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2007 Sightings

Date of SightingSightingsCommentsName SuppliedRecord Created
04/01/20077 Pintail (3 Drakes 4 Female)were at Sheepwash. Black-necked Grebe at Paul Stanley. 3 Cackling Geese with Barnacle Geese at the Wildlife Centre. Also a few Lesser Redpoll in Paul Stanley wood along with a pair of Reed Bunting on the feeding station.Reported by other birders were G.N. Diver at the Sailing Club and a Peregrine which caught and then dropped a Moorhen at the Wildlife centre.Clive Ashton/Dave Newcombe04/01/2007
07/01/2007Highlights: W.Centre: Kingfisher, 38 Barnacle Geese, Kestrel, Redshank, 1 drake Goldeneye, Sheepwash: 3 Bullfinch, Lesser Redpoll, Goldcrest, 2 Goldeneye(1 male) Paul Stanley: Black-necked Grebe, 3 Goldeneye(1 male), Kestrel, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers (male and female), 3 Willow Tit, Coal Tit, 2 Reed Bunting, 3 Dunnock, Robina cold, damp day, with very little sunshine.Richard and Frances Pittam07/01/2007
07/01/20072 GNDiver (1 Millfields, 1 by Fishing hut/Horseshoe Island), 3500 Black headed Gulls inc a white one, 1 Yellow-legged Gull, less than 1000 Lesser Black Backs, Several Willow Tits at PS HIde along with Coal Tit and Great Spotted Woodpecker.The Willow Tits caused excitement amongst two friends from Cambridgeshire who hadn't seen them for years as they have long vanished from that county, with only the odd record occasionally now, but they have good numbers of Marsh Tits!Steph' Hicking08/01/2007
09/01/200745 species seen from the Wildlife Centre today during the Aren't birds brilliant! event. Kingfisher was seen several times dashing about but never settled out in the open. In contrast a peregrine that dashed across the reservoir scaring, in particular one timid moorhen, flew up and landed in full view at the top of a pylon. Soon after a couple of Buzzard were circling in the same area. Plenty of geese around in the afternoon. First a large flock of Canadas came in with a lone Greylag and tWeather was very poor at times but the rain did ease for spells.Matthew Capper (Aren't birds brilliant! project officer)09/01/2007
13/01/2007A mixed morning. 30 species from the Wildlife Centre - numbers of Canada Geese were high, with only 2 Barnacle Geese present (no Cackling geese). 10-15 Redwing at the back of the Centre, including approx. 12 Blackbirds. Millfields: 1 Goldeneye (drake) and 8 Great crested Grebe.Weather turned nasty around lunchtime. Sunday and Monday forecast to be good.Richard and Frances Pittam13/01/2007
14/01/20073 Cackling Geese with around 30 Barnacle Geese - Wildlife Centre 1 Redshank - Wildlife Centre 1 Little Owl - In a bush near the Plyon to the left of the Wildlife Centre 1 Kingfisher - Flew into Wildlife Centre CreekA very bright but cool daySam Pedley14/01/2007
14/01/2007Paul Stanley Hide 9:30 1 Blacknecked grebe in Brownale Bay 2 willow tits on the feeders 10 widgeon and teal Sheepwash hide 10:30 1 redshank a second seen at the wildlife centre 11:30 Sailing club area 13:00 1 oyster catcher 6 gadwall 3 pochard and many wigeon sheepwash Hide 14:30 30 tealvery sunny day but with moderate to strong cold windsCaroline and Julian Walters14/01/2007
15/01/20071 Oystercatcher on Watersports Island. 1 Shelduck near Watersports Island 1 Great Northern Diver between Millfields and Oldfield Lane close inshore. 4 Redshank. Gull Roost: 5000+ Black-headed Gulls 1400 Lesser Black-backed Gulls 2 immature Great Black-backed Gulls 18 Herring Gulls 2 Adult Yellow-legged Gulls 200 Common Gulls..Roger Carrington15/01/2007
15/01/2007Highlight of the day: c400 Pink-footed Geese flew high (SW)over Wildlife Centre at 10.40am. Wildlife Centre: 2 Redshank, 20 Pochard, 55 Wigeon, 8 Goldfinch, 55 Lapwing, 2 Pied Wagtail, 12 Redwing. Paul Stanley: Both male and female Great Spotted Woodpeckers, 2 Willow tits, 2 Coal Tits, 1 Redshank, 39 Teal, 1 goldeneye (female).A cold day, with some bright spells.Richard, Frances and Ken Pittam15/01/2007
16/01/200742 species seen from the Wildlife Centre today in generally dank and rainy weather. Best bird was Great Northern Diver which initially showed relatively close to the centre off from Watersports bay. It then moved off and was later seen over towards the dam on the main body of water. A shelduck was around early on, on the far bank from the wildlife centre. 5 snipe circled for a while but only one was seen on the ground and there was also just the one Redshank. The local Little Owl was aroundThe water level is now pretty high. Whilst we are still seeing all the wildfowl numbers one would expect, numbers are definitely down on pre-Christmas when there were large numbers out in front of the Wildlife Centre. Matthew Capper (Aren't birds brillaint! Project Officer)16/01/2007
17/01/2007Very few species located at around midday at or near the Wildlife Centre. Of note and seen from the Wildlife Centre - Redshank (2) and a single Greylag Goose with the Canada Geese.A Tittesworth Snippet: Sadly one of the two Barn Owls, seen regularly on and around the site for the last 18 months, died on the 11th January after being treated by the local vet for a broken wing. Ray and Margaret Perry17/01/2007
18/01/2007Jim Craw was filling the feeders on site this morning and refound the Black Necked Grebe, close in shore from Sheepwash Hide. The Great Northern Diver was still around yesterday (17th) but no reports so far today.As I write, over lunch time, Carsington looks more like the Atlantic than an inland Reservoir. Very windy with gusts probably up to 50/60 miles an hourMatthew Capper18/01/2007
19/01/2007A massive flock of Starlings flew across the water and on past Sheepwash at 0755hrs, rough estimate 10,000 birds. This has occurred several times over the past few months, does anyone know of a large roost just south of Carsington Water? 1 Black-necked Grebe 0815hrs from PSHide. 3 Reed Buntings on Sheepwash Car Park feeders. 1 Oystercatcher on Stones Island then Sheepwash Spit. I failed to locate any Great Northern Divers this morning..Roger Carrington19/01/2007
19/01/2007In response to the question of a large starling roost. In recent weeks, a flock of many thousands has regularly gathered in the evening NW / over kirk Ireton and the roost can be heard from the village and surrounding lanes..Neil Venables19/01/2007
22/01/2007a 1st winter Great Northern Diver nr Horseshoe Island (2nd Bird reported in Millfields Bay, plus Black-necked Grebe reported in the top of Hopton arm). 2000+ Lesser Black Backs roosted with 4500 Black headed Gulls. 250+ Common Gulls. 3+ Goldeneye(Sheepwash). 2 Oystercatchers (Sheepwash), 1 Redshank (Sheepwash), 32 Barnacle Geese, 3 Cackling Geese (WLC).Big Gull numbers seem to have gone up again slightly, but couldn't find anything unusual. If you want to see white-winged Gulls, Ogston Reservoir is the place to be with 3 Icelands and a Glaucous roosting over the weekend (these can get on Erin tip near Poolsbrook Country park (east of Chesterfield) and visit the lake at the Country Park occasionally where they can give excellent views)), however we caught up today with one 1st winter Iceland at the old Markham Pit site in a group of several Steph' Hicking22/01/2007
23/01/200745 species seen from the Wildlife Centre today including the usual suspects - little owl, redshank, 3 snipe 30 Barnacle Geese, 3 Cackling Geese. A male bullfinch gave excellent views on the feeders and a Peregrine put all the wildfowl up as it cruised through at about 12.30pm. The Black Necked Grebe was by the far opposite bank from Paul Stanley Hide and one of the Great Northern Divers was down at that end today also. Both divers are still around - the Bird Club's monthly WeBs count picked uLovely sunny day, cold, crisp and clear. And with all those birds and a centrally heated hide, what more are you waiting for...?Matthew Capper23/01/2007
25/01/2007This afternoon: 1 Great Northern Diver at Millfields, 1 Great Northern Diver near Watersports Island, 1 Black-necked Grebe at PSHide, 1 Kingfisher at PSHide, Single Redshanks at: Millfields Is, Stones Is, Sheepwash and PSHide. Gull Roost: 70 Herring Gull, 30 Great Black-backed Gulls, LBBG+BHG+CommonG's were spread over the whole water and impossible to count.Many thanks for the Starling information from Neil. Earlier this week I made an early morning visit to the village and heard them, then watched them leaving at dawn.Roger Carrington25/01/2007
26/01/2007To add to Roger's details.. 43 species from the Wildlife Centre today including a Redshank to add to Roger's total and 6 snipe. A Shelduck flew across late on - about 4pm. The Diver near the Watersports Island was showing very well on very still calm water. 3 Lesser Redpoll were in the Alders near the Wildlife Centre early morning and 2 Little Owls were making the most of the sun for much of the day. A fox was also seen nea to where the owls were perching..Matthew Capper26/01/2007
26/01/2007Many thousands of Starlings coming in to roost at Kirk Ireton.Virtually impossible to count but surely we are talking about 100,000 plus!Many thanks for the information about the Starlings. Standing on Moor Lane about 100yds North of Gorsey Lane we had great views from 16:15 to 17:00. Thousands of birds dropped into the trees just 15 yds away from us and as the flocks wheeled overhead we could hear the whoosh. Looking over the fields we could see flocks of Starlings all around the horizon. When one lot of trees was full they would start landing in some more.The noise of the Starlings chattering when roosted was really loud. IncreMick, Bec Sharp & Les26/01/2007
26/01/2007GN Diver again near watersports and Black Necked Grebe again from Paul Stanley..Matthew Capper26/01/2007
27/01/2007Adult Mediterranean Gull in roost from Stones Is thie evening. 2 Great Northern Divers, 1 off Stones Is, 1 at Millfields. 1 Black-necked Grebe from PSHide. 6 Shoveler off Stones Is early am. 1 Oystercatcher on Millfields Is. 1 Greylag and 3 Barnacle with Canada Geese at Wildlife Centre..Roger Carrington27/01/2007
27/01/2007Went to view the Starlings at Kirk Ireton tonight,tens of thousands of birds, many of which seemed to drop down S/W of Moor Lane, possibly in the area of Blackwall Plantation? A spectacle well worth seeing.Many thanks for the information provided..Clive Ashton27/01/2007
28/01/20071 Great Northern Diver still in Millfields area. Good Numbers Redwing in Tail Bay area. 1+ Willow Tits by Millfields Car park. Went for the Kirk Ireton Starling roost, amazing sight, will leave the counting to those better equiped, but tens of thousands present.PLEASE NOTE THE LANES AROUND KIRK IRETON ARE VERY NARROW SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN PARKING, may be park in village somewhere and walk? Best views seem to be had from the area previously mentioned, about 100yards north along Moor Lane from the junction of Gorsey Lane, near a metal gate on the left looking out over the fields (roughly SK265 503). Here you see the full swirling displays as the birds gather from just after 4pm.Paul and Steph' Hicking28/01/2007
