcombe has stated the Diver was very close to Sheepwash hide today and also Monday, so perhaps now is the time for any photographers to get some decent shots.Clive Ashton
2008-04-11 00:00:00abc123i hope. abcbac2be5 thanksqkqohb
2008-04-12 00:00:001 Chiffchaff-Behind the Wildlife Centre 2 Redshanks-Wildlife Centre 2 Little Owls-Mated on 1 of the posts near the pylon 2 Willow Warblers-Stones Island 1 White Wagtail-Horsehoe Island.Sam Pedley
2008-04-13 00:00:00great crested grebe tufted duck mallard canada goose red shank black headed gull barnacle goose oyster catcher mute swan little grebe lapwing goldeneye magpie swallow house martin sand martin coot moorhen common gull chaffinch starling reed bunting great tit cormorant little owl yellow wagtail scaup pink footed goose pied wagtail snipe dunnock kestrel great northern diver gadwall buzzard wren robin teal jackdaw goldfinch 2 ravens lesser black backed gull chiffchaff feral pigeon great black backed gull.abb tom wareham
2008-04-14 00:00:00In addition to those species already noted there were 2 white wagtails near the sailing club and 2 shelduck and 2 male common scoters opposite Sheepwash.Doug Allen
2008-04-14 00:00:001 Grasshopper Warbler reeling at Millfields Car Park 0900hrs. 2 Yellow Wagtails on Stones Island, later 3 at Wildlife Centre. Female Scaup with Tufted at Wildlife Centre. Great Northern Diver from Stones Island..Roger Carrington
2008-04-14 00:00:00pheasant robin blue tit blackbird chiffchaff chaffinch great tit reed bunting pied wagtail mallard tufted duck canada goose little grebe redshank coot house martin sand martin swallow willow tit tree sparrow dunnock great spotted woodpecker cormorant pink footed goose carrion crow wood pigeon blackcap wren great crested grebe goldeneye oystercatcher buzzard house sparrow bullfinch magpie song thrush black headed gull moorhen goldfinch long tailed tit willow warbler little owl lapwing barnacle goose snipe starling mute swan.tom wareham
2008-04-14 00:00:00250+ Sand Martins, many Swallows about now, plus a few House Martins, 2 Drake Shoveler distant from Sheepwash, 4 Buzzards, 2 Ravens, a pair of Grey Wagtails at Sheepwash. .Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-04-15 00:00:00Of note today: 1 Pink-footed Goose at Sheepwash 9am, 3 Yellow Wagtail on Stones Island, 2 Goldeneye from Lane End, Great Northern Diver, several scattered Willow Warbler and Blackcap, 1 Little Owl from WLC,Also a fearless weasel sunning itself (and investigating me) beside the path just north of Shinningford Creek, observed at arm's length for 15 minutes.James Owen
2008-04-16 00:00:00Bird Club Walk, 1900-2030hrs. 19 birdwatchers set off round Stones Island between hail storms finding 2 Yellow Wagtails and a distant Great Northern Diver. Then from the shelter of the Wildlife Centre watched Curlew trickle in, finally totalling 15, but the Scaup, seen a few hours earlier, could not be located..Roger Carrington
2008-04-17 00:00:001 Brambling, 1 Yellow Wagtail and a female Stonechat on Stones Island. 1 Green Sandpiper at Wildlife Centre 0800hrs. 2 Redwings near Sailing Club. 5 Greylag Geese and 4 Wigeon at Millfields. 3 Common Sandpipers from Paul Stanley Hide. Immature female Peregrine flew close past Sheepwash Hide. Male Yellow Wagtail on Sheepwash Spit. Great Northern Diver near Oldfield Lane bank. Many Swallows and Sand Martins, a few House Martins..Roger Carrington
2008-04-17 00:00:00Stones Island 09:30 hours. Approx 30 male Yellow Wagtails with at least one White Wagtail. One of the Yellow Wagtails was showing characteristics of lutea. Photograph of the lutea type and the White Wagtail available if required..Ivan Webb
2008-04-17 00:00:00The best sighting today was of the Great North Diver from the Wildlife Centre(WC). Excellent views of this long staying bird swimming and floating off Horseshoe Island. The bird seems to be coming into summer plumage. Forty species seen today including a Grey Heron, a Pink-footed Goose near the WC, Kestrel, Oystercatcher (3), Redshank (2), Swallow, House Martin, Sand Martin, Blackcap (1), Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler (6), Bullfinch (female) and a pair of Reed Buntings..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-04-20 00:00:00From the Wildlife Centre this morning: 9+ Yellow Wagtail 1 Green Sandpiper 2 Common Sandpiper 2 Little Ringed Plover 1 Dunlin.Clive Ashton
2008-04-20 00:00:0055 species in total - highlights below: Millfields: 2 willow Warbler, 1 Nuthatch, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Song Thrush, 10 Sand Martins. Stones Island: 8 Barnacle geese, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank, 50 Swallows, 12 houese Martins, 9sand Martins, 2 Oystercatchers, 2 Willow Warblers, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 White wagtail, 2 Yellow Wagtails, 2 Pied Wagtail, 4 Tree Sparrows, 2 Reed Bunting, 6 Black Headed Gull, 9 Swallow. Wildife Centre: 3 Yellow wagtails, 2 Pied Wagtails, 30 Lapwing, 1 Treecreeper, 2 Wood Pigeon, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Carrion crow. Sheepwash Hide: 5 Goldeneye (2m,3f), 1 GN Diver (Fishtail Creek), 1 Redshank. Paul Stanley hide: 2 willow tit, 1 GS Woodpecker(m), 1 Dunlin, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Little Ringed Plover, 2 willow Warbler, 2 Blackcap (main path, 1 Meadow Pipit, 2 Grey Wagtail, 5 Lessr black-backed Gull, 3 Long-tailed tit.All in all a good morning, only marred by the discovery of a dead Tawny Owl just outside Turnditch (road casualty). It was also very, very, very cold and windy, but dry at least.richard and Frances Pittam
2008-04-20 00:00:00From Sheepwash Hide at 1120hrs: pair of Red-breasted Mergansers and 3 Arctic Terns. From Paul Stanley Hide: 1 Little Ringed Plover and 1 Common Sandpiper..Roger Carrington
2008-04-20 00:00:00Adult Great Northern Diver still present; 14 Cormorant, 2 Gadwall on Sheepwash spit; 4 Goldeneye, pair of Red Breasted Mergansers from Paul Stanley Hide, 1 Little Ringed Plover, a Dunlin and a Common Sandpiper from Paul Stanley Hide; 3 Whimbrel flew East at 3.15.p.m.; 2 Common Gulls-imm; 1 Great Black Back-imm; 3 Arctic Terns from 3.10-3.20.p.m. followed by 15 more from 3.30.-4.15 p.m. when we left; c300 Sand Martins; c250 Swallows; 5+ House Martins and a Wilow Tit from Paul Stanley hide.Rod Key and Richard James
2008-04-21 00:00:00coot moorhen tufted duck black headed gull mallard redshank yellow wagtail little ringed plover great crested grebe lapwing oystercatcher canada goose common sandpiper pied wagtail barnacle goose little grebe tree sparrow snipe magpie carrion crow starling sand martin grey wagtail little owl wood pigeon lesser black backed gull swallow reed bunting robin blackbird white wagtail common tern goldfinch scaup collared dove dunnock curlew whimbrel great tit dunlin tawny owl.tom wareham abb
2008-04-21 00:00:00Peregrine, Sparrowhawk, 2 Buzzards, Kestrel, 2 Raven, 10 Yellow Wagtail, 4 Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Dunlin, Curlew, Female Scaup, pr Red Breasted Merganser, 7 Goldeneye, pr Gadwall, Female Teal, Great Northern Diver.Dave Newcombe
2008-04-22 00:00:001 Greenshank, 1 Pink footed goose. In bay left of WLC..Bob and Gill Smith
2008-04-23 00:00:003 Little Gulls infront of Lane End hide at 12:00hr and still at 15:00hr. 1 Lesser Whitethroat singing near Lane End hide. The Pink footed Goose also near Lane End. Female Scaup at Wildlife centre, along with 2 Dunlin. Originally I thought there were 4 maybe 5 Little Gulls,but this was distant from Sheepwash. On walking to Lane End I could only locate 3. A beautiful afternoon with warm sunshine brought out a couple of butterflies namely,Small Tortoiseshell and Brimstone.Clive Ashton
2008-04-24 00:00:00No sign of little gulls this morning. 16 Arctic Terns through about 0930hrs. 1 Lesser Whitethroat singing in Sheepwash Car Park. Another near the stone barn at Millfields. Also a Whitethroat near stone barn. 1 Sedge Warbler singing on Stones Island..Roger Carrington
2008-04-24 00:00:00Immature Little Gull from Wildlife Centre this afternoon, still at 16:45 3 Dunlin,1 Common Sandpiper,1 Yellow Wagtail and the female Scaup on Horseshoe Island. 1 Yellow Wagtail,2 Grey Wagtail,1 drake Pochard from Sheepwash, Lesser Whitethroat still singing in car park..Clive Ashton
2008-04-24 00:00:001 green sandpiper 1 greenshank 2 common sandpiper.abb tom wareham
2008-04-24 00:00:00Thirty eight species seen on a short visit. Best find was a singing Sedge Warbler on Stones Island. The following were also interesting: Mallard ducklings in Wildlife Centre Creek, Oystercatcher (2), Dunlin (2) - Horseshoe Island, Redshank (4), Little Owl (1), Blackcap (1 male) - Stones Island, and Bullfinch (a pr) - near the Water Sports Centre.There are a good few patches of yellow Lesser Celandine on site. Marsh Marigold is coming into flower by the pond next to the Wildlife Centre.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-04-26 00:00:001 swift flying over heanor.tom wareham
2008-04-26 00:00:00A very good day today barring all the cyclists and runners. Paul Stanley Hide 2 Oystercatchers 1 Female Sparrowhawk catching a Pied Wagtail 1 Yellow Wagtail on island in front of hide Walking back to-wards the visitor centre on a piece of rough land near what I think is fishtail creek but I'm not sure about that though, there were 4 species of Warbler viewable. Sedge Warbler, Reed Warbler, Willow Warbler, Garden warbler and a grasshopper Warbler was heard briefly, also on this small piece of shrub-land there were also Whitethroats and Chiffchaffs.It was so good here that I spent 3 hours here and never got to the visitor center In the hedges near lane end there were at least 4 pairs of BlackcapsSince my last visit there seems to have been quiet a lot of tree felling recently, is this the best time to be felling trees in regards to birds neating?Leslie Fisher
