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Plight of the Swift

 Posted by on August 17, 2023  Carsington Bird Club
Aug 172023

Now we are in August, many chicks and adult Swifts have already left for Africa after what looks to have been a mixed breeding season across the UK, with some colonies further south doing well while others seem to have fared badly due to the cold, wet weather.

There have many reports of desperately starving and underweight swiftlets found in recent weeks as adults have been unable to find enough insects in the cold and rain, and so have either favoured a stronger chick or  abandoned the brood altogether.  If you find a young Swift out of the nest bring them indoors and arrange a source of warmth (such as a hot water bottle filled with warm water and wrapped in a tea towel). But please don’t feed them. Then find an experienced rehabber from this list: 

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