30/01/2007A relatively quiet day today with 33 species recorded from the Wildlife Centre. Certainly not as many wildfowl sat out in front of the Centre. The diver was reported off Stones Island and the Black Necked Grebe was still showing at Paul Stanley Hide. Geese Included Canada, Cackling, Greylag and Barnacle and a Lesser Redpoll gave very good views near the feeders. Once the Aren't birds brilliant! event had finished I sneaked off with one of the volunteers to Kirk Ireton for the Starling rTalking to the locals, it seems the roost isn't new - they have congregated in the area before but not always in the same place nor every year. Well worth a visit - but please do park sensibly and respect the rights of the local residents.Matthew Capper30/01/2007
01/02/2007A quiet day was transformed by the spectacular hunting display given by a Peregrine from Sheepwash hide.The bird was first spotted high above a nervous Lapwing flock,it then made a couple of dives into the flock and managed to take one,which it then dropped onto the water.The Lapwing managed to struggle out of the water and headed for the spit, but the Peregrine came sweeping down and hit it again before appearing to go down with it on the end of the spit.Moments later,mobbed by gulls, the PeregNot sure what became of the unfortunate/fortunate Lapwing!CLIVE ASHTON01/02/2007
02/02/2007A pleasant site visit. Sunny. Viewed only from Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre (WC). 30 species counted. Of note: Barnacle Goose (19), Gadwall (pair), Kestrel (male), Lapwing (about 250), Redshank (2). Other people's observations for today taken from the WC logbook: Black-necked Grebe (1), Goldeneye (3), Reed Bunting (3 pairs), Jay (1), Willow Tit (2), Bullfinch (20 - from two locations). A Tittesworth Snippet: Finds for the last week include - Pink-footed Goose (1), Snipe (20), Stonechat (male), Siskin (30+), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4), Tawny Owl (1), Long-tailed Tit (12) and Mute Swan (6 immature birds). The Mute Swan is exceedingly uncommon at Tittesworth. Some good news. The Lesser Scaup found on 1st July 2006 has been accepted by the BBRC - a first for the site and only the second recorded for Staffordshire.Ray and Margaret Perry02/02/2007
03/02/2007Lunchtime to Dusk. 9 Common Buzzards on thermals at same time from PSHide. 2 Sparrow Hawk and 2 Raven over Hall Wood. 4 Reed Bunting at Lane End feeders. 4 Shelduck off Lane End. 7 Pintail [4 males] from Millfields. 3 Redshank at Wildlife Centre. 1 Great Northern Diver towards Fishtail. 1 Black-necked Grebe from PSHide. At dusk from Sheepwash Hide, Starling numbers were counted in flocks going south, then again distantly when a Sparrow Hawk attacked the main swarm of starlings in the skAnyone visiting the starling roost please do not enter private land, please park very carefully, the lanes are narrow, and respect residents privacy.Roger Carrington03/02/2007
03/02/2007black necked grebe,cackling geese, tufted ducks, heron, pochard, coots, great crested grebe, little grebe, robin, blackbird, jackdaw, starling, bullfinch, blue tit, great tit, reed bunting, dunnocks, tree sparrows, buzzards,swan, barnacle geese, canada geese, black headed gulls, chaffinches.Carolyn03/02/2007
03/02/2007Brilliant starling roost last night and tonight near Scotland Nurseries at Tansley. Best views from road from the top of 'The Slack' across to Tansley Moor near to Nursery..John Winnard03/02/2007
03/02/2007Highlights from a gloriously sunny day. Millfields: 4 Goosander (2M, 2F), 1 G.N.diver, 3 nuthatch, 1 Treecreeper, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Bullfinch, 1 Redshank, 1 Song Thrush, 8 Redwing, 1 G.S Woodpecker. Paul Stanley: 1 black-necked Grebe, 3 willow tit, 2 Long-tailed tit, 1 Coal Tit, 6 Goldcrest..Richard and Frances Pittam03/02/2007
04/02/2007Sightings included the following:-1 Redshank,5 Snipe,1 Goldeneye,Numerous Black Headed Gull, Teal, Wigeon, Lapwing, Crow, Coot, Moorhen, Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Black Necked Grebe, Herring Gull, Pintail, Tufted Duck, Shoveler, Cormorant, GS Woodpecker, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Robin, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Tree Sparrow, Wren, BlackbirdAll the sightings were from Sheepwash Hide and Paul Stanley Hide. Good quality hides and good birdwatching had from here.I pass Carsington daily. I think I might join the bird club soon.Thanks DeanDean Powell04/02/2007
05/02/2007The Great Northern Diver was showing well between Watersports and Wildlife Centre first thing. The Little Owl was in the usual spot at lunch time and a couple of Oystercatchers were in a field near Shiningford Bend. Dave Newcombe had a harrier through north this morning. Unfortunatley it was flying against the sun in silhouette so a positive id wasn't possible but a probable Marsh. Dave had lots of other raptor activity with Buzzard and Sparrowhawk showing well and a couple of Raven ove.Matthew Capper05/02/2007
06/02/2007Sunday 5 feb 2007, 4:30pm. The starlings at Kirk Ireton are amazing there must be 999,999 birds not quite a million because I saw a sparrow hawk take one right in front of me. Sent a mate today who also thought there must be a million. Hope to go again at the weekend. Does anyone have any idea this event will carry on?.DALE LEES06/02/2007
07/02/2007Female Blackcap visited my bird table on and off for about 20 minutes from approx 8.30am. I live along Windmill Lane, Ashbourne..Simon Truscott07/02/2007
07/02/2007The Kirk Ireton Starlings at their best about 5pm. To view the full splendour get back a bit. It was spectacular from the top Hulland/Callow(Blind Lane) road to see the gathering with a bemused Buzzard with them but then go down into Kirk Ireton and drive up out towards Callow and up the hill just past the farm/stables with guard dog warning and park. Then look back at close quarters at the display. As for counting I think it is hard to say beacuse so many go down into so many stands of trees..Peter Gibbon07/02/2007
07/02/2007Best guesses at Starlings tonight seemed to range around the 30-50,000 mark, but as Peter Gibbon says its really difficult to count birds as they are spread out over at least four actual roost centres, over at least a square mile, usually in the thick Holly hedges. Several Sparrowhawks were also seen tonight including a bird which dropped a Starling which almost hit myself and several other observers near the village! .Steph' Hicking07/02/2007
11/02/20070800 to 1130hrs: 1 Black-necked Grebe from PSHide then out of sight probably in Hopton Arm. 1 GNDiver off Stones Island, 1 GND at Millfields. 4 Skylarks flew over the dam wall. 5 Oystercatchers were around Stones Island and WLC areas. 2 Buzzards and 1 Raven over Hall Wood..Roger Carrington11/02/2007
12/02/20072 G N Divers from Lane End Hide,at 1450, one fairly close, one distant. Black-necked grebe from P.S.Hide..Alan Lewin12/02/2007
13/02/20073 Bullfinch-Sheepwash Wood 1 Grey Wagtail-Sheepwash Hide 1 Treecreeper-Sheepwash Wood 1 Black-Necked Grebe-Paul Stanley Hide 1 Reed Bunting-Paul Stanley Feeders 1 Willow Tit-Paul Stanley Feeders.Samn Pedley13/02/2007
14/02/2007Kirk Ireton starlings still there, no idea how many couldn't think of estimating numbers, but lots. 4.40 to 5.50, most spectacular about 5.20 to 5.40.Watched from crossroads on carsington water side, then walked into village at 5.45 as last were going down, it sounded like rain as their wings flapped to come into the trees. Well worth a visit but do park and stop sensibly.D Eberlin14/02/2007
14/02/2007Kirk Ireton starlings were a little down compared to last night apparantly, but still estimated to be over 30,000 birds! These attracted a Peregrine tonight, and a slightly confused looking Buzzard which was thought to have taken a Starling in flight!As before Please park sensibly if visitingSteph' Hicking14/02/2007
18/02/20071 Shoveler-Wildlife Centre 1 Grey Heron-Horseshoe Island 1 Kestrel-Flew over Horseshoe Island 1 Reed Bunting-Wildlife Centre Feeders 2 Oystercather-Wildlife Centre 3 Cackling Canada Goose-With Barnacle Geese behind Wildlife Centre 1 Pheasant-Visitor Centre Car Park 3 Bullfinch-Sheepwash Car Park Feeders 1 Tawny Owl-In big Ivy covered tree near Paul Stanley Hide 1 Great Northern Diver-Sheepwash Hide.Sam Pedley18/02/2007
18/02/2007What a day on Saturday!! Dragged a couple of new to birding friends down from Sheffield and we did the birdhide tour! An astonishing 53 species! Without any Raptors! Paul Stanley first, quiet on the water but then their first GS Woodpecker and Reed Buntings at the feeders. Then Sheepwash Hide and Golden Eye, Teal, Pochard, Redshank, Oyster Catcher etc and a distant GN Diver. Sheepwash Car Park feeder, Bullfinchs a plenty and Reed Buntings. Millfields Hide: Quiet to begin with..then a veAny a chance of a fee from the RSPB sales team for this post?!! 🙂 what a fabulous day!! Thanks to all submitters on here and to the many regulars I meet in the hides every week for tipping me off on locations etc.Tony18/02/2007
18/02/2007Black SwanSeen feeding at the top end of the reservoir where conservation work seems to be taking place. Obviously an escapee but not seen mentioned in the bird club sightings. Photographs available to email if required.Andy Gregory and Janet Smith18/02/2007
19/02/2007CORRECTION: Before there is a stampede to Millfields! It was at Lane End Hide and feeder, where the GN Diver and Willow Tits were as discussed in my earlier post from Saturday. Sorry!.Tony19/02/2007
19/02/20072 GN Divers still on the Reservoir today, both seen from the WLC together, during the ABB/STW and Radio Derby nest box event, 1 drake Shoveler, 3+ Oystercatchers, 4+ Snipe where amongst the other highlights seen by the CBC and RSPB volunteers from the WLC. The Kirk Ireton Starlings seem to me to be dropping slightly in numbers, but are still putting on a good acrobatic display from around 4.45pmOf interest, during the Nest Box event two of our sites nest boxes were on display in the Education Centre, containing a Nuthatch and a Tree Sparrow nest respectively. On retreiving these and cleaning them to return them to their trees for the coming breeding season we discovered a Wood Mouse had been hiding in the Tree Sparrow nest all day...Steph' Hicking19/02/2007