2008-04-27 00:00:00A single Little Gull off Stones Island and a single Swift over Stones Island berween 6.30 and 7.15..Peter Gibbon
2008-04-27 00:00:00Sanderling and Little Gull from Sheepwash Hide..from birdguides
2008-04-27 00:00:00coot little grebe mallard canada goose moorhen tufted duck great crested grebe black headed gull lapwing redshank oystercatcher chaffinch little owl carrion crow jackdaw collared dove barnacle goose mute swan tree sparrow 5dunlin swifts goldfich house martin pied wagtail wood pigeon blue tit reed bunting blackbird great tit robin wren spotted flycatcher curlew whimbrel dunnock cormorant magpie buzzard little ringed plover lesser black backed gull starling.abb tom wareham
2008-04-28 00:00:00Record to confirm sighting of two Little Terns from Sheepwash Hide (I wasn't the person that spotted them. The Little Terns were feed among a number of Common Terns for around a half hour before flying west..John Wynn
2008-04-28 00:00:00No messageJust to reply to comment about felling. Severn Trent Water rangers do not do any tree felling from middle of March onwards for wildlife and H&S reasons. Felling seen either not on STW land or has been done without STW permission!Amanda Lynnes
2008-04-28 00:00:00Forty four species seen from Stones Island to the end of Wildlife Centre Creek (WCC). OF NOTE: A pair of Canada Geese with three yellow goslings (WCC), Gadwall (male), Mallard ducklings (~15), Pheasant (heard), Oystercatcher (4), Redshank (4), Little Owl (1), WHEATER (female) - close to WCC, Song Thrush (1), Whitehroat (1), Garden Warbler (1) + several each of Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Willow Warbler, Reed Bunting (male).Flowering plants on show today: Lesser Celandine - masses in a field next to WCC; Marsh Marigold, Dandelion, Daisy, Cowslip - many more now on Stones Island; Primrose, Common Mouse-ear Chickweed, Gorse, Forget-me-not and a single specimen of a white Bluebell! A busy Buff-tailed Bumblebee was also seen. A Tittesworth Snippet: The latest edition of the Tittesworth Bird News newsletter is now available from the Tittesworth visitor centre. The latest site developments and activities are given plus the birding highlights for the first quarter of the year.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-04-29 00:00:002 Avocet reported on pager systems from the WLC this AM..Steph Hicking
2008-04-29 00:00:00The 2 Avocets were present in front of the WLC till 1.25pm at least (that was when I left!!). Usual stuff included Oystercatcher (6+), Redshank (5+), good numbers of Swift, Swallow, House Martin and Sand Martin, Sedge Warbler, Garden Warbler etc on Stones. .Steph' Hicking
2008-04-29 00:00:00starling mallard jackdaw sand martin blackbird tufted duck redshank magpie swift robin canada goose coot moorhen grey heron great crested grebe little grebe mute swan chiffchaff wood pigeon black heade gull willow warbler wren swallow pied wagtail oystercatcher dunlin greylag goose dunnock sedge warbler garden warbler house martin tree sparrow barnacle goose chaffinch carrion crow great tit avocet whitethroat buzzard white wagtail sand martin collared dove rook cormorant pink footed goose sparrowhawk reed buntings little owl kestrel swallow curlew whimbrel house martin goldfinch yellow wagtail greenfinch blue tit scaup great black backed gull little ringed plover.abb tom wareham
2008-05-03 00:00:00Pied Flycatcher,Male 16:30 hrs.From Millfields carpark the bird was around the North East footpath,far side of the first bay, where the footpath and cycle track are only about 3 metres apart.Last seen in a small grassed area to the left after a wet area with a black tube going under the path. Also seen in the big old tree over the cycle track.Mick Sharp
2008-05-04 00:00:00tufted duck, lapwing, black headed gull, coot, moorhen, tree sparrow, great crested grebe, canada goose, redshank, mute swan, oystercatcher, pied wagtail, collared dove, blackbird, chaffinch, sparrowhawk, mallard, jackdaw, swallow, starling, dunnock, robin, little owl, little grebe, swift, wood pigeon, barnacle goose, pink footed goose, carrion crow, cormorant, spotted flycatcher, grey heron, pheasant, yellow wagtail, curlew, sand martin, house martin, greenfinch, magpie..abb tom wareham
2008-05-06 00:00:00canada goose mute swan mallard moorhen coot carrion crow barnacle goose tufted duck oystercatcher chiffchaff blackbird chaffinch blue tit robin reed bunting starling common tern little grebe great crested grebe tree sparrow willow warbler pied wagtail garden warbler black headed gull goldfinch sparrowhawk kestrel buzzard cormorant whitetroat collare dove common sandpiper wood pigeon little owl wren great tit swifts cackling goose pink footed goose greenfinch lesser black backed gull common gull (5)redshank.abb tom wareham
2008-05-07 00:00:00Had a walk round Carsington today mainly recording the more common birds. 40 Chiff Chaffs, 41 Willow Warblers, 15 Garden Warblers, 28 Blackcaps, 7 Whitethroats, 1 Lesser Whitethroat, 41 Blackbirds, 57 Robins, 9 Dunnocks, 31 Blue Tits, 23 Great Tits, 51 Wrens, 42 Chaffinch, 14 Goldfinch, 8 Goldcrest, 5 Reed Bunting, 4 Song Thrush, male Pied Flycatcher between Penn Carr and Oldfield lane by wooden boardwalk, Skylark over Upperfields farm, 2 Sparrowhawks, 1 Male on Stones Island and a Female over Horseshoe island, 2 Common Terns on dam wall, Little Ringed Plover at P.Stanley, 3 Common Sandpipers, drake Pochard, Pink Footed Goose and 2 Cackilng Geese at Wildlife Centre. Plenty of Butterflies with it being warm and sunny including, lots of Orange Tips, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells and a few Speckled Woods and Brimstones .Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-05-07 00:00:00The following interesting sightings were noted in the Wildlife Centre logbook for today: Common Tern, Black Tern, Brambling (pr), Little Ringed Plover, Curlew, Peregrine, Common Buzzard, Kestreel, White Wagtail and Pink-footed Goose..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-05-07 00:00:00Very sunny on site today. 42 species of bird identified between Stones Island and Shiningford Creek. Of note: Pink-footed Goose (1), Mallard ducklings of different sizes, Pochard (male) - from the Wildlife Centre, Pheasant (1), Oystercatcher (2), Lapwing (~10), Redshank (2) - all three waders on Horseshoe Island, Song Thrush (1), Bullfinch (2 males), Reed Bunting (4 singing males).Insects present: Orange Tip and Small White butterflies, and Buff-tailed Bumblebee. Plants in flower: Nineteen species identified. The following were not reported last time: Blackthorn (white), Yellow Rocket (yellow), Germander Speedwell (blue), Bluebell (blue & white), Red Campion (red), Buttercup (yellow), Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage (yellow), Cuckooflower [or Lady's Smock] (pale pink) and Greater Stitchwort (white).Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-05-08 00:00:00A Sanderling on Sheepwash spit,at 14:00 hours until 14:20, also 2 Ringed Plover and a Dunlin from Paul Stanley hide..Clive Ashton
2008-05-08 00:00:00Black Tern(one adult summer)and Little Gull(1st summer)From Wildlife Centre. Both birds arrived together at 16:15 and were still both present feeding behide the tern rafts when I left at 17:15.Paul Thomas
2008-05-10 00:00:00little gull pied flycatcher common terncommon tern from millfields car park flycatcher 10-15 minutes walk anti clockwise along path just after boardwalkAndy & Lieza radage
2008-05-11 00:00:00Male garganey on Horseshoe Island most of day then swimming in front of hide approx 16:30.Amanda Lynnes
2008-05-12 00:00:00Fairly quiet on site today, in Hall Wood a male Pied Flycatcher and 2 Spotted Flycatchers, 2 Common Sandpipers on Sheepwash spit, several Redshanks and Oystercatchers, male Sparrowhawk with prey by the Wildlife Centre, Buzzard, Raven, quite a few broods of Canada Geese and Mallards. Also of note was a Hare in the field to the left of the Wildlife Centre where the Little Owls are often seen..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-05-13 00:00:006 Ravens in field between Hall and Middle Wood. Presumably 2 adults with 4 juveniles. Also had 2 Common Sandpipers. Also of interest was a Wood Sandpiper down Wyver lane this morning..Dave Newcombe
2008-05-14 00:00:00Oystercatcher with 2 chicks on Millfields islandDoes anyone know why we never see Tufted ducks with their ducklings?Bob and Gill Smith
2008-05-14 00:00:00Common Tern and 2 Little Ringed Plover in front of sailing club, 2 Common Sandpipers and a Curlew at Sheepwash plus the 4 juv and 2 adult Ravens again. Just to reply to Bob and Gill Smith. Tufted Duck do occasionally breed at Carsington but in very small numbers so there is a chance of seeing some young later in the year A pair bred on Green pond last year but the mother was killed crossing the main road towards Carsington which spelt certain doom for the 7 youngsters.Dave Newcombe
2008-05-16 00:00:005 Common Terns passed through late this morning. This afternoon from the Wildlife Centre: 1 Dunlin 1 Curlew At 15:15hr a male Grey Plover dropped onto Horseshoe Island, and was still present at 17:00 hr.I also heard, but did not see Greenshank, from the Wildlife Centre.Clive Ashton
2008-05-17 00:00:00PAUL STANLEY HIDE 2 Oystercatchers, 6 Little Grebes,Swallows,4 Cormerants,Greater Spooted Woodpecker,2 Redashank mating directly in front of hide, single Heron, single Common Sandpiper, Pied Wagtail, single Grey Wagtail, 4 Little Ringed Plover, watched in fascination as a Great Crested Grebe laid an egg in front of the hide, never seen it live before. SCRUBLAND NEXT TO SHINNINGFORD Reed Bunting,Reed Warbler,Sedge Warbler and Grasshopper Warbler VISITOR CENTRE Sand Martins, House Martins,Swallows, Swifts, a Pair of Common Gulls, 4 Redshank, 2 Barnacle Geese, single Oystercatcher.Moderated by Webmaster CBCLeslie Fisher
