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Jul 2010 Bird Notes

 Posted by on August 1, 2010  CBC Monthly Bird Notes
Aug 012010


 Highlights: Wildfowl Broods and a Sanderling

By the end of July, numbers of broods totalled: Little Grebe 1 (2 last year), Great Crested Grebe 8 (0), Mallard 20 (20), Tufted Duck 26 (20), Moorhen 7 (12) and Coot 12 (7). Maximum counts, excluding young, were 18 Little Grebe on the official WeBS count carried out on 25th, 36 Great Crested Grebe on 28th, 4 Heron on 23rd and 26th, 25 Mute Swan on 13th plus 4+5+3 cygnets, 273 Canada Geese on 13th, no Barnacle Geese this month, 2 Shelduck on 20th, 3 Gadwall on 6th, 2 Teal on 6th, 158 Mallard on 25th, 1 female Red-crested Pochard 19th-27th, 4 Pochard on 30th, 155 Tufted Duck on 25th and 422 Coot on 25th.

Raptors included 2 Buzzards on 14th, a Hobby chasing hirundines over east bank on 20th and 2 Peregrines on 20th.

Wader numbers were 4 Oystercatchers on 6th, 67 Lapwing on 28th, a Sanderling at the Wildlife Centre in the evening of 26th, 2 Dunlin on 22nd and 30th and singles most days from 12th. Black-tailed Godwit were on passage with 5 on Stones Island on 5th, 6 flew through early on 12th, 1 was on Stones Island on 27th and 3 flew through southwards on 28th. A late Redshank chick showed on Flat Island with 1 adult on 13th and was last recorded on Sheepwash Spit on 24th. Common Sandpipers were also passing through with 2 on 4th and at least 6 on 14th.

Black-headed Gull young were well in evidence with flighted young seen on many shorelines, but surprise was in order when an adult pair marched 3 downy chicks from FlatIsland, along the front of Sheepwash and were on HorseshoeIslandless than 2 hours later. A pair on the raft by Paul Stanley Hide showed their second brood of at least 1 chick on 26th. Some Lesser Black-backed Gulls were visiting site, with 12 on 27th, but there is no noticeable gull roost yet. An adult Yellow-legged Gull was on site from 12th and 2 from 21st. One of the Yellow-legged Gulls was seen swallowing a Tufted Duck chick whole on 23rd. The pair of Common Terns breeding on Flat Island moved their 2 flighted young onto Watersports pontoon on 7th and they were last seen on 23rd. Three Arctic Terns flew through southeast on 19th.

Three Stock Doves were high over the water on 28th and a Kingfisher returned from 25th, hopefully after successfully breeding elsewhere. Corvids were showing well on 27th with 18 Magpie, 150 Jackdaw, 9 Rook and 4 Raven, all noted during the day. The Wildlife feeder table held 19 Tree Sparrows on 26th and 7 Linnet were on Stones Island on 6th.

 91 Species were recorded this month compared with 95 in July 2009, 97 in 2008, 94 in 2007, 94 in 2006, 97 in 2005 and 102 in 2004.


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