19/02/2007Adult Mediterranean Gull this afternoon from Sheepwash hide,also Great Northern Diver seen at Sheepwash and Wildlife Centre..Clive Ashton19/02/2007
19/02/2007Stones Island: 4 Bullfinches (2M, 2F). Wildlife Centre: 6 Oystercatchers plus 2-300 Lapwing giving good displays against the winter sun. Also 2 Redshank. Paul Stanley: 1 Snipe, 1 Pied Wagtail, 1 Willow Tit .Richard Pittam19/02/2007
19/02/2007From the Wildlife Centre: 48 Barnacle Geese. 3 Cackling (small race) Canada Geese.Richard Pittam19/02/2007
20/02/2007WeBS count for Sunday 18th February was as follows: 2 Great Northern Divers, 77 Little Grebe, 50 Great Crested Grebe, 21 Cormorant, 1 Grey Heron, 8 Mute Swan, 201 Canada Geese, 33 Barnacle Geese, 106 Wigeon, 3 Gadwall, 21 Teal, 94 Mallard, 1 Shoveler, 13 Pochard, 68 Moorhen, 486 Coot, 6 Oystercatcher, 227 Lapwing, 4 Snipe, 2 Redhank.The numbers have dropped dramatically for duck species and Coot compared with last year's February count but that was a week earlier and considering the mild weather it was no real surprise.Peter Gibbon and John Bradley20/02/2007
20/02/2007WeBS count for Sunday 18th February was as follows: 2 Great Northern Divers, 77 Little Grebe, 50 Great Crested Grebe, 21 Cormorant, 1 Grey Heron, 8 Mute Swan, 201 Canada Geese, 33 Barnacle Geese, 106 Wigeon, 3 Gadwall, 21 Teal, 94 Mallard, 1 Shoveler, 13 Pochard, 68 Moorhen, 486 Coot, 6 Oystercatcher, 227 Lapwing, 4 Snipe, 2 Redhank. The numbers have dropped dramatically for duck species and Coot compared with 2006 February count but that was a week earlier and considering the mild weather it was no real surprise.Peter Gibbon and John Bradley20/02/2007
23/02/2007Adult Mediterranean Gull, 4 Curlew,4 Snipe,2 Great Northern Divers,3 Cackling Geese and several Oystercatchers and Redshank all seen from the Wildlife Centre. Wildfowl numbers much reduced, 6 Goldeneye, c30 Wigeon, c10 Teal, 4 Gadwall, 2 Pochard from various areas. Quite a few Reed Buntings around with several singing in the Paul Stanley area. Also c100 Redwing were around Shiningford Farm..Clive Ashton23/02/2007
28/02/200745 species seen Highlights Wildlife center 10.005 Oystercatchers, Redshank, 21 Wigeon, 2 Snipe, Many Lapwing, Kestrel, 25 Gadwall Lane End Feeders 10:45 Male bullfinch, Goldcrest, 30 Tree SparrowsSheepwashRedshank, 12 Goldeneye Paul Stanley 11:45 Redshank, 10 Goldeneye, 2 Herring Gull, Willow Tit, Great Spotted WoodpeckerReported Black necked Grebe, Kingfisher Wildlife Center 12:30 Poss Little Owl, 25 Collared DoveA notable absence of Barnacle Geese and Gulls (Max 25)Oliver Simms28/02/2007
28/02/2007At least 45 species seen Highlights Wildlife center 10.005 Oystercatchers, Redshank, 21 Wigeon, 2 Snipe, Many Lapwing, Kestrel, 25 Gadwall Lane End Feeders 10:45 Male bullfinch, Goldcrest, 30 Tree SparrowsSheepwashRedshank, 12 Goldeneye Paul Stanley 11:45 Redshank, 10 Goldeneye, 2 Herring Gull, Willow Tit, Great Spotted WoodpeckerReported Black necked Grebe, Kingfisher Wildlife Center 12:30 Poss Little Owl, 25 Collared Dove.Oliver Simms28/02/2007
01/03/2007Two Great Northern Divers seen from Sheepwash car park at 12:30, then flew up to dam at 14:30..David Goodwin01/03/2007
01/03/20072 Great Northern Divers seen today,one at Millfields the other at Sheepwash.The Diver at Sheepwash was heard to call on one occassion it was also noted feeding on what appeared to be some kind of molluscs? Curlew were noted throughout the day arond the reservoir, with a maximum count of 51 at the Wildlife Centre at 17:00Hr. Numerous Geese at the Wildlife Centre, including c40 Barnacle,3 Cackling and 1 Greylag. Also of note were 1 Male Shoveler,a male Sparrowhawk,8 Oystercatcher and 9 Goldeney.Clive Ashton01/03/2007
03/03/20073 Shovelers-2 males and 1 female from Wildlife Centre 3 Cackling Canada Geese-Horseshoe Island and then flew into a field 3+Redshanks-Wildlife Centre 2 Oystercatchers-Wildlife Centre 1 Falcon sp-Flew over the Horsehoe Island very High.Sam Pedley03/03/2007
03/03/2007No message...and the Kirk Ireton starlings appear to have now gone. Over the past week the numbers have dwindled and today there were virtually none - just the resident small population.Neil Venables03/03/2007
03/03/2007Millfields (0815h): 2 Bullfinch, 3 Great Tit, 2 Nuthatch, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker (heard), 1 Pied Wagtail, 1 Great Northern Diver, 2 Dunnock, 1 Song Thrush, 2 Oystercatcher. Stones Island (0915h): 35 Barnacle Geese, 9 Curlew, 3 Cackling Geese, 55 Canada Geese, 3 Redshank, 2 dunnock, 3 Robin, 1 Redwing, 2 Song Thrush, 4 Great Crested Grebe. Wildlife Centre (1030h): 35 Lapwing, 3 Redshank, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Little Owl, 65 Canada Geese, 12 Moorhen, 1 Dunnock, 3 wigeon, 6 Snipe, 1 OysBeautiful bright day with lots of birds.Richard and Frances Pittam03/03/2007
03/03/2007Sheepwash Hide: 27 Curlew, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Curlew Sandpiper,Goldeneye,Wigeon,Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe,Tufted Duck and Tawney Owl (seen in woodland along path from Sheepwash Hide. Paul Stanley Hide: Finally saw the Great Northern Diver and watched this for an hour. Saw numerous Balck Headed and Lesser Black Backed Gulls and 17+ Cormorants..Dean Powell05/03/2007
08/03/2007Very quiet on site today. 32 species counted around midday. OF NOTE - Wigeon (4), Gadwall (1), Oystercatcher (4), Curlew (1), Redshank (2), Reed Bunting (2 males), CHIFFCHAFF (1) - singing on Stones Island - First reported in the logbook on the 3rd. Two Moorhens fought a vicious battle for 10 minutes by the water's edge in front of the Wildlife Centre. In addition 10 Coots were in continuous skirmishes in the same area but were less severe fights than those of the Moorhens. Catkins and PusA Tittesworth Water Snippet: The first Chiffchaff of 2007 was found on the 25th February. Curlew numbers have been building up since mid-February and have now reached 140. Wigeon, Pochard, Goldeneye and Goosander are still present in reasonable numbers. Shelduck and Shoveler have been seen quite recently. Winter thrushes are still present with their combined total close to 200. About 20 Snipe are seen most days.Ray and Margaret Perry08/03/2007
09/03/2007A nice surprise this morning on Stones Island were 24 Bewick`s Swans. Also present was a singing Chiffchaff. C30 Curlew around Sheepwash, and a Black Tailed Godwit on Horseshoe Island. The Bewick`s were eventually flushed by boats at around 10:20 and spent the next half hour circling the reservoir, gaining height, and were last seen heading South at 10:50.Clive Ashton09/03/2007
10/03/2007A bright, sunny day today. Highlights - Millfields: Great Northern Diver (plumage is beginning to change), Nuthatch, Coal Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, GS Woodpecker, Goldeneye (2), Little Grebe, Wren, Goldcrest, 12 Great Crested Grebe together. Stones Island: Barnacle Goose, Redshank, Oystercatcher (2) Wildlife Centre: Willow tit, Lapwing, Barnacle Geeese (25), Cackling Goose (1), Gadwall (2), Snipe (2), Great Crested Grebe(2), Wigeon (3), Teal (2). Sheepwash: Curlew (1), Goldeney.Richard and Frances Pittam10/03/2007
12/03/2007Millfields: Treecreeper(1),Nuthatch(2),Coal Tit(2),Willow Tit(2),Bullfinch(2), Song Thrush(2),Wren,Chiffchaff(1), Pheasant, Goldfinch(3), Dunnock, Canada Geese(20),Mute Swan(2). Wildlife Centre - A quiet day at the Wildlife Centre - for obvious reasons. Redshank(3),Cackling Goose,Barnacle Geese(12),Greenfinch(4),Reed Bunting(2),Oystercatcher(2),Tree Sparrow(2),Snipe(2),Canada Geese(70),Wigeon(4),Chaffinch(8),Wren,Collared dove(1),Long-tailed Tit(2). Paul Stanley Greylag Goose(1),Tawny OA good day out considering the recent disturbances at the reservoir - 54 species recorded today.Richard and FRances Pittam12/03/2007
13/03/20074 Little Gulls (at 1pm), Chiffchaff and Willow warbler reported on the Birdnet pager system today..Steph Hicking13/03/2007
16/03/2007Just returned from a walk around the reservior, and have seen my first Sand Martin (16:00 hrs 16/3/07) over the water on the dam, by the sailing club.Is this a first for 2007?David Naylor16/03/2007
17/03/2007Millfields: 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Nuthatch, 8 Long tailed Tit, 4 Little Grebe, 14 Great Crested Grebe (together). Wildlife Centre: 32 Barnacle Geese, 1 Cackling Goose, 8 Snipe, 3 Redshank, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Oystercatcher Paul Stanley: 1 Snipe, 1 Pied Wagtail, 2 Willow Tit, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker (M), 2 Reed Bunting, 1 Chiffchaff. Not a bad afternoon - lots of singing Chiffchaffs - roll on Spring!Richard and Frances Pittam17/03/2007
20/03/2007The March WeBS count : 1 Great Northern Diver 31 Little Grebe 29 Great Crested Grebe 20 Cormorant 11 Mute Swan 1 Greylag Goose 159 Canada Goose 34 Barnacle Goose 92 Wigeon 3 Gadwall 1 Teal 62 Mallard 236 Tufted Duck 12 Goldeneye 39 Moorhen 215 Coot 10 Oystercatcher 13 Lapwing 9 Snipe 18 Curlew 6 RedshankA very cold day with strong winds blowing in regular showers of hail,sleet and snow.Peter Gibbon and John Bradley20/03/2007
21/03/200740 species seen from the Wildlife Centre today. Nothing startling but 21 Curlew early on, both Bullfinch and Reed Bunting on the feeders, cackling geese still in with the Barnacles and several snipe, redshank and oystercatchers.A day of good visibility with some sunny spells but extremely cold and windy.Matthew Capper21/03/2007
21/03/2007Fairly quiet on site today. Sunny but cold. 33 species seen around midday. Main viewing points: Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre. OF NOTE: Two male Mute Swans engaged in battle on the water close to the Water Sports Centre. Barnacle Goose (32), Gadwall (4), Oystercatcher (2), Lapwing - just a handful, Redshank (2), Chiffchaff (3) - Stones Island. Lesser Celandine is in flower by the Wildlife Centre pond.Extracted from the logbook: 20th March: Merlin (one female). 19th March: Great Northern Diver (1), Snipe (9), Peregrine (1). Ray and Margaret Perry21/03/2007
24/03/200730+Whooper Swans flew over the Visitors Centre Mid Morning 1 Little Owl on a post near the Pylon from the Wildlife Centre 1 Gadwall from the Wildlife Centre 4 Redshanks from the Wildlife Centre 1 Cackling Goose in a field near the Main Car Park.Sam Pedley24/03/2007
26/03/2007Millfields: 2 Bullfinch, 4 Wren, 8 Dunnock, 4 Pied Wagtail, 2 Goldfinch, 1 Coal Tit, 2 Long-tailed Tit, 2 Song Thrush, 2 Nuthatch, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker(h/o), 1 Oystercatcher, 10 Barnacle Geese. Stones Island: 22 Barnacle Geese, 2 Redshank, 3 Redwing, 43 Wigeon, 12 Goldfinch, 32 Whooper Swans (flying north over Visitor Centre @ 10.15am). Wildlife Centre: 2 Long-tailed tit, 22 Barnacle Geese, 2 Cackling Geese, 1 Reed Bunting, 1 Gadwall. Paul Stanley: 1 Tawny Owl, 2Highlights from a cold day:Richard and Frances Pittam26/03/2007