2008-05-18 00:00:00None.In response to Leslie Fishers comments about windsurfers, I would like to point out that, yes, there are buoys marking the limits of where the users of watercraft are permitted to go. Carsington Sports and Leisure also make this clear before anyone ventures out onto the water. There are also signs on every island telling them not to land due to roosting or breeding birds. What you also have to bear in mind, is that a lot of the windsurfers are novices and sometimes have little control of their boards. Unfortunately, short of patrolling the islands all day by boat, we can't stop the occasional windsurfer doing this. Despite this, the site is still regionally important for it's breeding waders.With regards to the comment about 'screaming kids', the Wildlife Centre is NOT there for the sole use of birdwatchers. We have three other bird hides on site for that. It's function here is to promote the conservation work carried out by STW and to show EVERYBODY the results of this work. It is also used as an educational facility.Carsington Water is a multi-user site which, as well as birdwatchers, also attracts cyclists, runners and screaming kids (amongst others). I think the fact that it is one of the best wildlife sites in Derbyshire, proves that we have got the balance right between users, and is a testament to the work that goes on here.If anyone would like to comment on any aspect of the sites' use or management, please feel free to fill in one of the Customer Comment Cards that are available in the Visitor Centre Reception.Paul Bennett (Severn Trent Water Ranger Service)Paul Bennett
2008-05-18 00:00:00none todayThank you for your reply I can understand now the Windsurfers and agree with you in regards to the site being a multi user site, that is not a problem, kids by nature are noisy and being a Father that too is not a problem to me, but it is too much when these kids are screaming at the top of their voices, jumping off the back onto the seats at the front, running in the centre, knocking peoples expensive equipment over, leaping down the steps, banging on the windows trying to scare the birds etc. If you think that this is both acceptable and educational then I am sorry but our opinions are miles apart. Like I said I will give the visitor center a wide birth anyway the glass is so dirty it's hard to see through it anywayLeslie Fisher
2008-05-18 00:00:00Please note that this area of the website is exclusively for the reporting of sightings of birds and other wildlife at the reservoir. If anyone has any questions or comments they wish to raise regarding activities, policies, problems, please email your comments directly to me (click the 'Contact Us' link on the home page) and I will make sure they are passed to the appropriate person to respond to you directly..Webmaster - Carsington Bird Club
2008-05-18 00:00:00WeBS count for May 6.15 to 10.2019 Mute swan, 85 Canada Goose, 12 Barnacle Goose, 10 Cormorant59 Mallard, 105 Tufted Duck, 3 Pochard, 14 Little Grebe,40 Great Crested Grebe, 17 Moorhen, 64 Coot, 6 Oystercatcher,2 Little Ringed Plover, 8 Lapwing, 7 Redshank, 1 Common Sandpiper 11 Black-headed Gull, 2 Common Gull, 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull,2 common tern..Peter Gibbon
2008-05-20 00:00:00Notable today: 1 Turtle Dove on WLC bird table both early morning and mid-afternoon, at least 4 Raven from Paul Stanley Hide. 2 Lapwing chicks on Horseshoe Island, and 3 Barnacle goslings around Stones Island. 2 Curlews bathed on Horseshoe Island 30 minutes apart during the morning. Also 4 singing Garden Warblers along path between Lane End and Sheepwash.The standoff between the Coot and GCGs over the nest in front of the WLC continues...James Owen
2008-05-21 00:00:001st summer Little Gull, from Paul Stanley at 11:00 hr and again at Sheepwash 11:30 then flew high to North West. 2 Common Terns on raft at Wildlife Centre, also 2 Common Gulls present on Horseshoe Island.Sparrowhawk attacked Tree Sparrows on feeding station at Wildlife Centre.No sign of Turtle Dove this morning.A few Green-veined White butterflies also about on site.Clive Ashton/Dave Newcombe
2008-05-24 00:00:00From Wildlife Centre: Coot, Moorhen, Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Black-headd Gull, Tufted Duck, Great-crested Grebe, Tree Sparrow. From Paul Stanley: Buzzard, Canada Geese, Tufted Duck, Coot, Moorehen, Common Sandpiper (1), Redshank (1), Pied Wagtail (2). A Mallard was trapped on the left-hand raft and STW rangers took only 5 mins to react and get the boat out to rescue it. It was OK and was released none the worse for its ordeal - thankyou STW.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-05-26 00:00:0018th May WeBS count should read 185 Canada Goose not 85. My mistake..Peter Gibbon
2008-05-27 00:00:00WLC: 2 Common Tern on raft, 2 BH Gull chicks on another, 1 Curlew overflew, 2 Common Gull on Horseshoe Island. From Paul Stanley: 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Grey Wagtail. Also, during the morning a Tawny Owl was mobbed and chased in Shiningford Creek by a pair of Blackbirds. Very quiet day otherwise.Very wet and miserable weather today.James Owen
2008-05-27 00:00:00Some sightings taken from the logbook: Oystercatcher (4) + 2 young, Barnacle Goose (10) + 6 young, Sparrowhawk (1), Kestrel (1), Raven (3), Common Sandpiper (1), Curlew (1), Redshank (5), Buzzard (1) PLUS - on the 26th a Whimbrel. .Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-05-27 00:00:0034 species found around midday. Area covered - Stones Island to Shiningford Creek. Rather dull and breezy. OF NOTE: Canada Geese with three well developed goslings. Two of the goslings were fighting on Stones Island! Mallard ducklings (5). Pheasant - on the Wildlife Centre feeding table! Oystercatcher (2), Lapwing (1), Redshank (2). Black-headed Gull chicks (2). Common Gull (2). Common Tern (2). Swift (probably over 100) accompanied by Swallows (~50), House Martins and a single Sand Martin, all hunting very close to the surface of the water. Plants in flower today: Twenty two species seen including Bogbean, Water Forget-me-not, Yarrow, Rape, Stinging Nettle, Bulbous Buttercup, Meadow Buttercup, Common Sorrel, Bush Vetch and Common Bird's-foot-trefoil (Bacon & Eggs!). A Tittesworth Snippet: It has just been reported that a female Willow Warbler, ringed at Tittesworth in July 2007, was been found in Faro, Portugal, after 74 days - having travelled 1838km. Unfortunately the bird was dead. Pity after all that effort.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-05-30 00:00:001 adult Spoonbill.Found on Horseshoe Island at 10.30 a.m. by Jim Craw. It stayed on the left-hand side of the island for approx. 10 minutes and then flew off in a north-Westerly direction where it circled very high for some time.Paul Bennett
2008-06-02 00:00:00A family of Treecreepers on the bend seperating Wildlife centre creek and Shiningford creek including 2 adults and 3 juveniles. 2 Common Terns and 2 Grey wagtails. Several Black Headed Gull chicks from the Wildlife centre..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-06-03 00:00:00mallard great crested grebe coot moorhen teal tufted duck black headed gull 4 commern tern little grebe great tit lapwing house martin swallow swift canada goose jackdaw starling oystercatcher mute swan tree sparrow chaffinch blue tit collared dove wood pigeon coal tit magpie redshank common gull pied wagtail curlew.abb tom wareham
2008-06-04 00:00:00Red legged partridge seen by Rose Day at Sheepwash..Amanda Lynnes
2008-06-04 00:00:00Taken from the logbook for the 2nd: Teal (2), Redshank (3), Curlew (1), Whimbrel (1), Common Tern (4), Coal Tit (1)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-04 00:00:00Fairly quiet on site today. Sunny. Forty four species of bird identified early pm including - Great Crested Grebe - two occupied nests. Barnacle Goose (3). Common Buzzard (1). Oystercatcher (4). Lapwing (3; 2 ad. + one chick). Curlew (1). Black-headed Gull - two occupied nests; two juveniles on a raft. Common Gull (1). Song Thrush (2). Sedge Warbler (1). Whitethroat (1). Garden Warbler, Blackcap, Chiffchaff & Willow Warbler also present. Reed Bunting (2).Thirty eight flowering plant species and the flowerless Horsetail identified today. The following have not been mentioned before this season: Spear Thistle, Greater Bird's-foot-trefoil, Tufted Vetch, Foxglove, Brooklime, Yellow Rattle, Herb Robert, Ox-eye Daisy, Dog Rose, Yarrow, Self-heal, Ragged Robin, Silverweed, Red Clover and Cut-leaved Cranesbill. The latter species is a new find for us on this site. Twenty seven of these plant species were on Stones Island. Insects: Small White, Orange Tip and Peacock butterflies. Common Blue damselfly.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-07 00:00:00Early start today. Started at the Paul Stanley Hide where a Little Ringed Plover showed well with two young. A pair of Grey Wagtails. A White Wagtail. A Jay flew across the front of the hide giving an excellent view. Walked to wards visitor centre and at the scrub land overlooking Shininford Creek I stopped for 2 hours and observed Willow Warblers, Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers and a single Garden Warbler there were also Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and a Whitethroat.This part of Carsington is IMO the best part if you are patient and are prepared to stay here for some time, watch and wait, the birds will come. It's like warbler grand central. .Leslie Fisher
