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Roosting Ospreys…

 Posted by on May 12, 2011  Carsington Bird Club, News
May 122011

Ashbourne People

A RARE osprey has been seen spending the night at a Derbyshire beauty spot for the first time – weeks after special £1,000 nesting platforms were installed. Conservationists at Carsington Water see the bird’s decision to roost as a major boost in their plans to encourage ospreys to breed at the reservoir, near Ashbourne. Ospreys are very rare, with only about 400 birds left in the UK – most of them in Scotland. David Bennett is one of the volunteer rangers and said it was an “exciting development”. He said: “The first ospreys to be seen after the installation of the nest posts were on April 2 and 3. “But regrettably, after briefly flying around the reservoir, they continued on their journey north. “Then, on election day, a different osprey not only visited the water, but roosted overnight, before finally flying off.”

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