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Nov 242012

Lake Kerkini is one of the most important hydro biotopes of Greece, while distinguished for its rich flora and fauna. Many rear and protected by international conventions species of birds, riverside forests, water lilies that float on a surface of thousands of square

meters and a horizon of great beauty from the Mountains Belles and Krousia add to the scenery a tone of unrivalled beauty. More than 300 species of birds, 58 species of mammals, 22 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians and 30 species of fish have been recorded in the width area of the Lake. The wetland is protected by the Ramsar Convention, the Greek legislation and the Directive 79/409/EEC and is included to the list of sites of European Networks “Nature 2000”.
Our Location
The Villa Belles is situated on the foot of the imposing Mountain Belles and north of the beautiful hydro biotopes Kerkini. For more information visit our web site www.villabelles.gr.
For an organized group:
Single room: 30 euro per night
Double room: 35 euro per night
Triple room: 45 euro per night
Quad room: 55 euro per night
The room price include breakfast.
The accommodation is free of charge for the leader of the group.
Half board:
Lunch or Dinner 12 euro per person
1 main dish (grilled pork chops or grilled pork pancetta or greek souvlaki or grilled beef homemade hamburger or baked buffalo or
mouzaka or pastitsio, etc), 1 small salad, greek desert (kazan dipi or chanoum burek, etc) and free homemade wine red or white.
For individual person:
We would like you to contact us for the kind of the room you want and exactly how many days you would stay in order to give you the best price.
Activities in order to live and enjoy the biotype:
Visit the Management Authority of the Lake Kerkini – Tour in Lake Kerkini with boat, canoe, bicycle, 4×4, etc – Bird watching – Photography – Riding either around the lake or in nearby villages – Hiking in international walking paths E4 and E6 – Visit the dam of Lithotopos – Visit buffalo farms.
Other activities:
Visit the Hermitage of Saint John Prodromos – the municipal aquarium of Vyroneia – the war fortress of Roupel or Istibey– the Greek
Bulgarian border of Promachona – the medicinal water springs of Sidirokastro or Aggistro – the city of Serres – the Lailias forest – the gorge of Aggiti – the cave of Alistrati – the ancient Amfipoli ….
Proprietor – Katirtzoglou Alexandros

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