2008-06-09 00:00:00Taken from the Wildlife Centre logbook. Red-legged Partridge (2), Red-crested Pochard (2), Whimbrel (1), Kestrel (1), Buzzard (3), Redshank (3), Oystercatcher (2), Common Tern (2)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-09 00:00:00Very warm on site today. 45 species of bird seen early pm. OF NOTE: Grey Heron (one juv.) - Shiningford Creek (SC), Greylag Goose (1) - with Canadas - SC, Red-crested Pochard (pr) - Horseshoe Island (HI), Oystercatcher (3), Lapwing (3 inc. one chick) - HI, Redshank (1), Common Tern (2) - one prob. on nest on raft & one fishing and feeding partner on raft, Swift (4), Song Thrush (1), Sedge Warbler (1), Whitethroat (1), also many Garden Warblers, Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs & Willow Warblers; Treecreeper (2) - in trees at end of Wildlife Centre Creek, and Reed Bunting (1).Butterflies: Red Admiral, Orange Tip, Small and Large Whites. Odonata: Common Blue damselfly. At least ten over the Wildlife Centre pond. Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly. A pair courting/mating and then the female ovipositing in plant material on the surface of the pond. This is the first time we have seen this species! We believe it is quite uncommon in this area. Most of the plant species seen last week are still in flower. Additional species this week: Meadow Cranesbill (bluey purple), Bugle (blue) and Bramble (white).Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-10 00:00:00No messageNote about Broad-bodied Chaser. This insect is recorded on the ponds in the Sheepwash area every year, but this is the first record I can remember of ovipositing at the WLC Pond, a nice sighting.Steph Hicking
2008-06-11 00:00:00A pair of Red Crested Pochards at the Wildlife Centre, also there was 2 Common Terns on the raft and 4 good sized Lapwing chicks on Horsehoe Island. Spotted Flycatcher in Hall wood, both Reed Warbler and Sedge Warbler in song at Hopton end, 1 Raven from Sheepwash, Lesser Whitethroat on Wildlife centre creek, possibly 2 birds present..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-06-16 00:00:00OF NOTE: Greylag Goose (2) - Shiningford Creek; Barnacle Goose (1); Oystercatcher (4) - inc. a parent and two chicks on Watersports Island; Blackheaded Gull inc. four young; Common Gull (2) - Horseshoe Island; Common Tern (2); Song Thrush (1); Reed Bunting (2).Plants newly into flower: White Clover. Broad-leaved Dock, Woody Nightshade, Welted Thistle, Prickly Sowthistle, Meadow Vetchling and Broad-leaved Willowherb. A Tittesworth Snippet: Two young Peregrines have been fledged on the Roaches just north of the site.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-18 00:00:00The evening walk around the Sheepwash area and the two hides recorded the following:- Great Crested Grebe (a pair but no young unlike a small chick on the back of an adult at Hopton end on Sunday 8th) 3 Little Grebe,1 Cormorant, 1 Heron, 1 Mute Swan (plus 8 in the far distance),Canada Goose, Mallard (1 with 6 young plus 2 young totally on their own), Tufted Duck (2 mating), 1 Buzzard (holding in the wind), 1 female Kestrel (hovering in front of Sheepwash hide), Pheasant, Moorhen (1 on nest close to Paul Stanley hide), Coot (1 with 2 young), 2 Oystercatcher, 8 Lapwing, 3 Redshank (1 on post just below the'viewing area' calling and very agitated), 3 Black-headed Gull, Woodpigeon, Swift, Sand and House Martin, Pied Wagtail, Magpie, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow (1 young one sitting watching us just outside Paul Stanley),Wren,Dunnock, Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Chiffchaff, Robin, Blackbird, Song Thrush, adults and young of Willow, Great, Blue and Long-tailed Tit, Tree Sparrow, Chaffinch, Bullfinch and Greenfinch. The weather was mixed with one short shower but beautiful sunlight after 8.30. Quite windy most of the time. Eight people came along for the walk. Thank you.Peter Gibbon
2008-06-20 00:00:001 Black-tailed Godwit on Horseshoe Island at 12:00 hr also here 2 Greylag Geese, and the 2 Common Terns still on the raft. At Paul Stanley a Common Sandpiper on the raft also 3 Gadwall.Female Broad-bodied Chaser near Wildlife Centre and several Azure Damselflies on the pond.Clive Ashton
2008-06-23 00:00:00A very windy day but turned out better than originally thought. Numerous Swifts, House and Sand Martins around the Sheepwash and Paul Stanley hides. Coot, Moorhen, Tufted Duck, Great Crested Grebe, Wood Pigeon, Canada Geese, Mute Swan, Carrion Crow, Lapwing, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Pied Wagtail, Chaffinch and then outside The Paul Stanley hide 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers perching on the tree aswell as eating from the feed. They we're there for at least 45mins until getting bullied away by 2 vocal Great Tits. There was also a water rat outside the Paul Stanley hide!Tom Kitchen
2008-06-23 00:00:00Barnacle Goose on Island by the Wildlife Centre Hide, Bullfinch (male and female) on feeders on the path near Lane End Hide and a Little Ringed Plover on Stones Island.A pleasant warm, dry, calm day after the last few, ideal for one of my infrequent visits.Malcolm Macdonald
2008-06-23 00:00:00Great Crested Grebe with 1 juvenile at Wildlife Centre, also there was 2 Gadwall, 2 Common Terns. 5 juvenile Pied Wagtails by visitor centre and 3 more at Sheepwash. 5 Redshank, 4 Oystercatchers, Little Ringed Plover, 3 Buzzards, 2 Ravens. Plenty of the usual warblers inc Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Chiff Chaff, Willow Warbler and Whitethroat. Also of note was a Fox cub at the Wildlife Centre early morning..Dave Newcombe
2008-06-23 00:00:00Taken from the Wildlife Centre logbook:A male Sparrowhawk and a Kingfisher..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-23 00:00:00Thirty nine species of bird identified around midday. OF NOTE: An adult Great Crested Grebe with one juvenile (Wildlife Centre Creek, WCC), Oystercatcher (4), Lapwing (2), Redshank (3) - Horseshoe Island, Common Tern (2 - one on raft and the other fishing, mainly around Stones Island), Sand Martin (1), Song Thrush (2), Whitethroat (2) - edge of WCC, also Garden Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-06-24 00:00:001 common sandpiper 1 little ringed plover 4 gadwall 8 mute swan 2 redshank 1 oystercatcher 1 great crested grebe 1 chick.abb tom wareham
2008-06-25 00:00:00A pair of Common Sandpiper at Paul Stanley, later 2 also from WLC and 1 Little Ringed Plover..James Owen
2008-06-28 00:00:00Of note from Wildlife Centre this morning: 2 Oystercatcher, 16 Lapwing, 12 Black-headed Gull, 3 Common Terns..Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-06-29 00:00:001 black talied gotwit 1 sparrowhawk.abb tom wareham
2008-06-30 00:00:00The common terns on the Wildlife Centre raft have at least one chick.Amanda Lynnes
2008-07-01 00:00:00Black-tailed Godwit at Wildlife Centre Ad. or near ad. Yellow-legged Gull at Paul Stanley,also present here a Ringed Plover, and a Little Ringed Plover.Female Sparrowhawk flew past Paul Stanley flushing waders and Wagtails ,and landed briefly on the stones infront of the hide. Juv. birds at Paul Stanley incuded Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail,Gt.Spotted Woodpecker and a family of Gt. Tits.At least 10 Ringlet butterflies and a couple of Meadow Browns in the meadow between Sheepwash and Paul Stanley.Clive Ashton
2008-07-01 00:00:00Barn Owl quartered in front of Sheepwash car park and soon after passed by with prey. Black-tailed Godwit still present toward dusk. Two Common Tern flew over the path in the direction of Shiningford Farm, with at least one still on the raft.The Barn Owl left many a stunned ABB/RSPB/SWT volunteer during the guided walk given to us by the ranger. Brilliant views, brilliant timing!James Owen
2008-07-01 00:00:00Greenshank at the Wildlife Centre, also there was 2 Greylag Geese and a pair of Common Terns with at least one young on the raft. Birds from Paul Stanley include sub adult Yellow Legged Gull, Tufted Duck with 7 young, juv Great Spotted Woodpecker, c 40 Black Headed Gulls with several juveniles. In field between P. Stanley and Sheepwash was at least 15 Ringlet Butterflys.Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-07-04 00:00:00Black-tailed Godwit still Horseshoe late evening. 8 Common Scoter in centre of res also late evening.Very brief visit..... Noted a very odd juv Tree sparrow on Sunday, seemed to show some features of a hybrid Tree/House Sparrow, eg strong supercillium as in female House, but cheek spots etc as a Tree, need more reasearch.Steph' Hicking
2008-07-04 00:00:002 Whimbrel on Horseshoe Island this afternoon.Plenty of Meadow Brown and Ringlet butterflies also a Red Admiral at Millfields.Clive Ashton
2008-07-06 00:00:00Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Tufted Duck Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Jay, Mute Swan, Canada Goose, Greylag Goose, Collared Dove, Wood Pigeon, Common Tern, Common Sandpiper, Little Ring Plover, Carrion Crow, Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe. Cormorant, Heron, Buzzard.Tom Kitchen
2008-07-07 00:00:00The pair of Common Terns on the raft at the Wildlife Centre now have 2 chicks, Yellow Legged Gull still around Paul Stanley hide area, 36 Mute Swans inc broods of 4,3 and 1, 3 Buzzards, 2 Ravens, Kestrel, 4 Oystercatchers, 3 Redshanks, 2 Common Sandpipers, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, 3 Grey Wagtails, Tufted Duck with 7 young, drake Teal, 2 adult Common Gulls, c100 Swifts through. Also 10 Ringlets again in field between P.Stanley and Sheepwash hides.Dave Newcombe
2008-07-08 00:00:001 sparrowhawk 1 kestrel 1 buzzard 2 common tern with 2 chicks 3 oystercatcher 2 teal 4 gadwall 1 fox.tom wareham abb
2008-07-08 00:00:00mallard duckling caught by red fox at wildlife centre.simon jackson
2008-07-13 00:00:001 goldfinch 1 little grebe with 1 egg outside the wlc 4 oystercatcher 1 common gull.abb tom wareham
2008-07-13 00:00:002 Black Tailed Godwits at Paul Stanley, Oystercatcher, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Pied Wagtail, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Coot, Moorhen, Great Crested Grebe, Swift, House Martin, Mallard, Cormorant, Heron, Canada Geese, Black Headed Gull, Carrion Crow. .Tom Kitchen/Sophie Denley Hunt
