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Jul 212015
Many club members enjoy the big outdoors, and many may travel up to the wilder moorland/upland areas of the Peak District to stretch their legs and look for wildlife.  If so, you may be able to help with a project being run by the ‘Moors for the Future’ partnership, which embraces a number of wildlife organisations.  The project is looking into the abundance and distribution of three bird and three butterfly indicator species, and its organisers are hoping people who walk the moorlands and see any of the target species will submit their sightings by using the organisers’ online forms (links to which are shown below).The target bird species are Curlew, Swallow and Red Grouse, and the butterflies are Peacock, Orange Tip and Green Hairstreak.  The project will continue beyond 2015, so although sightings of some of these are now unlikely this year, they will be just as valuable in 2016 and beyond.  Here are the links below……The bird survey can be found at: http://www.moorsforthefuture.org.uk/community-science/submit-results/bird-postcard

The butterfly survey can be found at: http://www.moorsforthefuture.org.uk/community-science/submit-results/butterfly-postcard

Thank you.

Gary (GarySAtkins@aol.com , 01335 370773)

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