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Jul 232012

Thanks for the numerous responses to the CBC questionnaire earlier this year, and particularly to those who came up with some bright ideas, comments and queries.

We’ll certainly be looking at your wide-ranging suggestions regarding walks and trips (and, indeed, we’ve already proposed a trip for later this year).

Meanwhile, here are some answers to a few of your questions and comments —

I would like to see more help for those starting birdwatching … There is a monthly ‘birdwatching for beginners’ walk run by experienced Severn Trent Water volunteer David Bennett, and supported by CBC members; it takes place the first Sunday of each month, starting at 10 and finishing around noon; attend as many as you can over 12 months so you see the new arrivals and departures throughout the year.

Is a noticeboard in hides possible, to promote the club and events? – particularly for those who haven’t got internet access … We already post recorder Roger Carrington’s monthly ‘Bird Notes’ in the hides, but we can also look at including copies of the latest list of events and maybe a copy of the club newsletter (though even members who don’t have Internet access should get these in the post).

Perhaps opportunities could be provided to promote conservation work at Carsington … The bird club has always promoted and supported conservation activity that benefits birds and their habitats, and the comprehensive sightings painstakingly recorded and maintained by the club over 20 years help to support this work. Indeed, site hosts Severn Trent Water often act on the advice from experts within the club regarding habitat changes or management issues affecting birds and other wildlife. Other activities where club members work with other agencies on site include surveys and installing/maintaining nest-boxes. Looking at the reservoir’s broader biodiversity – and should you want to participate in practical conservation activities – a well-established group of STW-managed volunteer rangers regularly help out with a wide variety of tasks and conservation projects.

CBC needs a higher profile at Carsington Water … While we wouldn’t disagree, it’s fair to say a few individuals on our small committee already devote a lot of time to managing the club and its activities. We could do more with a larger committee, and some new blood would inject fresh ideas … but volunteers to join the committee have been in short supply, so we have to manage with what we have.

Once again, thanks for your input.

More answers and comments from the original questionnaires to follow soon — and if you want to comment on our answers above, or have any additional suggestions or queries, follow the links below:

To contact CBC via email – click here
To view a list of CBC Committee member to contact – click here
To join Carsington Bird Club – click here


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