2008-07-14 00:00:00An unseasonal drake Wigeon was seen from Sheepwash hide but flew down Hopton arm after being flushed by a boat. Also present was a Shelduck, drake Shoveler, 4 Teal, Buzzard, male Sparrowhawk, Little Ringed Plover and a Curlew on Stones Island. .Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-07-15 00:00:003 redshank 2 common tern 2 bullfinch 4 oystercatcher little grebe with 3 eggs 1 buzzard 1 sparrowhawk.abb tom wareham
2008-07-16 00:00:00Common Sandpiper at Wildlife Centre, 6 Ravens from Sheepwash presumably the adults and 4 young from Carsington, 3+ Buzzards, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Dunlin, Linnet with Goldfinches on Sheepwash spit, ad Pied Wagtails with 3 juveniles and female Tufted Duck with 7 juveniles both P.Stanley, Yellow Legged Gull on Sailing club island, many Swifts and House Martins moving through in their hundreds, Mallard with 7 very fresh young at Wildlife centre..Dave Newcombe
2008-07-18 00:00:00From the Wildlife Centre a male Linnet was on horseshoe Island,at least one Common Tern chick was visible.A short walk into the creek produced a family of Long tailed Tits, with at least 6 youngsters sunning themselves on a branch also 2 Treecreepers. From Paul Stanley the 2 Greylags still with a large gathering of Canada Geese,a partially leucistic Carrion Crow flew over the hide and 2 Curlew flew South down the reservoir.Still lots of Meadow Browns and some Ringlets around.Numbers of Ringlets appear to have fallen however the brambles near the wood on the way down to Sheepwash hide provided 4 or 5.Clive Ashton
2008-07-19 00:00:00No messagedoes anyone know how many eggs the little grebe have the last time i looked they 3 thats infront of the wlctom wareham
2008-07-20 00:00:00approx 30 Barnacle Geese swimming towards Millfields along the dam wall in a group of 20 and then a group of 10 at about 13:30 and 13:45 respectivelythe group of 10 had 1 juvenile bird among themSimon Jackson
2008-07-21 00:00:00Peregrine seen from Sheepwash, also 1 seen by two observers in the morning. Drake Common Scoter, Common Sandpiper, 2 adult Common Terns but only 1 young at the Wildlife Centre, 2 Buzzards, 2 Ravens, Kestrel, 2 Grey Herons, 2 Greylag Geese. Butterflies include Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Speckled WoodDave Newcombe
2008-07-22 00:00:001 peregrine falcon 1 greenfinch 1 goldfinch 4 linnet 2 common tern 9 oystercatcher 2 teal 2 bullfinch 1 willow warblerthe little grebe r building a new nest outside the wlcabb tom wareham
2008-07-23 00:00:00Both Male and Female Sparrowhawk, 2 probable Common Scoter(very distant), 6 Pochard, Gadwall, 7 Linnet, Little Ringed Plover, Yellow Legged Gull, 2 broods of Tufted duck, Whitethroat, Blackcap, Chiff Chaff, 2 Common Terns with a juvenile which was in the water between the raft and Horseshoe Island.Butterflies include many Meadow Browns, few Ringlets, c6 Gatekeepers and 2 or 3 Small Skippers.Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-07-23 00:00:00Short visit. Only viewed from the visitor centre to the Wildlife Centre. Very few species were seen but the following were of interest: Mute Swan with 2 cygnets, Lapwings, Common Tern - 2 adults plus one chick on raft and Peregrine.Two female Common Hawker dragonflies seen. Plants: 20 species identified. The following in flower, have not been recorded recently on site: Black Medick, Rose-bay Willowherb, Great Willowherb, Red-dead Nettle, Nipplewort, Groundsel and Meadow Sweet. A Titteswoth Snippet: Up to two Little Egrets are seen each day. A Greenshank shows quite frequently.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-07-29 00:00:001 Black Tern feeding with 9 Common Terns off Stones Island, plus 14 Common Terns roosting in front of Sailing Club at 0800hrs. No sign at 0930hrs. 5 Common Scoters off Stones Island. Greenshank over Stones Is. Near adult Yellow-legged Gull at PS Hide.Overnight rain probably brought the terns and scoters in. Still slight rain at 0800hrs then sunny by 0900hrs and terns moved on.Roger Carrington
2008-07-29 00:00:005 Common Scoters remained throughout the day, also a Peregrine was chased away by the nesting Common Terns around midday over the WLC. The Yellow-legged Gull lingered at PS hide through the morning until shooed away from the raft by Cormorants. By afternoon 1 Black-tailed Godwit at WLC, later 1 at PS hide (probably the same bird)..James Owen (ABB)
2008-07-30 00:00:002 Common Terns with 1 young at the Wildlife centre, 7 Pochard, 5 Linnet, 2 Common Sandpiper, Black Tailed Godwit, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Little Grebe young at last! A pair with 3 young at Sheepwash, although it appeared that 1 had been lost by the end of the day..Dave Newcombe
2008-07-30 00:00:00A short visit around midday. Only 28 species of bird identified. OF NOTE: Mute Swan (24), Redshank (1), Common Tern (1), Pied Wagtail (10 including juveniles): Warblers:- Blackcap, Willow Warbler & Chiffchaff - heard only (on Stones Island), Bullfinch (1 male) - on feeding station at the Wildlife Centre (WC).At or near pond by WC: Azure damselflies, Common Hawker dragonfly (female), Water Boatmen. Butterflies: Gatekeeper, Small Copper, Peacock, Green-veined White. Plants in flower: 32 species identified including the following not previously reported: Redshank (Stones Island - water's edge), Great Reedmace or Bullrush (WC pond), Upright Hedge-parsley (by footpaths), Water Mint (WC pond), Common St John's-wort (Stones Island), Common Marsh Bedstraw (by footpaths}, White Dead-nettle (by boardwalk near WC). A Tittesworth Snippet: There are now three Little Egrets on the Conservation Pool. Also present are a Common Sandpiper and two Little Ringed Plovers. Two Peregrine young have fledged successfully on the nearby Roaches. Brilliant news! Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-08-04 00:00:001 redstart, 1 linnet, 3 common tern, 1 dunlin, 2 bullfinch, 1 willow warbler..abb tom wareham
2008-08-04 00:00:00Peregrine, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, 5 Raven, Yellow-Legged Gull, 2 juvenile Goldcrests, 3 Common Sandpipers, 5 Linnets, 2 adult Common Terns and 1 young, 4 Tufted Duck broods of 7/6/6/2, Kingfisher, Moorhen with 3 fresh young, Willow Warbler singing, Whitethroat, c300 Jackdaws. .Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-08-04 00:00:00Few birds found today. Very few are singing at the moment. OF NOTE: Mute Swan (25 adults plus cygnets), Grey Heron (1) - close to the Wildlife Centre, harrassed and driven away by screeching Black-headed Gulls, Tufted Duck - including 5 ducklings, Lapwing (3) - including a juvenile, Common Tern (2), Dunnock - one heard using its contact call, Garden Warbler (1).Common Blue damselfly - one male and 3 females, Butterflies: Green-veined and Large Whites, Small Copper and Gatekeeper. Bumble Bees: Buff-tailed, Red-tailed and the Common Carder Bee (also a bumble bee). Plants in flower: Thirty two species identified. A similar range to that noted in the last few weeks but in addition Smooth Sow-thistle (by Stones Island causeway)and Short-fruited Willowherb (by the footpaths) were found. Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-08-10 00:00:001 peregrine falcon, 1 shelduck, 1 willow warbler, 1 willow tit, 1 greenfinch, 1 coal tit, 2 raven, 1 buzzard, 1 kestrel, 1 redshank, 1 sparrowhawk, 2 bullfinch, 2 linnet, 2 goldfinch, 1 herring gull, 1 lesser black backed gull, 14 cormorant, 2 pied wagtail, 1 grey wagtail, 2 redstart, swift, swallow, house martin, 4 blackbird, robin, wren, blue tit, great tit, canada goose, collared dove, wood pigeon, 1 rabbit..abb tom wareham
2008-08-11 00:00:00Peregrine being mobbed by Black Headed Gulls at the Wildlife Centre, Sparrowhawk, 4 Buzzards, Kestrel, Yellow-Legged Gull, 2 Gadwall, Teal, 7 Swifts, 5 Linnets, 4 juvenile Goldfinches, 2 Common Sandpipers, 5 broods of Tufted Duck of 8/7/5/5/2, juvenile Little Grebe, 31 Mute Swans including 3 juveniles, Willow Tit..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-08-11 00:00:00Very quiet on site today. That is bird's are not singing very much, which means that woodland birds are harder to find. OF NOTE: Mute Swan (20 adults) - off Sailing Club Island; Tufted Duck - 6 ducklings off Stones Island: Lapwing (~60)- Horseshoe Island [this species is increasing in numbers]; Black-headed Gull (3 juveniles) - Horseshoe Island; Collared Dove (7); SWIFT (1); Pied Wagtail - 5 juveniles on Stones Island; Willow Warbler (1) - identified by contact call on Stones Island. Common blue damselfly (1 male).Butterflies: Small Copper, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper (many), Green-veined, Small and Large Whites, Peacock and Red Admiral.Plants in flower:30 species identified. The following have not previously been reported: Great Plantain (near post 5C), Hedge Bindweed (a white convolvulus [bell shaped]) - in various hedges, and Great Burnet (open patches of grassland/meadow near wildlife centre). Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-08-12 00:00:001 kingfisher, 1 redstart, 3 bullfinch, 20 goldfinch, 1 whitethroat, 25 mute swan, 3 linnet, 1 kestrel, 1 sparrowhawk..abb tom wareham
2008-08-13 00:00:00Spotted Flcatcher with two juveniles,Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff at Shiningford Inlet.John Mowbray
2008-08-13 00:00:00Female Red Crested Pochard, 2 Shoveler, 6 Gadwall, Sparrowhawk, several Linnets, 36 Mute Swans including 6 juveniles, 2 Buzzards. Walking along shiningford creek and almost stood on a Housemartin, it was just sitting on the main path. As I bent down to pick it up, it flew off and looked fine..Dave Newcombe
2008-08-17 00:00:002 Black Terns,1 Ringed Plover,1 Common Sandpiper,7 Gadwall,5 Teal,1 Wigeon,1 Commic Tern,1 Kingfisher,Nuthatch,Raven,Sparrowhawk,Swift.The Black Terns flew past Sheepwash, at 09:30, down to Millfields, but were later seen from the Wildlife Centre.Clive Ashton