28/03/2007A beautiful spring day at Carsington for the usual Tuesday Aren't birds brilliant! event. Plenty of Chiffchaffs singing but no sign of a hoped for Sand Martin. A Great Northern Diver spent prolongued periods in front of the Wildlife Centre giving excellent views as it at times slept or preened near the tern rafts. And, there are definitely two birds still present on site with sightings of both at different parts of the reservoir. Bullfinches are very easy to see at the moment and both male .Matthew Capper28/03/2007
28/03/200744 species seen today including Sheepwash 9:00 Great Northern Diver moving away towards the dam about 30 widgeon, 1 chiffchaff, 2 song thrush, pochard 2 Jays flew over Paul Stanley 10:30 Oyster catcher, 2 reed buntings, 1 great spotted wood pecker, red shank WildLife Centre 13:00 small numbers of lapwing, 5 snipe, 2 oyster catchers, 2 gadwall, 5 red shank, reed buntings Stones island 15:00 Great Northern Diver moving towards millfields this time 6 pied wagtail Sunny warm day very calmJulian and Frank Walters28/03/2007
28/03/2007On site around midday. Sunny and warm. No wind. Main points of observation: Stones Island, the Wildlife Centre (WC) and around WC Creek. 37 species of bird identified. Of Note: Cackling Goose (1), Barnacle Goose (41), Wigeon (2), Snipe (2), Redshank (2), Redwing (1) - foraging for food under a hedge close to the footpath near the WC, totally oblivious of passing walkers only 5 feet away; Song Thrush (2), Chiffchaff (3), Bullfinch (one male) and Reed Bunting (2 males).A Peacock butterfly was found on Stones Island. There are lots of Catkins and Pussy Willow to be found, some of the Pussy Willow laden with pollen, some of it adhering to foraging bees. There are now many more flowering Coltsfoot and Lesser Celandine plants to be found. A large patch of Golden Saxifrage was found in woodland by the WC Creek.Ray and Margaret Perry28/03/2007
29/03/2007A cold day- so it was ironic that the first Swallows should show up. Myself and Dave Newcombe saw one on Stones Island and 4 more towards Lane End (from Sheepwash). We also saw 2 Great Northern Divers from Sheepwash. Other sightings of note:9 Goldeneye,at least 5 Buzzard,2 Raven and 10 Reed Buntings.Dave has now reported several Sand Martins from the Wildlife Centre. Jim Craw has also reported 10 Swallows from Lane End.Clive Ashton29/03/2007
01/04/2007Sunny, but cold day. Millfields: 4 Nuthatch, 2 Chiffchaff (singing) Wildlife Centre: Great Northern Diver, 10 Wigeon, 7 Snipe, 3 Redshank, 22 Barnacle Geese, 15 Lapwing, 1 Little Owl, 2 Great Crested Grebe. Paul Stanley: Great Northern Diver, Pied Wagtail, Reed Bunting, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Willow Tit, Treecreeper, Tawny Owl, Coal Tit. Sheepwash Car Park: 5 Bullfinch (2 male, 3 female), Reed Bunting. Cold in the wind, warm in the sun.Richard and Frances Pittam01/04/2007
03/04/2007Male Blackcap singing in bushes at Millfields end of the Dam Wall this morning, and still no willow warblers! 12 Swallows perched on a small tree on Stones Island, 25 Sand Martins around Stones Island..Roger Carrington03/04/2007
04/04/20074 Wigeons-3 Males and 1 Female from the Wildlife Centre 2 Ravens-Flew over the Wildlife Centre 1 Little Owl-On a fence post near the pylon from the Wildlife Centre 4 Redshanks-On Horseshoe Island 1 Reed Bunting-On the Wildlife Centre Feeders 1 Oystercatcher-On Horseshoe Island 1 Cackling Canada Goose-With Barnacle Geese in a field to the left of the Wildlife Centre 4 Buzzards-Circling over the Vistor Centre Car Park calling 2 Swallows-Flying around the Visitor Centre 1 Chiffchaff-In a t.Sam Pedley04/04/2007
06/04/2007Millfields: 4 Nuthatch, 2 Coal Tit, 1 Marsh Tit, 2 Chiffchaff, female Goosander, 2 Redshank (mating), 2 Oystercatchers, 6 Long-tailed tits, 2 Raven, 1 buzzard. Wildlife Centre: 2 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 3 Snipe, 2 Bullfinch, 2 Wigeon, 12 Tree sparrows, Chiffchaff. Paul Stanley: Tawny Owl, 2 Oystercatchers (mating), 2 Coal Tits, 2 Reed Buntings, Chiffchaff..Richard and Frances Pittam06/04/2007
07/04/20071 Little Ringed Plover-On Horseshoe Island 6 Reed Buntings-2 males on the Wildlife Centre Feeders and 2 males and 2 females on Stones Island 1 Chiffchaff-Near the Wildlife Centre 1 Snipe-From the Wildlife Centre.Sam Pedley07/04/2007
08/04/20071 Great Northern Diver still present in centre of reservoir. Plenty (c.10) of Chiffchaffs singing between Millfields and Oldfield Lane. 1 Blackcap singing in same area, 15+ Lesser Black Backs flying through at c.1.30pm. Goldcrest singing (stone shelter) Nuthatch on territory in usual areas. Several Brimstone Butterflies Millfields-Oldfield Lane. Very brief vsitSteph' and Paul Hicking08/04/2007
08/04/2007Was out sailing on the lake from the visitor centre. Great Northern Diver still in the lake. I saw it just past the small island offshore from the watersports centre, still in winter plumage with white throat..Graham Taylor08/04/2007
08/04/2007highlights from this morning - Millfields: 4 nuthatch, 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Robin, 2 Song Thrush, 1 Coal Tit, 5 Blue tit, 2 Great tit, 1 Wren, 2 Blackbird. Dam: 2 Barnacle geese, 2 Cackling Geese. Stones Island: 1 Little Ringed Plover (in front of sailing club), 3 Redshank, 1 Oystercatcher, 1 Chiffchaff, 3 Barnacle Geese, 2 Bullfinch, 2 song Thrush, 3 Goldeneye (2 male, 1 female - one of the males was displaying). Wildlife Centre: 1 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank, 2 Chiffchaff.There were apparently 5 Little Ringed Plovers reported today ( 2 at WLC, 3 in front of Sailing Club).Richard and Frances Pittam08/04/2007
10/04/20071 Great Northern Diver off Stones Island early morning. 1 Willow Warbler at Wildlife Centre. 3 Willow Warbler at Millfields. 2 Blackcaps singing on Stones Island. 2 Little-ringed Plover at Wildlife Centre. 30+ Sand Martin and 20 Swallows through this morning..Roger Carrington10/04/2007
12/04/200741 species today plus seagulls Paul Stanley hide Two Oystercatchers only 15ft from the hide Grey Herron,Chiffchaffs, 2 Jays Stones island Black Cap,2 Cackling Geese, 4 Barnacle Geese, Willow Warbler, Greenfinch, long tailed tits, tree sparrows Wildlife Centre 3 Gadwall, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Bulfinches on the feeder 2 redshankWarm sunny day with plenty of people aboutJulian and Caroline Walters12/04/2007
12/04/20072 Chifchaffs-Behind Sheepwash Hide 1 Pheasant-Male In between Sheepwash & Paul Stanley Hides 1 Shelduck-Behind Sheepwash Spit 1 Great Northern Diver-Sheepwash Hide 1 Jay-Behind Paul Stanley Hide 4 Reed Bunting-3 males and 1 female on Paul Stanley Hide feeders 2 Willow Tits-In between Sheepwash and Pual Satanley Hide.Sam Pedley12/04/2007
14/04/20072 Little Gulls 1 Shelduck 1 Blackcap 3 Willow Warblers 2 Little Ringed Plover 1 Dunlin 1 Common Sandpiper 13 Bullfinches 2 Cackling Geese 1 Reed Bunting 1 Great Nortern Diver.Oliver Simms14/04/2007
14/04/2007Millfields: 2 Nuthatch, 3 Willow Warblers, 2 Chiffchaff, 1 Blackcap (male), 2 Long-tailed tits, 8 Blue Tits, 2 Coal Tits, 4 Great Tits, 12 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Oystercatcher, 1 Song Thrush. Wildlife Centre 1 Little Ringed Plover, 12 Lapwing, 3 Redshank, 1 Willow Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff. There are good views of the Palmate Newts and Common Frogs in the Wildlife Pond at the moment.Richard and Frances Pittam14/04/2007
15/04/20071 Great Northern Diver (Lane Ends) 1 Common Scoter (Drake) (Brick Tower), Plenty of Chiffchaff between Sheepwash CPk and Shiningford Creek. 2 Willow Warblers in same area as well as several Blackcaps singing. 14 Barnacle Geese, 2 Cackling Geese, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Reed Bunting, Tree Sparrow, Blue and Great Tits etc all showing well at the Lane Ends feeding station. .Steph' & Paul Hicking15/04/2007
17/04/20076 Black Tailed Godwits at Wildlife Centre.Richard & Frances Pittam17/04/2007
18/04/2007Highlights included, Common Scoter 1 drake, Yellow Wagtail 1, Dunlin 2, Swallow 3, Sand Martin 1. Great Northern Diver also seen. The first walk of the CBC summer program saw us see some excellent birds in a short walk around Stones and the WLC.Steph' Hicking18/04/2007
19/04/20071 Arctic Tern, 1 Yellow Wagtail, 1 Common Swift, Sand Martins, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, Willow Warbler, Great Northern Diver, 2 Redshank, 1 Oystercatcher, Barnacle Geese, 2 Cackling Geese.All seen from Stones Island between 18:15 and 19:40 pm.Leo Galante19/04/2007
19/04/20071 House martin-Stones1 LRP @ WLC2 Dunlin -StonesIn addition to Leo' sightingsGeoff Barter19/04/2007
19/04/20071 G N Diver from Stones Island. 5 Turnstones on Sailing Club Is from Stones Is at 7pm. 1 Common Sandpiper on Watersports Is. 2 Curlew on Stones Is. 1 Lesser Whitethroat in Shiningford Creek. 1 at Sheepwash CP. 1 Yellow Wagtail on Stones Is. Many Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Blackcap singing..Roger Carrington19/04/2007
21/04/2007Stones Island: 2 Oystercatcher, 13 Barnacle Geese, 2 Cackling Geese, 1 Common Sandpiper, 4 Pied Wagtails. Wildlife Centre: 1 Little Ringed Plover, 3 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Lesser Whitethroat (heard only).A very hazy day today.Richard and Frances Pittam21/04/2007
23/04/20072 Sandwich Terns reported on the Birdnet pager from Paul Stanley Hide at 12pm.Steph' Hicking23/04/2007
28/04/2007Stones Island:7 Barnacle Geese, 1 Common Sandpiper, 2 Oystercatcher. Wildlife Centre:15 Swift (over watersports centre), 4 Cackling Geese, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher, 1 Little Owl.A windy day.Richard and Frances Pittam28/04/2007
29/04/20072 Goldfinches-Wildlife Centre Feeders 2 Little Ringed Plovers-Horseshoe Island 1 Common Sandpiper-Horseshoe Island 25+Swifts-Visitor Centre Car Park.Sam Pedley29/04/2007
29/04/2007In addition to Sam's sightings: Bar Tailed Godwit initially on Stones Island and then near the Wildlife Centre. Curlew dropped in to Horseshoe Island for a preen. Reed Bunting and Willow Tit on the feeders.Matthew Capper30/04/2007
01/05/20071 Great Northern Diver [1W/1S] near Millfields. 4 Shelduck, mobile, at many locations. 1 Common Tern at Wildlife Centre most of today, looking at the rafts. 1 Arctic Tern flew through. 1 Bar-tailed Godwit Wildlife Centre then Stones Is. 2 Curlew Wildlife Centre. 1 Yellow Wagtail flew over Stones Is. Many Garden Warblers and Whitethroats and some Sedge Warblers now present..Roger Carrington01/05/2007
