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Aug 152011

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is working with local landowners and neighbouring Wildlife Trusts on an exciting project to bring ospreys to the Trent Valley. Ospreys are migratory birds of prey which travel to Britain in spring to breed before returning to Africa during the winter period. The Trent Valley is a significant flyway and stopping off point for ospreys on their migration to and from Scotland. However, because these birds traditionally return to the area where they were born the probability of breeding ospreys in the valley has been virtually nil. There is a successful population of breeding birds at Rutland Water and with a growing number of young returning, these birds are likely to seek new nesting sites away from established pairs. The Trent Valley is not far from Rutland Water (65 km from Willington and only 47 km from Attenborough) and if nest platforms are provided we hope that birds, particularly males, may spread into the valley from the Rutland population.

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