2008-08-17 00:00:002 black tern, 1 common sandpiper, 1 kingfisher, 2 peregrine falcon, 2 bullfinch, 3 greenfinch, 2 goldfinch, 6 linnet, 2 kestrel, 1 willow warbler, 2 redstart, 1 buzzard, 4 little grebe, 3 teal, 1 pochard, 2 gadwall, swift, sand martin, house martin, swallow ..abb tom wareham
2008-08-18 00:00:00Yellow-Legged Gull, 2 Common Terns, 7 Gadwall, 3 Teal, 2 Wigeon, 7 Grey Herons flying high West, Kingfisher, Curlew, 2 Swifts, 8 Goldfinches inc 4 juveniles, female Bullfinch feeding 2 juveniles, 3 Buzzards, 2 Little Grebe broods of 2&2..Dave Newcombe
2008-08-18 00:00:001 Grey Wagtail in Millfields, also Tufted Duck with 6 small chicks. 3 Linnet and 4 Meadow Pipit on dam wall, 7 Heron west over Stones Island around midday, 1 Willow Tit near Shiningford Creek. WLC: 1 Kestrel, 2 Common Tern (morning only). PS Hide: 1 Wigeon, 5 Gadwall, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker. .James Owen
2008-08-18 00:00:00The following were recorded in the wildlife centre logbook but do not appear on the the website: Ringed Plover (1) - Stones Island, Commic Tern (1) - Stones Island..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-08-18 00:00:00Fairly quiet on site today. Very dull. Just 32 bird species identified around midday. OF NOTE: Mute Swan (25), Teal (3), Kestrel (1), Lapwing (58), Swift (1), House Martin (~15) and Willow Warbler (2 heard). Because it was very overcast few butterflies were on the wing. Only the Green-veined White was positively identified. Plants in flower: 27 species were identified. The only species not previously reported was the BULBOUS RUSH.A Tittesworth Snippet: Recent sightings have included 3 Buzzards (a family party), two Grey Herons, Willow Warbler and several Northern Wheater just off site around the Roaches. A male Southern Hawker dragonfly was found by the River Churnet. Many blue Harebell plants - in flower, were found by the footpath leading to the Churnet. Flowering Fat Hen was found by the Blackshaw Lane road bridge.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-08-19 00:00:002 common sandpiper 1 redstart 3 13 goldfinch 2 bullfinch 1 kestrel 1 sparrowhawk 3 teal 2 gadwall 1 song thrush.abb tom wareham
2008-08-20 00:00:00Juvenile Black Tern off Stones Island present at 08.30 and still there at 17.30, juv female Peregrine also from Stones Island c15.30, Yellow-Legged Gull, 40+ Goldfinches including 25+ juveniles, 7 Linnets, Common Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk, 9 Gadwall, 2 Wigeon. .Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-08-22 00:00:001 Red-crested Pochard (eclipse male) at WLC until mid-afternoon, Kingfisher at WLC and PS Hide. Also, 3 Linnet, 1 Treecreeper, 1 Redshank, 2 Teal, c.30 Lapwing from PS Hide, Tufted Duck with 5 young, 3 Gadwall.James Owen (ABB)
2008-08-23 00:00:001 Little Egret flew from far side of reservoir oposite WLC, then landed briefly on Horeshoe Island, only to be mobbed by Lapwing, then flew off high towards the Visitor Centre. Was not found afterwards. This was approximately 10.40am this morning.Very little else about this morning.Richard and frances Pittam
2008-08-26 00:00:00A Turnstone was infront of the sailing club at 09:00,6 Shelduck at Sheepwash at 10:00,Red crested Pochard at Wildlife centre, also Common Sandpiper,Grey Wagtail,13+ Gadwall and Kingfisher..Clive Ashton
2008-08-26 00:00:00WLC: Red Crested Pochard still, 2 Kingfisher, 1 Jay, 1 Bullfinch Also, 1 Common Sandpiper at PS Hide, 1 Redshank, 2 Raven, 1 Buzzard, c.300 Jackdaw 2 Willow Tit in WLC CreekOsprey noted in PS sightings log for 25th.James Owen
2008-08-26 00:00:00A low species count mainly because woodland birds have stopped singing and are, therefore, harder to pinpoint in the thick leaf foliage. The Robin has just started to sing again after re-feathering. OF NOTE: Mute Swan (22), Gadwall (Horseshoe Island), Red-crested Pochard (eclipse male) - off Horseshoe Island, Tufted Duck - many but one adult with four tiny ducklings off Stones Island and House Martin (100 ) - hunting over the visitor centre at noon.This year butterfly numbers are down due to unfavourable weather conditions. The coloured species have suffered the most thus the white species are most often seen. Today a solitary Green-veined White was found on Stones Island.Plants in flower: Thirty species were identified. Most species are almost over now. The following species have not been previously reported: Water Figwort (or Water Betony) - with maroon flowersRay and Margaret Perry
2008-09-01 00:00:00Redshank from PS Hide. Grey Herron very close to PS Hide Great Spotted Woodpecker in the trees on the path back to the carparkvery wet at timesJ Walters
2008-09-02 00:00:002 juvenile Shags on roof of draw-off/control tower from 6pm to dusk, viewed from Millfields car park..Roger Carrington
2008-09-03 00:00:002 juvenile Shags still present around Millfields/dam wall area, 3 Wheatears and 2 Linnets on dam wall, c30 Wigeon, Raven..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-09-04 00:00:002 Juv Shags still off the Millfields end of the Dam, near the draw off tower..Steph Hicking
2008-09-04 00:00:00Osprey flew past Sheepwash spit 15:00 and then low over water, legs outstretched, but caught nothing. It then headed towards Blackwall plantation,before turning and circling high up then lost to sight over Warrington knob 15:15..Clive Ashton
2008-09-06 00:00:001 Grey Phalarope briefly from Millfields carpark at 1435. Single Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail and Kingfiser along the dam wall; Common Sandpiper on the water treatment works. An Osprey flew SW at 1700, seen from Sheepwash hide, over Millfields/dam wall area (also seen by Richard Lowe)..Simon Roddis
2008-09-07 00:00:001 peregrine falcon, 1 kestrel, 5 pochard, 4 teal, 3 gadwall, 2 bullfinch, 12 goldfinch, 4 snipe, 3 buzzard, 1 redstart, 8 cormorants, 1 yellow legged gull ..abb tom wareham
2008-09-08 00:00:002 Juvenile Shags at Millfields around draw off tower, 5 Linnets and a Wheatear on dam wall. Adult male White Wagtail, 2 Shoveler, Pintail, Peregrine, 3 Buzzards, Kingfisher, Yellow Legged Gull. .Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-09-08 00:00:00Taken from the logbook as previously unreported on this website: Greylag Goose (1), Red-crested Pochard (1), Snipe (6), Common Tern (1)..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-09-08 00:00:00Rather dull today but thankfully no rain. OF NOTE:Cormorant (10) - from Wildlife Centre hide (WC). Greylag Goose (1) - Horseshoe Island (HI). Gadwall (1 female) - from WC. Teal (20 ) - HI. Peregrine (1) - consuming prey on pylon! Snipe (3) - HI. Willow Warbler (1 heard) - near WC. Goldfinch (flock of ~ 20) - Stones Island. Bullfinch (2) - near WC.Seen by another observer: Long-tailed Tit (10 ).Insects:Odonata: Southern Hawker dragonfly (2 females). Common Blue damselfly (1).Butterflies: Meadow Brown, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small White and Small Copper.Bees: Buff-tailed and Red-tailed bumblebees. Common Carder bee.Plants: 36 species in flower or showing berries.Species showing berries - a sure sign that autumn has arrived: Spindle Tree, Guelder Rose, Woody Nightshade, Dog Rose (hips), Hawthorn (haws), Elder, Rowan, Tutsan and Bramble (or Blackberry).No new species in flower. Most are almost over.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-09-09 00:00:00Hobby flew south over the WLC at 17:50 and kept going. 2 Shags still present on draw off tower, sometimes fishing near dam wall. 6 Linnet on dam wall.3 drake Common Scoter briefly off Stones Island, but flushed by a boat and not refound as bad weather took hold. WLC 10:30-15:30: 1 Kingfisher, 1 Kestrel, 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Common Snipe, 1 Redshank, 2 Gadwall, 6 Cormorant, 4 Bullfinch, 1 Yellow-legged Gull, 2 Raven (doing aerobatics distant over Shiningford Farm), c.40 Goldfinch, Tufted Duck female with 3 young.Sheepwash: 3 Shoveler, 9 Wigeon.PS Hide: 1 Yellow-legged Gull on Flat Island (9:00)Not able to verify if that's one individual or two different YL Gulls, but both practically full adults.James Owen (ABB)
2008-09-10 00:00:002 juvenile Shags on draw off tower, 30 Wigeon, 16 Gadwall, 11 Pochard, c40 Teal, 5 Buzzards, 2 Kestrels, Kingfisher, c40 Siskin, c60 Goldfinches, 5 Meadow Pipits, Wheatear, 3 Linnets, c10 Chiff Chaffs, Willow Tit. .Dave Newcombe
2008-09-14 00:00:002 juv. shags on Draw-off tower from 10.00am. 20 Wigeon from Sheepwash hide..Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-09-15 00:00:00WeBS count for September :29 Mute Swan, 223 Canada Goose, 1 Shelduck, 132 Wigeon, 16 Gadwall, 66 Teal, 148 Mallard, 1 Shoveler, 39 Pochard, 512 Tufted Duck, 39 Little Grebe, 31 Great Crested Grebe, 45 Cormorant, 2 Shag, 2 Grey Heron, 31 Moorhen, 1,292 Coot, 178 Lapwing, 3 Snipe, 1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull and 1 Black Tern (24 Species and 2,795 birds)Done between 7.30 and 10.30 after early fog disappeared.Peter Gibbon
2008-09-15 00:00:002 juvenile Shags still around draw off tower at Millfields end of dam wall. 227 Wigeon, 55 Teal, 3 Buzzards, 3 Willow Tits, Knot at P. Stanley hide, Kingfisher, Meadow Pipit. .Dave Newcombe
2008-09-15 00:00:0036 species seen from the Wildlife Centre (WC) and Stones Island(SI) early pm. Mainly cloudy but an occasional burst of sunshine. Of note: Cormorant (28) - seen from WC. Grey Heron (1) - SI. Greylag Goose (1) - Sailing Club Island. Gadwall (12) - off Horseshoe Island (HI). Snipe (2) - HI. Swallow (1) - from WC. Robin (one juvenile) - feeding at WC bird table. Willow Warbler (1) - SI. Raven (1) - flying over the reservoir.Odonata: Southern Hawker dragonfly, Common Blue damselfly. Bees: Common Carder bee, Buff-tailed & Red-tailed bumblebees, Honey bee and Tawny Mining bee - on a Sedum (prob Autumn Joy) outside WC. Plants not previously reported: Gipsywort and Smooth Sow-thistle - both on SI.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-09-23 00:00:00WLC: 1 juv Peregrine, 10 Snipe, 1 Kestrel, 2 Bullfinch, 2 Greenfinch, c.40 Goldfinch, 3 Swallow, 1 Fox.Sheepwash/PS Hide: 1 Pintail among the Wigeon, 2 Buzzard, 1 Yellow-legged Gull.Peregrine thrilled a class of schoolkids, stooping 5 or 6 times at a plucky Lapwing in front of the WLC.Fox sunbathed on opposite bank on and off from 11 to 3.James Owen (ABB)