02/05/200740 species of bird seen from Stones Island or the Wildlife Centre around midday. Sunny but a cold north easterly wind was blowing. OF NOTE: Great Northern Diver (1) - off Stones Island; Canada Geese with goslings - one pair with a single gosling and another pair with 3 goslings; Barnacle Goose (2); Shelduck (4); Mallard ducklings - a female with five and another with 12; Oystercatcher (1); Little Ringed Plover (2) - exploring terra cotta shelters on Stones Island; Lapwing (6); Curlew (1); RedIn pond next to the Wildlife Centre: Smooth Newts (possibly also Palmate Newts); hundreds of tadpoles. Insects: Several Small White butterflies; a Buff-tailed Bumblebee. Plants in flower included the following: Red Campion, Yellow Rocket (or Winter Cress), Bugle, Bush Vetch (or Crow-peas), Bluebell, Cuckooflower (or Lady's Smock), Cowslip, Jack-by-the-hedge (or Garlic Mustard), White Deadnettle, Ground Ivy, Hairy Bitter-cress, Ribwort Plantain, Bogbean, Marsh Marigold.Ray and Margaret Perry02/05/2007
12/05/2007Stones Island: 3 Willow Warbler, 1 Kestrel, 1 Great Northern Diver (off Watersports, 4 young Canada goslings Wildlife Centre: 1 Whimbrel, 1 Curlew, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank, 6 Canada Goslings, 2 young Coot Paul Stanley Hide: 2 Reed Bunting, 2 Redshank, 8 Canada goslings, 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker (male and female), 2 Wren.A quiet morning - not too many birds about at all.Richard and Frances Pittam12/05/2007
16/05/20072 Whimbrel from the visitor centre at 2.46.p.m..DOS Report16/05/2007
18/05/2007A drake Garganey at the Wildlife centre today. Also present:G.N Diver,2 Curlew,1 Whimbrel,1 Dunlin,2 L.R.Plover,3 Gadwall,1 Teal, and 2 Common Terns. One Lapwing chick was also seen. The Garganey was present all day until at least 15:00hrs, when I left. It spent most of the time in the area in front of Horseshoe Island,though it often disappeared out of sight,towards the camera on the Island.Clive Ashton18/05/2007
19/05/2007Short visit this morning - no Garganey at WLC up to 10.00am. Other highlights: 22 Dunlin dropped in on sailing club island. 2 Little Ringed Plovers on Horseshoe Island. 4 Willow Warblers on Stones Island.Sunny, but very windy weather this morning.Richard Pittam19/05/2007
22/05/2007Whilst carrying out a Breeding Bird Survey of our Islands this afternoon, I was lucky enough to have superb views of an Arctic Tern circling the boat at the North End of the Reservoir. According to Mike from fisheries, there has been a single Tern sitting on a Buoy next to Big Island for the last couple of days. Although we have a pair of Common Terns on site, I think that the Arctic may have been around for a few days now. I saw presumably the same bird around Shiningford Creek last night(21.Paul Bennett22/05/2007
22/05/2007Visited Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre (WG)in the late morning. Sunny and no obvious breeze. 38 species of bird identified. OF NOTE: Canada Goose goslings - 3 and 4 with respective parents. Barnacle Goose (4). Gadwall (one male). Three juvenile Moorhens. Oystercatcher (4). Little Ringed Plover (2). Reed Bunting (1).Smooth newts in pond next to the WC. Many Small White butterflies on Stones Island. Plants in flower: Most of those reported on the 2nd May are still in flower. In addition the following were noted: Silverweed, Cow Parsley, Forget-me-not, Meadow Buttercup, carpets of Daisies near the visitor centre and on Stones Island. Much more Yellow Rocket seen on Stones Island.Ray and Margaret Perry22/05/2007
24/05/20072 Spotted Flycatchers in Hall Wood. 1 Reed Warbler singing from the reedbed in Hopton Arm. Pair of Oystercatchers with 3 young, on Horseshoe Island viewed from the Wildlife Centre. Also 3 other pairs of Oystercatchers have young on other more remote Islands..Roger Carrington24/05/2007
29/05/2007Visited Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre around midday.Only 33 species of bird identified. OF NOTE: Barnacle Goose (6), Oystercatcher (2), Ringed Plover (2) - Horseshoe Island, Lapwing - including one chick on Horseshoe Island, and Redshank (2) - also on Horseshoe Island.Green-veined White butterflies were in abundance today. Smooth & Palmate Newts were present in the pond next to the Wildlife Centre. Some of the plants previously reported have now finished flowering. However, the following plants are newly into blossom: Sorrel, Broad-leaved Dock, Yellow Iris (or Yellow Flag), Water Forget-me-not, Germander Speedwell and Sweet Cicely. Ray and Margaret Perry29/05/2007
02/06/2007Wildlife Centre highlights: 2 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher (c/w 4 young), 1 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Common Tern, 1 Pochard (male).There was a pair of Broad-bodied chaser dragonflies mating in the WLC pond.Richard and Frances Pittam02/06/2007
03/06/2007Wildlife centre 2 oystercatchers with 4 chicks, 1 coot with chick, two mallard families with ducklings, 2 barnacle geese with single gosling redshank,common tern and little ringed ploveratleast 8 Broad-bodied chaser dragonflies mating in the WLC pond. about 6 blue (male) to 2 golden brown (female)Julian and Caroline Walters03/06/2007
07/06/2007OF NOTE: Barnacle Goose with a yellow gosling, Coot - one adult with a single chick, Oystercatcher (3), Ringed Plover (1), Lapwing - inc one chick, Redshank (2), Common Sandpiper (1).Plants newly into flower: Foxglove, Herb Robert, Cleavers, Meadow Cranesbill, Dog Rose, Spear Thistle. Also Horsetail, a flowerless plant is now obvious. A Tittesworth Water Snippet: Tittesworth is a 45 minute drive to the west of Carsington Water. It is also owned by Severn Trent. A pair of Pied Flycatchers are feeding young in a nest box close to the River Churnet. A pair of Common Redstarts are also feeding young in a nest box not far from the children's playground. A Mute Swan is present - a very uncommon species at Tittesworth.Ray and Margaret Perry07/06/2007
16/06/2007From Stones Island: Approx. 260 Canada Geese, 2 Willow Warblers Wildlife Centre:2 Redshank, 3 Barnacle Geese (1 gosling), 1 Bullfinch, 2 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Little Owl, 8 Lapwing (1 young). Paul Stanley:2 Oystercatchers, 2 families of coots (3 2).Richard and Frances Pittam16/06/2007
17/06/2007coot,moorhen,blackbird,lapwing,reed bunting,mallard,mute swan,greenfinch,black headed gull,common tern,redshanks,canada geese,house sparrow,blue tit,great tit,tufted duck,barnacle geese,little owl,bullfinch,chaffinch,robin,chiff chaff,whitethroat,pied wagtail,oystercatcher,heron,jackdaw,carrion crow,rook,tree sparrow,little grebe,great crested grebe,starling,magpie,gadwall,collared dove,wood pigeon,pheasant,dunnock.gosling with barnacle geese. 3 cygnets with swan at Paul Stanley. 4 cute coot chicks at WLCPeter Hill17/06/2007
18/06/20071 Ruddy Shelduck and 1 Shelduck flew together past the Wildlife Centre, they appeared to be coming in to land , but unfortunately flew off to the west.Also of note: 2 L.R.Plover,1 Curlew,4 Gadwall,10 Redshank (including 2 young),1 young G.C.Grebe,7 Mute Swan cygnets,1 Sparrowhawk and 3 Common Terns were all at the Wildlife Centre. .Clive Ashton18/06/2007
22/06/2007The WeBS count for June done between 6 and 9am12 Little Grebe, 21 Great Crested Grebe, 7 Mute Swan with 7 young (6 in one family), 5 Greylag Geese, 786 Canada Geese (a high number for June), 33 Barnacle Geese, 3 Gadwall, 86 Mallard, 96 Tufted Duck, 28 Moorhen, 215 Coot, 11 Oystercatcher, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 16 Lapwing, 5 Redshank, 4 Black-headed Gull, 2 Common Tern.Also 4 Cackling Geese..Peter Gibbon22/06/2007
23/06/2007From the Wildlife Centre: Mute Swan with 7 very young Cygnets, 6 Redshank, Little Ringed Plover, 2 Oystercatchers, 165 Canada Geese, 3 Coot young, Bullfinch, Young Pied Wagtail, 8 Tree Sparrow..Richard and Frances Pittam23/06/2007
26/06/2007Pair of Black-headed Gulls have 2 chicks, from Wildlife Centre. Pair of Common Terns have 1 chick so far, from WLC. Pair of Mute Swans still have 7 cygnets, from WLC.This is the first record of Black-headed Gulls breeding at Carsington. Also it is a pair of first summer birds [born last year]proving they can beed at one year old.Roger Carrington26/06/2007
30/06/2007The pair of first summer BHGulls have still 2 young despite a rapidly reducing island in the rising water! The other adult pair sitting tight on the tern raft so not able to see whats happening! The Common tern on the new raft left the nest a couple of times and at least one youngsters head was seen over the edge! Tree sparrows were present in numbers around the nest box scheme and youngsters were visiting the feeders at the WLC. Mute Swans still have 7 cygnets at the WLC and one BarnaclRising water levels worry me, have grebes etc been flooded out of their nests?Steph' Hicking30/06/2007
01/07/2007From the Wildlife Centre: 5 Oystercatchers (2 adult 3 young) 2 Redshank 6 Black-headed Gull (incl. 2 young). 3 Common Tern (incl. 1 young).A wet and showery morning. Water levels in the reservoir are exceptionally high.Richard and Frances Pittam01/07/2007
02/07/2007An immature Peregrine was over Sheepwash spit.Four Black Tailed Godwits dropped onto Horseshoe Island.Also present were a single Pochard and a couple of Greylag Geese.The Black Headed Gull chicks made an excursion to the main island.Another very wet day with really heavy showers. There were a few Ringlet butterflies around the Paul Stanley area.Clive Ashton/Dave Newcombe02/07/2007
04/07/2007Hobby over dam wall at 7.20pm. From DOS website.DOS website news04/07/2007
04/07/2007cormorant, and unusually a shoveler and goldeneye .mitch04/07/2007
04/07/2007Cormorant, and unusually a shoveler and goldeneye .Mitch04/07/2007
05/07/20071 Ruddy Shelduck-Flew over the Wildlife Centre and then towards Sheepwash 2 Bullfinches-Male & Female.Sam Pedley05/07/2007
07/07/2007A male Redstart was seen briefly -distant from the wildlife centre. 3 Little Ringed Plover were on Horseshoe Island and were joined by a Curlew. The adult Black-headed Gulls on the tern raft now also have young (2 I think) the first summer pair have apparently relocated to the main island as their island is now almost under water. Though the adult Common Terns were still around,I could see no sign of the chick. The Coots on the front of Horseshoe island now have 3 young. Water level still very high. One more Ringlet butterfly near Sheepwash.Clive Ashton07/07/2007
08/07/2007The Open Day was held today. Highlights from the Wildlife Centre: Oystercatchers, Mute Swans, Coot, Buzzard, Common Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plovers, Bullfinch, Redshank, Tree Sparrow, Common Tern..Richard and Frances Pittam08/07/2007
11/07/200735 species of bird seen on site today around midday. Viewing points: Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre (WC). OF NOTE: Greylag Goose (1) - near the sailing club. Oystercatcher (2) - Horseshoe Island. Black-headed Gull chicks (2) - raft in front of the WC. Common Tern (2). Swift (6). Blackcap (1) - singing on Stones Island. Reed Bunting (1) - Stones Island. Plant species in flower: (lots of yellows, reds and purples). Meadow Vetchling, Kidney Vetch, Woody Nightshade, Common Knapweed, Field TFrom the logbook for the 10th July: Black-tailed Godwit (9). Common Sandpiper (5). Meadow Pipit (1).Ray and Margaret Perry11/07/2007
14/07/2007There was a sighting of a bird from Millfields Car Park on 2nd July at 15.10hrs which was probably a Yellow-nosed Albatross. This bird was on the Somerset coast on 29/30th June and arrived on a fishing lake near Messingham [North Lincs] about 19.00hrs, so calling in at Carsington would be on route.A description is being sought from the known observers but any further information would be most welcome.Roger Carrington14/07/2007
14/07/2007From the wildlife Centre (8.30am): 9 Mute Swans (including 7 Cygnets), 2 Little Grebe, 7 Tree sparrow, 19 Lapwing, 250+ Canada Geese, 4 Oystercatchers, 2 Jays (Shiningford Creek from WLC), 4 Great Crested Grebe.No signs of the Common Terns today.Richard and Frances Pittam14/07/2007
17/07/20072 Sightings of Peregrine today, 1 young bird over towards the dam wall, from Sheepwash, flew hard towards the Hopton end. At one point it actually made a half hearted attack on a Cormorant!!! The other, possibly the same, bird was seen later from the Wildlife Centre with prey of a more realistic size in its grasp, as it flew towards Middle Wood..Clive Ashton17/07/2007
19/07/2007A sunny day at Carsington. Visited Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre (WC). Only 30 species of bird identified. OF NOTE: Greylag Goose (1). Tufted Duck - one female had nine tiny ducklings in tow! Oystercatcher (2). Black-headed Gull juveniles (2). Goldfinch (3 juveniles). Butterflies etc: Gatekeeper (or Hedge Brown). Small White. Meadow Brown. Common Blue damselfly - three pairs mating over the pond next to the WC. Flowering plants: 19 species identified including - Tufted Vetch, Black MeA dip into the WC logbook: 16th July: Black-tailed Godwit (1), Common Tern (3), Greenshank (1), Curlew (1). 17th July: Water Vole (1), Gadwall (3), Little Owl (1). A Tittesworth Water Snippet: The following bird species have appeared on site quite recently: Oystercatcher (4), Common Scoter (6), Barn Owl (1) - observed on several days, Little Egret (1).Ray and Margaret Perry19/07/2007
20/07/20072 Red crested Pochard (male/female) at the Wildlife Centre, along with 3 Gadwall,1 Teal and at least 6 Pochard.More heavy rain made viewing very difficult.Clive Ashton20/07/2007
22/07/2007An hour either side of noon produced 36 bird species from Stones Island, Wildlife Centre, Sheepwash and Paul Stanley Hides. Of note, two Raven flying towards the dam.6 Oystercatchers on Stones Island also a large flock of Goldfinches (@30+) feeding on Thistle heads. There were several newly emerged Ringlets on the wing in front of the Paul Stanley Hide and a Great Spotted Woodpecker near feeding station..Martin Froggatt22/07/2007
28/07/2007Wildlife Centre: 6 young Tufted ducklings with parents, 4 young Mallard ducklings, 6 young Black-headed Gulls, Little Owl.Water levels high - can't see many waders dropping in next month.Richard and Frances Pittam28/07/2007
31/07/2007Unconfirmed report of yellow nosed albatross on DOS WEbsiteDid anyone see this bird?UNconfirmed report31/07/2007
31/07/2007Re YN Albatross on 2nd July.See news item on home page for details.Steph' Hicking31/07/2007
01/08/2007From the Wildlife Centre: 1 Snipe, 6 Tufted ducklings, 8 Tree Sparrows, 4 Little Grebe, 5 Black-headed Gull young, 3 Little Owls, 1 Song Thrush, 14 Collared Doves. Plus 1 odd Tufted duck with a green ring on it's beak - a BTO ring! (No. ?3H?). Millfields: 1 Greylag goose, 5 Pied Wagtails (incl. 3 young).Lovely eveningRichard and Frances Pittam01/08/2007
03/08/20074 hours on duty in the wildlife centre, produced 31 species including 1 Redshank and the regular pr of Bullfinches on the feeding table. ...Until 2.30pm, when I found 2 Turnstones behind the little stone Island to the left of Horseshoe Island. Needed the island camera to see them..David Bennett Carsington Vol Ranger03/08/2007
06/08/2007As usual visited Stones Island (SI) and the Wildlife Centre (WC) around midday. Only 29 bird species identified. Nothing suprising to report but it was good to see a Gadwall from the WC. Also two Linnets flew overhead. The only warbler present appeared to be Willow Warbler singing on SI. There were at least 14 adult Mute Swans present in the area plus five developing cygnets. Two well developed juvenile Black-headed Gulls were also seen. Other youngsters about today included one young Lapwing anButterflies present: Green-veined White, Small Copper and Meadow Brown. Odonata: A female Southern Hawker dragonfly and several Common Blue damselflies. Flowering plants: 31 species, mainly on SI, including the following not previously mentioned: Common Hemp-nettle, Hedge Woundwort, Common Bird's-foot Trefoil, Scarlet Pimpernel, Common St John's-wort, Water Mint, Wild Chamomile (or Scented Mayweed) and Marsh Hawk's-beard.Ray and Margaret Perry06/08/2007
11/08/2007from the Wildlife Centre: Juv male Great Spotted Woodpecker, Sparrowhawk.Richard and Frances Pittam11/08/2007
15/08/2007An early afternoon visit yielded 31 species of bird. Weather sunny and warm. There was hardly any wind. OF NOTE: Greylag Goose (1) - near sailing club. The only warblers found were Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler. Linnet (6). The juveniles of the following species were observed: Great Crested Grebe (3), Tufted Duck (5), Coot (1), Robin (2) and Goldfinch (4). Interesting observations taken from the Wildlife Centre logbook: 14th August: Curlew (2), Golden Plover (6). 12th August: Teal (5), COther wildlife observations: Odonata: Common Blue damselfly and Common Darter dragonfly. Butterflies: Small, Large and Green-veined Whites, Meadow Brown, Peacock and Gatekeeper. Flowering plants: Over twenty species detected mainly on Stones Island including the following not previously mentioned: Short-fruited Willowherb, Common Mouse-ear, Hedge Bindweed, White Dead-nettle, Oxeye Daisy and Cat's-ear. A Tittesworth Water Snippet: A Red Kite has been observed several times in the last feRay and Margaret Perry15/08/2007
18/08/2007Family of Spotted Flycatchers in Shiningford Creek. Water Vole in Wildlife Centre Creek. Common Sandpiper from Sheepwash Hide. Gull roost, 2030hrs from Stones Island: 1200 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 3 Yellow-legged Gulls, 1 adult and 1 juvenile Common Gulls..Roger Carrington18/08/2007
19/08/2007From Paul Stanley hide: 4 Gadwall,2 Teal,2 Common Sandpiper,2 Jay on the feeding station and a Kingfisher on the posts to the left of the hide. From Sheepwash: 2 Raven and 2 Buzzard over Hall wood.Also a Common Sandpiper (one of the 2 from P.Stanley ?) From the Wildlife centre: 2 Snipe and 1 more Gadwall. From Stones Island : c50 Goldfinch,also Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Blackcap. There were c25 Swallows over the Dam wall,and c20 more moving through from other areas of the reservoir..Clive Ashton19/08/2007
21/08/20071 Little Stint from the Wildlife Centre with 1 Dunlin at about 11:00. 1 Sparrowhawk on Horseshoe Island.Sam Pedley21/08/2007
23/08/2007Of interest today; 24 Teal,1 Pochard,1 Drake Wigeon,2 Shelduck.A Greenshank flew from Sheepwash towards Lane End.A male Redstart,with a probable female/juvenile, towards the pylons from the Wildlife Centre.A Spotted Flycatcher and 4 Linnet were around Sheepwash spit.5 Buzzard were in the air together over Hall wood.There were 4 Grey Heron at Paul Stanley hide along with a single Whitethroat.A Fox was seen in the field to the left of the Wildlife Centre,and later seen lying in the sun at the reservoir edge.Clive Ashton23/08/2007
26/08/2007From the Wildlife Centre: 1 Sparrowhawk, 7 Teal, 4 Wigeon, 8 Tree Sparrow, 6 Pochard, 1 Red-crested Pochard, 1 Greylag Goose..Richard and Frances Pittam26/08/2007
28/08/2007A juvenile Black-necked Grebe at the Wildlife Centre this morning. Also present; 34 Teal,12 Wigeon,1 Common Sandpiper,1 Kingfisher, 1 Yellow-legged Gull, 1 juvenile Common Tern and a singing Willow Warbler..Clive Ashton28/08/2007
28/08/2007Juv Black-necked Grebe showed in front of Wildlife Centre 1700-1730hrs, otherwise elusive. Juv Common Tern still present in evening. Gull roost: at least 7 Yellow-legged Gulls of various ages, 1 juv Herring Gull and 1 Common Gull..Roger Carrington28/08/2007
30/08/2007All from the Wildlife Centre 1 Garganey 1 Little Owl 1 Willow Tit 1 female Blackcap.Sam Pedley30/08/2007
31/08/20071 Green Sandpiper from Paul Stanley Hide. 19 Wigeon from PSHide. 1 Dunlin in front of Sailing Club. No sign of Garganey..Roger Carrington31/08/2007
02/09/20071 raven on The Spit with cormorants at 10:00. 1 little tern in Millfield Bay at 14:25. Flew round two or three times then disappeared.Tony Cooper02/09/2007
03/09/20071 Coal Tit-Paul Stanley Hide Feeders 1 Kingfisher-Flew left to right infront of Sheepwash Hide.Sam Pedey03/09/2007
09/09/2007From the Wildlife Centre (08.30): 2 Goldcrest, 3 Red Crested Pochard, 1 Little Owl, 1 Kestrel, 2 Pheasant, 12 Lapwing From Paul Stanley: 1 Buzzard, 4 Little Grebe, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 1 Kestrel, 2 Treecreeper.Richard and Frances Pittam09/09/2007
11/09/20071 juvenile Arctic Tern from Sheepwash. At least 1 juv Common Tern from Stones Is. 3 Red-crested Pochard at Wildlife Centre and 1 from Sheepwash. 1 Green Sandpiper occasionally from Wildlife Centre. Male Peregrine took juvenile Coot from Stones Island at 7pm. 2000 Lesser black-backed Gulls in roost and 3 Yellow-legged Gulls. On 10/9/07, 3 Pintail at Millfields. On 9/9/07, 1 Wood Sandpiper late morning/lunchtime at Wildlife Centre..Roger Carrington11/09/2007
12/09/2007Visited Stones Island and the Wildlife Centre around midday. Sunny and warm. 35 species of bird identified. Of Note: Red-crested Pochard (1 female), Common Pochard (five males), Teal (over 20), Little Owl (1), Swallow (20), House Martin (~20), White Wagtail (1) - by res. near the visitor centre, Chiffchaff (1) - short bursts of its monotonous song, Willow Warbler (1) - both warblers on Stones Island. From the Wildlife Centre logbook for the 9th September: Red-crested Pochard (3), Wigeon (2),The following are worth noting for today: Brown Hawker dragonfly (female), Speckled Wood butterflies (many), Peacock butterfly (1), Buff-tailed bumblebees (over 20) - by the Wildlife Centre. Plants: Most plants have finished flowering but of the 12 seen in flower the following are worth a mention: Greater Bird's-foot-trefoil, Common Fleabane, Scentless Mayweed, Winter-cress (or Yellow Rocket), Perforate St John's-wort, Gipsywort and Redshank (no not the bird the plant!!) Ray and Margaret Perry12/09/2007