2008-09-23 00:00:00Quiet on site today. Few people and few bird species. Duck species: Mallard, Tufted Duck, Wigeon, Gadwall and Teal. The only wader species was Lapwing. A few Swallows seen. The last gasp of summer?Today was the Autumn Equinox. Because the atmosphere bends the sun's rays daylight hours are slightly longer than night time hours. The good weather around the Autumn Equinox suggests, but does not guarantee, a reasonably pleasant autumn and early winter. We shall see!Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-09-28 00:00:001 peregrine falcon, 1 sparrowhawk, 2 kestrel, 1 kingfisher, 2 bullfinch, 1 greenfinch, 5 goldfinch, 18 wigeon, 10 teal, 3 gadwall, 1 lbb gull, 4 snipe, 3 rook, 1 buzzard, 1 raven, 8 long-tailed tit, 2 grey wagtail, 6 cormorants ..abb tom wareham
2008-09-29 00:00:00From Wildlife Centre: Cormorant (14), Wigeon (6), Gadwall (12), Common Pochard (2 males). A Sparrowhawk seen feeding on prey on the grassy bank of dam wall. Attacked by another Sparrowhawk. The skirmish lasted just seconds. The attacker then flew off. Both thought to be juveniles. A well developed juvenile Moorhen seen begging food from an adult but was unsuccessful. Lapwing (1), Yellow-legged Gull (1) and a juvenile Dunnock at the feeding station.Speckled Wood butterflyRay and Margaret Perry
2008-10-05 00:00:001 lesser black backed gull 1 kingfisher 1 kestrel 4 snipe 1 herring gull 1 fox 11 cormorant 7 mute swan.abb tom wareham
2008-10-06 00:00:00Red Legged Partridge on Sheepwash spit, 2 Skylarks over Stones island, Redwing over Watersports, 4 Buzzards, 2 Ravens, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, 3 Snipe..Dave Newcombe/Clive Ashton
2008-10-06 00:00:00Thirty four species of bird identified around midday. Of note: Sparrowhawk (2), Kestrel (2) and Peregrine (1) - seen from Wildlife Centre perching on top of a nearby pylon. Also Lapwing (3), Snipe (1), Long-tailed Tit (1), and Linnet (10) - flying over Stones Island.Southern Hawker dragonfly (female). Small White butterfly. The spring/summer flowering season is all but over. However, the odd specimen of 11 plant species still in flower was noted, including Water Forget-me-not (blue), Meadow Vetchling (yellow) and Oxeye Daisy (white).Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-10-08 00:00:00Common Scoter8-20 am . 4 in flight from Millfields Spit going north. Later 2 on 'beach' just south of Oldfield Lane.dave williams
2008-10-08 00:00:002 Chiff Chaffs singing, 1 at Millfields and 1 on Shiningford creek, 4 Meadow Pipits on dam wall, 2 Raven, 3 Buzzards, 2 Pintail, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, male Sparrowhawk, 2 Willow Tits, 53 Cormorants, Grey Heron. Also reported were 2 Yellow-Legged Gulls(RMRJ) .Dave Newcombe
2008-10-12 00:00:003 fox 1 greenfinch 1 goldfinch 14 teal 23 wigeon 13 pochard 3 snipe 1 grey heron 11 cormorant 1 kestrel 2 buzzard 1 lesser black backed gull 6 long tailed tits.abb tom wareham
2008-10-13 00:00:00WeBS count for October : 31 Mute Swan, 72 Canada Goose, 295 Wigeon, 23 Gadwall, 51 Teal, 57 Mallard, 33 Pochard, 466 Tufted Duck, 33 Little Grebe, 39 Great Crested Grebe, 44 Cormorant, 2 Grey Heron, 26 Moorhen, 671 Coot, 59 Lapwing, 1 Snipe, 2 Kingfisher, 42 Black-headed Gull, 1 Yellow-legged Gull, 1 Sparrowhawk and 1 Kestrel.For the first time I submitted a record to the BTO that said count accuracy was not OK due to the mist that covered some areas throughout the morning. So figures will be an under estimation.Peter Gibbon
2008-10-13 00:00:00Extremely quiet on site today. Weather mild but a breeze blowing across Stones Island. Of note: Common Pochard (10), Kestrel (1), Sparrowhawk (1), Lapwing (40) - on Horseshoe Island, Collared Dove (6) - using the Wildlife Centre feeding station, Robin - very many singing, some just a few feet away ignoring us humans! Linnet (2).Butterflies: Comma (3) - by Wildlife Centre; Red Admiral. Dragonflies: Southern Hawker (male), Common Darter (male). Honey Bee.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-10-17 00:00:003 large ducks in front of Sheepwash Hide at 1215hrs. Looked like dark Ruddy/Cape Shelduck type, may well be 1 adult male plus 2 juvenile female Paradise Shelducks, presumed escapees [from New Zealand!]..Roger Carrington
2008-10-17 00:00:00No messageRoger, re the 3 ducks at Sheepwash.These are probably the 3 that have been at Wyver Lane for a month or two.Clive Ashton
2008-10-18 00:00:001 probable Yellow-legged Gull adult at ca 6pm, in the large gull roost. Seen from the central hide..Paul Mollatt
2008-10-19 00:00:006 dunlin 1 lesser black backed gull 1 raven 3 kestrel 1 buzzard 3 goldfinch 2 snipe 4 rook 1 goldeneye 5 long tailed tits 30 wigeon 11 teal 5 pochard 1 bullfinch.tom wareham abb
2008-10-28 00:00:00The 3 Cape/Paradise Shelducks on Flat Island this morning, plus 1 adult Yellow-legged Gull. 1 Nuthatch on PS Hide bird table, and c.20 Siskin outside. 10+ Redwing in the Shiningford Farm area. 1 Peregrine late afternoon mobbed by gull flock, plus 1 Kestrel (m),3 Snipe and 1 Jay at Wildlife Centre. .James Owen
2008-10-29 00:00:00Great Northern Diver infront of Lane End early afternoon..Clive Ashton
2008-10-30 00:00:00Well over 1000 Coot seen in Wildlife Centre Creek from the centre. About 20 Lapwings present by the creek and one Dunlin was seen to fly from Horseshoe Island to the end of the creek. Two other birders reported to us that they had seen a Great Northern Diver near Lane Ends hide late in the morning. They had been alerted to its presence by pager.A Little Owl was seen on top of a small barn at Pikehall, about six miles north of the site.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-11-03 00:00:002 Kingfishers showing well and hovering near Paul Stanley this morning and a Turnstone at Sheepwash..Tony
2008-11-03 00:00:00An interesting day, from Sheepwash:8 Common Scoter(7f,1m)a Turnstone showing very close infront of the hide,1 Redshank,1 Dunlin (later on Flat Island),1 Goldeneye,Kingfisher,Raven,Yellow-legged Gull. The Great Northern Diver, having kept itself hidden all day, suddenly appeared amongst the Gull roost at 16:00hr.Several hundred Starlings moving NE as darkness fell,probably attracted the interest of a Peregrine which flew low over the field on the way from Sheepwash hide.A visitor also reported a Pintail from Lane End.Clive Ashton
2008-11-03 00:00:00Relatively quiet on site today. 36 species seen around midday. Of Note: Great Northern Diver (1) - fishing off Horseshoe Island; Common Pochard (1); Kestrel (1); Lapwing (~30); Redshank (2) - Wildlife Centre Creek; Fieldfare (~100) - off site near Longcliffe; Redwing (~30) - near Wildlife Centre; RAVEN (1) - calling over reservoir at about 12.30pm; Bullfinch (1 male).Suprisingly quite a few Oxeye Daisy plants were seen on Horseshoe Island. The number of plants showing berries has dwindled. However, the following were noted: Guilder Rose, Dog Rose (hips) and Spindle Tree - part of the hedgerow system near the Watersports Centre. Spindle Tree berries are an attractive red/orange BUT are poisonous to humans!Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-11-04 00:00:007(F) Common Scoter from Paul Stanley early morning, plus 1 adult Yellow-leg Gull and a Kingfisher. WLC: 3 Redshank, 4 Snipe, 8+ Lapwing, 1 Peregrine on pylons between flights over Horseshoe Island. Many Redwing and Fieldfare mainly between WLC and Shiningford Farm.Surprisingly no Tree Sparrow seen during today's ABB.James Owen
2008-11-05 00:00:004 Goldeneye (3m and 1f) at Lane End hide, in company with large numbers of Coot, Dabchicks, Tufted ducks, Teal and Mallards..Bob and Gill Smith
2008-11-09 00:00:00Great Northern Diver - 2 off Stones Island this morning..from Bird Guides this morning
2008-11-09 00:00:002 great northern divers 5 siskin 1 bullfinch 1 dunlin 6 snipe 1 kestrel 1 sparrowhawk 4 redwing 3 goldfinch 1 common tern 1 lesser black backed gull 1 greenfinch.tom wareham abb
2008-11-10 00:00:00Cold and dull on site today. OF NOTE: Great Northern Diver (1) - fishing of Horseshoe Island, Snipe (3) - on muddy edge of Wildlife Centre Creek, Pochard (10 males) - Horseshoe Island.A Tittesworth Snippet: Seen yesterday. Redwing (40 ), Fieldfare (90 ), Willow Tit (2), Stonechat (1 female), Lesser Redpoll (5), Meadow Pipit (40 ), Snipe (4).Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-11-11 00:00:007 Female/immature Common Scoters from PS Hide. 3 Great Northern Divers showing around Stones Is area [Note that 4 were seen at same time yesterday] Adult Mediterranean Gull in roost from Lane End Hide. Several flocks of Starlings heading towards Shiningford Creek area at dusk..Roger Carrington
2008-11-14 00:00:001 Adult Ring billed Gull in roost, 3 Yellow Legged Gull (from Sheepwash/PSHide). 7 female Common Scoter, PSHide. 3 GN Divers (2 Stones, 1 Sheepwash/Lane Ends). Goosander (1 drake). 2 Kingfishers. Usual other suspects!.Steph' Hicking
2008-11-15 00:00:00Adult Ring-billed Gull in front of Sheepwash at 1530hrs then flew to main gull roost off Lane End. Adult Mediterranean Gull on Flat Island 1515hrs, and 2 Yellow-legged Gulls. 7 female type Common Scoter. 2 Great Northern Divers.A Common Snipe, race faeroeensis, was seen and photographed on Horseshoe Island today [by SM]. This race shows a more rufous plumage and finer barring on the mantle.Roger Carrington
2008-11-16 00:00:00Millfields:2 goldcrest, 12 Siskin Wildlife Centre:7 Snipe Visitor Centre:1 WaxwingWaxwing found approx 10.15am in tree behind visotr centre, adj to Snugbury's Ice cream trailer.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-11-16 00:00:002 waxwing near Kirk ireton village centre Friday 14th Nov..Dave Williams
2008-11-17 00:00:00Female Scaup near to Big Island and the seven Scoter still present.This was in the morning during WeBS count. Full count to follow when figures added to John Bradley's half.Peter Gibbon
2008-11-18 00:00:00PS Hide - Willow Tit 1nr, Redshank 1nr, Greater Spotted WP 2nr male, plus usual suspects of Teal, Tufted Duck, Coot, Tits etc. WLC - Along with usuals, Common Snipe 1nr, Tree Sparrow 2nr, GN Diver 1nr at Water sports bay and then maybe same bird by Sailing club. Grey Wagtail 1nr (juv or female) in carpark. Visibility quite poor. All sightings were conformed by others birders present.David & Sue Edmonds
2008-11-18 00:00:00WeBS count for November : 3 Great Northern Diver, 37 Great Crested Grebe, 80 Little Grebe, 62 Cormorant, 1 Heron, 26 Mute Swan, 56 canada Goose, 30+ Barnacle Goose, 152 Mallard, 75 Teal, 51 Gadwall, 341 Wigeon, 343 Tufted, 210 Pochard, 1 Scaup, 7 Scoter, 15 Goldeneye, Shoveller, 2175 Coot, 26 Moorhen, 274 Lapwing, 3 Redshank, 1 Kingfisher, 30 Black-headed Gull, 81 Lesser Black-backed Gull and 1 Yellow-legged Gull..Peter Gibbon & John Bradley
2008-11-22 00:00:00From WLC:12 Snipe, including a rufous-coloured one (faroeensis?). Tree Sparrows, Redwing, Lapwing, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Redshank(3). Wildlife centre creek - 2 Tree Sparrows roosting in nestbox. Sheepwash: Bullfinch, Goldcrest, Treecreeper, 14 Goldeneye (6 male), 1 female Pintail, Teal, Pochard, Cormorant.Cold wind today, but very sunny. Excellent close-up views of displaying male and female Goldeneye, from Sheepwash Hide.Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-11-24 00:00:00Of note: Great Northern Diver (1) - fishing off Horseshoe Island, Little Grebe (16) - very close together by Horseshoe Island, Barnacle Goose (46) - including one with a brown body! Kestrel (1), Lapwing (~60) - on Horseshoe Island, Snipe (5) - edge of Wildlife Centre Creek, Redshank (1) - close to the Snipe, Long-tailed Tit - two flocks, one of 9 and one of ~20..Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-11-25 00:00:00Female Scaup duck. Shingford Creek.Bob and Gill Smith
2008-11-25 00:00:0040 species seen at WLC during today's ABB, including 1 Great Northern Diver, 1 Kingfisher (perching regularly toward Shiningford Creek), 2 Redshank, 10 Snipe, 1 Kestrel, 1 Bullfinch, 1 Goldeneye (toward fisheries), 15+ Little Grebe, and 1 Fox in the usual spot near the submerged fence posts. Also at Sheepwash, several Goldeneye, 1 Grey Wagtail. .James Owen
2008-12-01 00:00:00Sunny but cold with occasional light snow showers. OF NOTE: Great Northern Diver (1) - off Horseshoe Island, Kestrel (1), Lapwing (1)!!, Redshank (2), Song Thrush (2), Bullfinch (3) - one male & two females.A Tittesworth Snippet: On the 22nd November a Spotted Sandpiper was found - a North American vagrant. It has caused a major twitch in the last nine days. It has spent its time on the dam wall to the south of the site. It is a most confiding bird and has been photographed many times. Its identification has been confirmed.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-12-03 00:00:0020 + Goosander,(M & F), with Cormorants and a Redshank at Millfields Island..Bob and Gill Smith
2008-12-05 00:00:004 Great Northern Divers this morning at Stones/Lane End/Fishtail/Millfields [MAPass + RC]. 1 Female Scaup at Millfields. 2 Redshank. 3 Redpoll. 1 Skylark fly-over. 40 Redwing..Roger Carrington
2008-12-07 00:00:002 Herring Gull - Millfields 4 Redpoll - WLC Car park 4 Siskin - WLC path 1 Pink footed Goose - with 2 Canada Geese - WLC creek field (@ 09.40h)..Richard and Frances Pittam
2008-12-09 00:00:0036nr Species recorded from 11:00hr to 16:00hr, Millfields, WLC, Paul Stanley Hide and Sheepwash Hide. Species included :- Great Northern Diver (1) - Millfields Grey Wagtail (2) - PS and Sheepwash hide Willow Tit (1) Ð PS hide Redshank (1) Ð PS hide Long tail Tit (7-8) Ð Sheepwash hide Goldeneye (2) Ð female at Millfields and Male at Sheepwash Cold bright and clear day. Wonderful for birding, just not long enough daylight, but nice sunset.David & Sue Edmonds
2008-12-09 00:00:0038 species seen from WLC during today's ABB, including 2 Great Northern Divers toward Watersports, 1 adult Yellow-legged Gull which attempted to take a Coot but failed. Also singles of Kingfisher, Redshank, Snipe, Buzzard, Song Thrush, plus 2 Pied Wagtail. 1 Fox again late morning by the posts..James Owen (ABB)
2008-12-11 00:00:00Apologies, forgot to also mention 1 Pink-footed Goose yesterday (the 10th). Associated mainly with Canada Geese, but also mixed with many Wigeon/Pochard/Tufted Ducks beyond Horseshoe Is..James Owen (ABB)
2008-12-11 00:00:002 Whooper Swans in front of Wildlife Centre..From bird guides
2008-12-11 00:00:0011/12 18:14 DERBYSHIRE : Great Northern Diver, Carsington Water [A] adult and three juveniles; also 2 Scaup .From bird guides
2008-12-15 00:00:00WeBS count for December : 10 Mute Swan, 192 Canada Goose, 406 Wigeon, 41 Gadwall, 90 Teal, 122 Mallard, 1 Pintail, 1 Shoveler, 308 Pochard, 844 Tufted Duck, 1 Common Scoter, 16 Goldeneye, 3 Great Northern Diver, 80 Little Grebe, 59 great Crested Grebe, 51 Cormorant, 2 Grey Heron, 31 Moorhen, 1,825 Coot, 172 Lapwing, 2 Redshank, 3 Buzzard, 2 Kestrel.When putting these into the BTO web records it logged up that the following are unusually high : Pochard, Tufted Duck, Great Northern Diver, Little Grebe and Coot. Carsington continues to be a highlight spot.Peter Gibbon & John Bradley
2008-12-15 00:00:00210 Pinkfeet flew low over Millfields at 1030hrs heading NW. 1 Chiffchaff near Warrington Knob. 1 Little Owl near the top of Oldfield Lane [just outside our recording area]. 1 Skylark fly-over. 2 Greylag Geese at Millfields. 3 G N Divers..Roger Carrington
2008-12-15 00:00:00OF NOTE: Six duck species noted including over 70 male Pochards, mostly in Shiningford Creek. Kestrel (1). Lapwing, 80+ on Horseshoe Island. Redshank (2) - seen from the Wildlife Centre, Snipe (7) - edge of Wildlife Centre Creek. Plants are coming back into life. Tiny catkins were noted and the Hawthorn is beginning to sprout new leaves. A Tittesworth Snippet: Recent interesting sightings have included Scaup, Waxwings, Water Rail, Green Woodpecker, Tawny Owl, Crossbill, Jay, Marsh Tit, Raven and the long staying American vagrant, the Spotted Sandpiper, The sandpiper has been frequently reported as present on the dam wall area from the 22nd November until the 13th December. Hopefully it will continue to be on site as a Christmas present for any new observers.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-12-20 00:00:00PS hide 3 Meadow Pipits, 2 Redshanks, 4 Lesser Black Backed Gulls plus all the usual suspects Sheepwash Hide 2 Redshanks, Teal, Little Grebes Vistor Centre At least 20 Snipe, Large number of Lapwing, Barnacle Geese visible in fields.Leslie Fisher
2008-12-22 00:00:00Very quiet on site today. Of Note: Grey Heron (1), Sparrowhawk (1 male) - pursued by two Crows, Lapwing (well over 100) - Horseshoe Island, Snipe (10) - Horseshoe Island, Redshank (1) - edge of Wildlife Centre Creek and Collared Dove (14) - near the ranger station. The most impressive sight today was of over 1000 birds occupying Shiningford Creek - mainly Canada Geese, Barnacle Geese, Tufted Ducks and Common Pochard.A Tittesworth update: The Spotted Sandpiper, which arrived on site on the 22nd November, is still present in the dam wall area.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-12-23 00:00:00No message.abb tom wareham
2008-12-26 00:00:00A cold but sunny Boxing Day. Of note: Great Northern Diver (1) - near Lane Ends hide, Coot (~600) between the Sailing Club and the Stones Island causeway, Lapwing (~200) - Horseshoe Island, Snipe (5) - Horseshoe Island, Redshank (2) - one on Horseshoe Island & one by Shiningford Creek, Redwing (4) - near the Wildlife Centre.Off site: About 40 Fieldfares near Longcliffe.Ray and Margaret Perry
2008-12-28 00:00:00First visit for 3 years! 43 species seen, including: Bullfinch, Tree Sparrow, Reed Bunting, Willow Tit, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Pochard, Wigeon, Goldeneye, Little Grebe, Great-crested Grebe, Cormorant, Grey Heron, Pheasant, Teal, Lapwing, Long-tailed Tit, Redshank, Gadwall, Redwing, Song Thrush, and many others. .Peter Charlton
2008-12-28 00:00:00At least one Snipe from the Wildlife Centre on the island in front, along with lots of Lapwing. From Sheepwash hide a presumed first winter Buzzard was seen on a pylon on the opposite bank. Also large buzzard was seen soaring on Western side of path by Sheepwash car park-again, presumed that it was the same. From Lane End Hide, lots on Goldeneye, Coot, and Wigeon in front, plus a Redshank on the bank just to the left side of the hide. Hundreds of coots in inlet by Sailing Club.A person I met said that someone they had met had seen a Great Northern Diver earlier presumably between Lane End Hide and the Wildlife Centre. Had seen one weeks ago but could not find it.C. Richards
2008-12-30 00:00:00One Great Northern Diver very briefly seen off the right hand side of Sheepwash Hide. One Kestrel seen hovering by the path leading from Lane End Hide to the Wildlife Centre. From Lane End Hide, big flock of waterbirds directly in front, including Tufted Duck, Coot, and a Little Grebe. From about three o'clock onwards big passage of gulls moving down the reservoir. Poor views showed quite a few Common Gulls and also an immature Lesser Black-backed Gull. .Chris Richards
2008-12-30 00:00:002 Great Northern Divers from Sheepwash, female Scaup from Paul Stanley, Peregrine over Horseshoe Island, 4 Snipe, 2 Redshanks, 12+ Goldeneye, 2 Sparrowhawks, Raven, 2 Grey Herons..Dave Newcombe
2008-12-31 00:00:002 Snipe, plus 1 Goldeneye, 4 Long-tailed tits, 1 Song Thrush, 26 Lapwing, 65 Coot - all from the WLCA very, very foggy day.Richard, Frances and Ken Pittam


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