17/09/2007Few visitors on site today. Dull and a cold north westerly breeze was blowing. Visited Stones Island (SI) and the Wildlife Centre (WC). 36 species of bird identified around midday. OF NOTE: Mute Swan (23 adults), Gadwall (2 pairs), Red-crested Pochard (5) - all asleep by the WC! Common Pochard (12 males) - Shiningford Creek, Green Sandpiper (1) - not seen by us, a logbook entry, House Martin (6), Willow Warbler (4) - SI, Raven (2) - over Shiningford Farm and Goldfinch (flock of ~ 40) - SI. Observed a male Southern Hawker dragonfly on SI. Also saw about a dozen Speckled Wood buterflies on SI. Plants: 21 species of flowering plant seen although only the odd specimen found for most species because most have finished flowering. The following plants have developed berries: Bramble (Blackberries), Dog Rose (hips), Hawthorn (haws), Dogwood and Alder Buckthorn. Ray and Margaret Perry17/09/2007
20/09/2007A juv. Yellow Wagtail was on Stones Island. 5 Red Crested Pochard at the Wildlife Centre. A Green Sandpiper at Paul Stanley hide,also 2 Dunlin on Flat Island. Later at the Wildlife Centre a flock of 7 small waders were seen briefly (probably Dunlin) Sparrowhawk and 2 Raven over the woods from Sheepwash..Clive Ashton20/09/2007
20/09/20071 Green Sandpiper still around PSHide. 1 Common Sandpiper PSHide. 2 Dunlin still on Flat Island. 69 Wigeon and 37 Gadwall. 3 Common Buzzard, 2 Raven. 7000 Lesser Black-backed Gulls in roost, several Yellow-legged Gulls, and Black-headed Gulls numbers are building up into hundreds but not counted due to being spread all over. 1 Little Stint late yesterday evening in front of Watersports [no sign today]..Roger Carrington20/09/2007
24/09/2007WeBS count for September done on Sunday 23rd.Little Grebe 34, Great Crested Grebe 20, Cormorant 39, Grey Heron 6,Mute Swan 36, Canada Goose 123, Barnacle Goose 28, Wigeon 318, Gadwall 39, Teal 95, Mallard 203, Pintail 3, Red-Crested Pochard 5,Pochard 25, Tufted Duck 650, Moorhen 61, Coot 1611, Lapwing 56, Green Sandpiper 1, Black-headed Gull 14, Lesser Black-backed Gull 7.Total number of birds counted 3377.The count was done between 07.00 and 10.45 in good conditions. The previous year's count was done four days earlier on 19/09/06 and the biggest difference is for Tufted Duck with only 460 last year. Coot was 1694 so very little difference in such big numbers.Peter Gibbon24/09/2007
26/09/2007A cold north westerly wind blew across the site today. Only 29 species of bird counted just after lunch. Visited Stones Island (SI)and the Wildlife Centre (WC). Because of the weather conditions all the water birds huddled into sheltered bays e.g. Wildlife Centre Bay and by the sailing club. Last week 23 adult Mute Swans were counted but today none were seen, obviously they were in a bay out of our sight. Of Note: Barnacle Goose (3), Gadwall (2 pairs), Red-crested Pochard (3), Common Pochard (A Tittesworth Snippet: The best finds in the last week were a late passing Arctic Tern and a Dipper on the River Churnet, the reservoir's main feeder. The Dipper is very uncommon at Tittesworth these days.Ray and Margaret Perry26/09/2007
27/09/20072 Redwings and 4 Meadow Pipits over Wildlife Centre Creek. 1 Grey Plover flew low over Horseshoe Island, calling, went west. 3 Snipe, 1 Dunlin on Stones Island. 3 Siskin near boardwalk at Wildlife Centre. Pink-footed Geese southwards: 60 at 0845hrs and 150 at 0950hrs.The north winds of the past day or two have brought big numbers of wintering thrushes into Britain, earlier than usual.Roger Carrington27/09/2007
28/09/20076 adult + 8 juv/first winter Common Gulls on Sheepwash Spit mid-afternoon. 3 Dunlin in flight eastwards past Sheepwash. Gull Roost: At least 2 Herring Gulls. At least 2 near adult Yellow-legged Gulls. 1 adult + 1 juv/first winter Little Gulls.Gull roost in north wind was mainly between Sheepwash and Lane End, usually it is off Stones Island. Visibility was very poor, grey overcast and drizzle.Roger Carrington28/09/2007
01/10/2007Peregrine flew from Horsehoe Island 10:30, and juvenile Water Rail on the water edge near the reed bed at the northern tip.Seen by the ABB volunteers during boat tour given by the rangers (in case they weren't reported).James Owen01/10/2007
03/10/2007Carsington Water (SK2451) An Osprey first spotted by school children in a tree opposite the Wildlife Centre at 10:55 and flew off north up the reservoir shortly afterwards ..From DOS records03/10/2007
03/10/20072 Common Scoter (m/f) off Stones Island. 1 Red-breasted Merganser from Sheepwash 1 Common Sandpiper from Sheepwash..Clive Ashton03/10/2007
04/10/2007Just 33 species of bird found at around midday. Of Note: Barnacle Goose (1), Wigeon (~40), Gadwall (10), Common Pochard (1), Lapwing (~50), Long-tailed Tit (10) and Rook (3). It's unusual for us to find Rook at Carsington. Common Darter dragonfly, Large White and Speckled Wood butterflies were present. Many flowering plants previously reported can still be found in very small numbers. There is still a small patch of Scarlet Pimpernel on Stones Island. Two species found today but previuosA Tittesworth Snippet: Up to 17 Snipe are seen on most days. The best finds in the last week were a Little Tern and an Arctic Tern.Ray and Margaret Perry04/10/2007
05/10/2007Pintail Sheep Wash Hide Stonechat Paul Stanley Hide.Ivan Webb05/10/2007
07/10/2007Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Teal, Long Tailed Tits,Wren, while on Birding for Beginners Walk. Wheatear(11-55),Little Owl, Gadwall, Wigeon,from Wildlife Centre, and many others..Ted07/10/2007
08/10/2007WeBS count for Sunday 7th October : 52 Little Grebe, 45 Great Crested Grebe, 30 Cormorant, 6 Grey Heron, 18 Mute Swan, 279 Canada Goose, 3 Barnacle Goose, 972 Wigeon, 29 Gadwall, 156 Teal, 205 Mallard, 2 Pintail, 125 Pochard, 706 Tufted Duck, 122 Moorhen, 1785 Coot, 185 Lapwing, 1 Jack Snipe, 2 Snipe, 6 Black-headed Gull, 106 Lesser Black-backs and 1 Yellow-legged Gull..Peter Gibbon and John Bradley08/10/2007
10/10/2007Viewed from Stones Island & the Wildlife Centre (WC) around midday. 37 bird species identified. Quite warm. Very bright. Of note: Grey Heron (1), Barnacle Goose (41), Gadwall (2 prs), Common Pochard (6), REDSHANK (1), Little Owl (1) and Coal Tit (1). From the WC logbook: 7th October: Merlin, Grey Plover and 65 Pink-footed Geese. 9th October: Grey Wagtail (1), Meadow Pipit (25), Redpoll (7), Common Buzzard (1) and a female Sparrowhawk. There are very very few plants now in flower. However, we found one specimen of Hawkweed near the WC - previously unreported. Unfortunately there are 245 different species of Hawkweed in the UK and this specimen was not exactly identified. There was one Common Darter dragonfly enjoying the sun flying above the pool next to the WC.Ray and Margaret Perry10/10/2007
11/10/2007Lapland Bunting reported on Birdnet pager this am over the dam.Sighting report taken from pager system.Steph' Hicking11/10/2007
17/10/200729 Golden Plover flew infront of Sheepwash hide, but then continued West. 1 Turnstone landed at Sheepwash and gave good views infront of the hide. Peregrine were seen on 3 occasions. 8 Siskin by the Wildlife Centre. Also 2 Raven,Buzzard,Sparrowhawk,Kestrel..Clive Ashton17/10/2007
20/10/2007From the Wildlife Centre this morning: Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Gadwall, Snipe (1), Teal, Tree Sparrow, Little Grebe, Pochard, Black-headed Gull, Mute Swan, Cormorant, Chaffinch, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Wren (young), Canada Geese, Barnacle Geese, Song Thrush, Lapwing, Magpie, Robin, Moorhen, Coot, Great-crested Grebe, Greenfinch, Collared dove.Possible Fieldfare from behind WLC.Richard and Frances Pittam20/10/2007
26/10/20076 Shoveler,5 Goldeneye,1 Goosander,1 Redshank, from Sheepwash and P.Stanley. 3 L.Redpoll on Stones Island.D.Newcombe saw a Black tailed Godwit in flight towards Hopton end.Clive Ashton26/10/2007
27/10/20071 Slavonian Grebe - Wildlife centre 10:00am.RSPB Feed the Birds27/10/2007
28/10/2007Of interest on saturday was a colour ringed meadow pipit on the dam wall. The bird had 2 pink rings on the left leg and a metal bto ring on the right leg.Having searched the internet, it appears the bird was ringed at Kex Gill near Harrogate Aug/Sept this year.The ringer has had reports of other ringed meadow pipits from Lancashire,Bedfordshire and Suffolk.Clive Ashton28/10/2007
29/10/200783 Little Grebe between Millfields - Stones Island - PS Hide this morning. 1 Redshank at Wildlife Centre. 1 Shoveler at Wildlife Centre. 2 Brambling flew over Sheepwash calling. 3 Skylark flew over Stones Is.No sign of slav grebe reported yesterday.Roger Carrington29/10/2007
29/10/2007If anyone has any information they wish to share or any photo images of the possible Grebe sightings over the weekend, please get in touch with us as soon as they can. Thanks.Richard Pittam29/10/2007
31/10/2007Red-breasted Merganser - 3 in Millfields Bay..No name given31/10/2007
02/11/2007reply to request for information on grebe sightings last saturday 27 10 07Re request on information about grebe sightings. From ABB in Wildlife centre saturday morning 27/10/07 about 11.00 am. Unusual grebe spotted which was put in book as red necked grebe. However the bird in question did not look to have the head and beak shape of a red necked (which I remember as being much more like a great crested). the shape was more like a black necked but with a black cap coming down to the eye and no dark cheek patch. Our id books were not good on this point but on refejohn kelsall02/11/2007
03/11/20071 Redshank from Sheepwash. 1 Drake Goosander from Sheepwash. 1 Adult Caspian Gull in Roost. 5 [4xAd, 1x3W] Yellow-legged Gulls in roost..Roger Carrington03/11/2007
04/11/2007On organised bird walk--Wigeon,Teal,Cormorant,Tufted Duck,Goldeneye,many Lapwing,Goldfinch,Little Grebe, Redwing, Willow Tit,Dunnock.From Wildlife Centre--Little Owl,Snipe, Kestrel,Gadwall..TED04/11/2007
06/11/2007From the Wildlife centre; A Peregrine on the pylons for about 30 minutes, a female Sparrowhawk in the willow in front of the hide, 1 Greylag and 2 Redshank. Stones Island;10+ Redpoll. From Sheepwash; 2 Peregrine in the air together over Hall wood,7 Goldeneye including 3 drakes, a drake Shoveler, 2 Redshank and 1 Kingfisher..Clive Ashton06/11/2007
07/11/2007Very quiet on site today. Weather: dull - poor visibility, quite breezy. 32 species seen around midday from or near the Wildlife Centre (WC). Of note: Barnacle Goose (16), six duck species including Pochard (10). Only two wader species present. Lapwing (~50) and Redshank (1). Interestingly around 20 Magpies were spotted. Normally we only see a couple. Amusingly there was a Dunnock on the bird feeding table by the WC. Usually this species is a ground feeder. Birds learn quickly when it is to theA Tittesworth Snippet: Interesting recent sightings include - Ring-billed Gulls (2), Whooper Swan (5) and up to 94 Common Snipe. The Tittesworth Water bird report for the year 2006 is now available from the visitor centre. It is an A5 format publication running to over 60 pages. On the front cover is an excellent coloured photograph of a Little Egret. All proceeds from sales go to wildlife charities.Ray and Margaret Perry07/11/2007
09/11/2007A petrel species [Probable Leach's] was found [by CA] and seen [by DN] several times this morning but no further sign by dusk. Gull roost included an adult Ring-billed Gull from Sheepwash Hide from 1600hrs, and an adult Mediterranean Gull from Lane End Hide. Also on site were 15 Whooper Swans including 5 Juvs..Roger Carrington09/11/2007
10/11/2007Adult Great Northern Diver from Sheepwash. Adult Ring-billed Gull again in roost from Sheepwash. Adult Mediterranean Gull in roost. 4 Yellow-legged Gulls in roost [1W+3W+2xad]..Roger Carrington10/11/2007
11/11/2007The Ring Billed Gull showed well on flat island, Paul Stanley Hide from about 2pm. About 2.30 all the gulls went up and we couldn't refind it after that point. Presume it went off towards Sheepwash. There was also a Yellow Legged Gull from Paul Stanley. No sign of yesterday's Great Northern Diver. .Matthew Capper11/11/2007
11/11/2007WeBS count for November done between 07.15 and 10.20Little Grebe 96, Great Crested Grebe 51, Cormorant 53, Grey Heron 3,Mute Swan 25, Canada Goose 120, Wigeon 515, Gadwall 25, Teal 148,Mallard 234, Red-crested Pochard 1, Pochard 115, Tufted Duck 338,Goldeneye 9, Moorhen 71, Coot 1731, Lapwing 141, Redshank 3.Also one peregrine with a moorhen in its talons flying past sheepwash and then lane end hides around 08.00.Numbers down on last month and dramatically for some eg Wigeon - 450 ,Tufted nearly - 400 but some increases eg Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe and Cormorant. This is after very high winds for a few days.No sign of the Great Northern Diver.Peter Gibbon and John Bradley11/11/2007
14/11/2007Bright with no discernible wind today. 36 species seen from the Wildlife Centre. OF NOTE: Common Pochard (~40 male birds) mainly in Shiningford Creek. Lapwing (~100) - Horseshoe Island. Snipe(1) - Horseshoe Island. Redshank (1) - Wildlife centre creek. Little Owl (1) - usual position, Shiningford Farm area. Curlew (1) - near the water sports centre..Ray and Margaret Perry14/11/2007
17/11/2007Paul Stanley Hide early this morning a single male Red Crested Pochard was sighted. Sheepwash Hide a Great Northern Diver showed well for 15 minutes before disappearing. Had a fantastic view of a female Peregrine in full hunting mode, she swiftly caught a Moorhen and proceeded to fly to the nearest pylon and in full view she devoured the unfortunate bird. Hunting prowess at its very best.Leslie Fisher17/11/2007
21/11/2007Drake Common Scoter from Sheepwash Hide. Drake Red-crested Pochard from Sheepwash Hide. 5 Dunlin flying around Stones Island. 1 Redshank on Stones Island. 1 adult Caspian Gull in roost from Lane End Hide. 1 adult Mediterranean Gull in roost..Roger Carrington21/11/2007
23/11/2007I saw an unusual looking bird of prey in the sinfin estate today at 9:10am it was on the roof of a house on Montrose Close. I have no idea what it was hence this message. It was brown in colour with a white tail, it also had a black crest on its head. Anyone have any ideas what this bird is? It looked like an unusual coloured kestrel..No name given23/11/2007
27/11/2007Little Owl and Barn OwlJust after leaving our committee meeting at 23.00 hours a Little Owl was heard calling beyond the visitor centre and from the car on the way home a Barn Owl was seen on a fence post just round the corner from Hopton pond.Peter Gibbon27/11/2007
28/11/2007A male Blackcap on stones island.tom w and r c28/11/2007
29/11/2007red necked grebe was the only bird i saw today, bad day today.dont know why i saw nothingmitch29/11/2007
30/11/2007Adult Ring-billed Gull from Paul Stanley Hide, 1440hrs to dusk. Adult Mediterranean Gull from Lane End, at dusk..Roger Carrington30/11/2007
30/11/2007A very mild day at 12 degrees C. Good visibility and little wind. OF NOTE: Barnacle Goose (~40), Lapwing (~300), Redshank (1), Long-tailed Tit (10). From the logbook for the 28th: Pintail (1 female), Goosander (1 male), Mediterranean Gull (1 adult), Fieldfare (~200).Local off-site observations for today, the 30th: Rook (~40) - near Brassington, Fieldfare (~20) - near Longcliffe, Ring-tailed HEN HARRIER (1) - Pikehall, six miles north of Carsington Water. Stunning views!Ray and Margaret Perry30/11/2007
03/12/2007From the wildlife Centre this morning:1 Redshank, 1 Grey Heron, 12 Lapwing, 16 Tree Sparrows, 26 Chaffinch, 8 Goldfinch, 3 Magpie, 2 Blue Tit, 2 Great tit, 4 Jackdaw, 1 Goldeneye (female), 4 Pochard, 13 Wigeon, 12 Little Grebe, 8 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Wren, 2 Blackbird, 8 Teal, 1 Ringed Plover, 4 Cormorant.A mixed weather day - some sun with some miserable showers! a very quiet day at the centre today, although bad weather, a prevailing NW wind and some maintenance works may have contributed to a movement of birds away from the WLC.richard and Frances Pittam03/12/2007
03/12/2007All after 2pm from Sheepwash area.2 adult Mediterranean Gulls from Sheepwash at 1530hrs.1 Great Northern Diver off Lane End, first reported about 1500hrs and seen by several observers.1 female Pintail from Sheepwash and PS Hides this afternoon.1 male and at least 3 female Goldeneye from Sheepwash.1 drake Goosander in flight past Sheepwash..Roger Carrington03/12/2007
07/12/2007Rather overcast today with a strong W-NW wind blowing. OF NOTE: Kestrel (1 male), Redshank (1), Little Owl (1) and Bullfinch (2 males). From the logbook for the 4th December: Siskin (~70), Woodcock (1) - Hall Wood, Raven (1), Snipe (5) and a Common Buzzard. A Tittesworth Water Snippet: After the recent heavy rain the reservoir is now full. The only waders present now are Lapwings and Snipe - both in good numbers. The best find of late was on the 25th November when a ring-tailed Hen Harrier flew low over the Conservation Pool.Ray and Margaret Perry07/12/2007
09/12/2007Great Northern Diver still present in Fishtail Creek area. An adult Caspian Gull showed superbly close to Sheepwash Hide in the roost tonight along with 2 Yellow Legged Gulls-an adult and a third winter. Also 2 Redshanks and 40 Barnacle Geese flew in at dusk..Rod Key09/12/2007
09/12/2007The WeBS count for 9/12/2007 done between 8 and 11am.Great Northern Diver 1, Little grebe 78, Great Crested grebe 41,Cormorant 30, Grey heron 2, Mute Swan 17, Canada Geese 71, Wigeon 450,Teal 132, Mallard 202, Pintail 1, Pochard 217, Tufted Duck 783, Goldeneye 7, Moorhen 53, Coot 1770, Lapwing 343, Redshank 3, Kingfisher 2. Black-headed Gull 30, Common Gull 15, Lesser Blck-backed Gull 6, Herring Gull 3, Great Black-backed Gull 1.Also on path down to Paul Stanley hide 2 roosting Tawney Owl in tre.Peter Gibbon and John Bradley09/12/2007
11/12/2007From Wildlife Centre: Coot, Moorhen, Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Mallard, Tree Sparrow, Wren, Chaffinch, Little Owl, Peregrine, Goldeneye (fem), Mute Swan, Canada Geese, Barnacle Geese, Snipe (3), Lapwing, Gadwall, Pochard, Tufted Duck, Cormorant, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Jackdaw, Collared Dove, Redshank. Paul Stanley: Great Spotted Woodpecker (2), Dunnock, Wren, Robin, Lesser black backed gull, black headed gull, Kestrel, Buzzard, Teal, Gadwall, Little Grebe, Redshank.Weather cold but sunny.Richard, Ken and Frances Pittam11/12/2007
13/12/2007Adult Great Northern Diver off Stones Island 0900hrs. Skylark flew over Sheepwash early morning. Drake Pintail from Sheepwash early afternoon and 2 Shoveler..Roger Carrington13/12/2007
15/12/2007Great northern diver off dam wall Goldeneye 2M 7F Goosander 1M 2F Whooper swan x2 seen from main carpark Kingfisher x2 sheepwash Redshank x2 sheepwash 2x Magpies were observed taking prey from a Kestrel on horseshoe island All the usual suspects were also present.Zachary Harkin15/12/2007
18/12/2007Great Northern Diver reported present on pager again today..No name given18/12/2007
18/12/2007Cold & overcast today. 44 species observed at Wildlife Centre (WiC) and close by. OF NOTE: Great Northern Diver (1) - near Watersports Centre, early pm, Barnacle Goose (16), Gadwall (5), Goldeneye (a pair), Kestrel (2), Peregrine (2), Snipe (1) - Horseshoe Island, Redshank (1) - several positions near WiC, Mistle Thrush (2), Bullfinch (1 male) - on feeder unit by the WiC. Today was an Aren't Birds Brilliant day at the Wildlife Centre. The observations were made by Amanda Lynnes and her volunteer team plus the visitors. A very enjoyable experience with full cooperation by all observers.Ray and Margaret Perry18/12/2007
21/12/2007Peregrine flew across front of Sheepwash and Paul Stanley Hides early this morning. Adult Great Northern Diver off Stones Island. 318 Lapwing counted from Sailing Club to Wildlife Centre. 50 Pinkfooted Geese flew low over the site at 1015hrs generally going northwest but a little undecided in misty conditions..Roger Carrington21/12/2007
26/12/2007Very busy on site today including at the Wildlife Centre (WC). Main car park full by midday. Mainly walkers, strollers and a handful of birders. Weather good for birding. Clear and bright. Southerly wind. 36 species identified from WC. OF NOTE: Goldeneye (1 female), Kestrel (1), Lapwing - well over 200 on Horseshoe Island and the rafts, Redshank (1). From the WC logbook: 24th December: Greylag Goose (13), Snipe (1). The Little Owl was not showing on site today but an excellent view of another bird was seen at Pikehall, six miles north of Carsington - on our way home.Ray and Margaret Perry26/12/2007
27/12/2007This afternoon from Sheepwash hide; Great Northern Diver,adult Mediterranean gull and a Peregrine attacking Lapwings and gulls at dusk..Clive Ashton27/12/2007
31/12/2007Great Northern Diver seen this morning at Dam Wall, very close and showing well. .David Naylor31/12/2007


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